The Life Infuser Miracle


At the heart of all diseases of the mind, body, and spirit, is a deficit of “Life” in the Suit.  “Life” is generated from The Source Intelligence Network which is the infrastructure needed for Perfect Health.  The Source Intelligence Network generates a Life Medium into which the resource of Source Love can land.  Source Love is the essential element that enables Spiritual Integration to occur in the Suit – it provides the gravitational pull that holds the Spiritual Particles of which the Suit is made together in a State of Spiritual Integration. Where there is Spiritual Integration there is health.  


Life used to abound in natural species such as plants and animals.  It then transferred through the food chain to the human species who has, through living the unnatural, Fragmented Way of Life engendered by the Story Culture, become increasingly devoid of Life.


In recent years due to genetic engineering and the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity, plants have become increasingly devoid of Life.  Wheat was one of the few plants that retained its original Source-Given Essence which was a link to Life.  Animals have also begun to lose Life due to the unnatural ways in which they are raised.  Chickens in particular have become almost completely devoid of Life.  Fish, due to the activity of Negativity in the oceans of the world have become not only devoid of Life but infused with energies that are harmful to Life.  Cattle have been more resilient and have still retained a fairly strong pulse of Life.

Suits without Life become unable to retain the energies of Source Love which enables them to be Spiritually Integrated.  They then begin to experience Fragmentation on a spiritual level which translates into the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.


When Life is in the food, Source Love Energies are also in the food.  When the food is eaten, it infuses the body with the energies of Life and Source Love, lifting the vibration of the body and helping the body to Connect to the Source.  As the body Connects to the Source, its own natural Spiritual Intelligence is activated and it begins to interact intelligently with the food.

Food is a materialization of a set of Spiritual Signals that the body reads and translates into what it needs to trigger and sustain its biological process of life.  If these Life Signals are not in the food because the food lacks Life, then the body is presented with a cacophony of mutated signals that it can’t read and process.  It then resorts to either defending itself against the onslaught of this foreign set of jarring signals, which can lead to food allergies, or it simply replicates its general protocol for digestion without working with the food in an intelligent manner so that all of the spiritual and physical energies of the food are processed correctly.  This leads to malnutrition at a cellular level which sets the stage for the malfunctioning of the cells, opening the door to diseases such as cancer. 


The older the body gets, the more damage it has sustained from malnutrition.  The weaker it becomes and the less energy it has to fire off its standard protocol for digestion.  It begins to behave unintelligently as it becomes more Fragmented, forgetting to produce the requisite digestive enzymes and not processing food through the system in a timely manner.  Ultimately, it breaks down to the point that poor digestion is a major contributing factor in the death of the organism.


Some time ago, I created Miracle Cookware which brought up the vibrational level in food cooked in the Miracle-Linked pans so that miracles could land in the food.  This enabled some of the energies of Life to be restored in the food but not Life itself.  


Recently I have created a new kind of Miracle Link that can bring Life itself back into any kind of food.  I have been able to bring through this miracle through using a miracle linked to a Cuisinart Multicooker which if used in the sautee or steam settings will generate the right conditions for Life to be infused in the food. 

This technology is dependent on starting with a machine that has a certain level of energy integrity in its design – which is why I chose the Cuisinart Multicooker – working with a cooker that is electric since this is an important part of the equation, and then getting the energy levels high enough with the hotter settings used to sautee and steam so that the volatile energies of Life can come through in these conditions.  I have found with a Cuisinart Slowcooker that I also own, the food is Miracle-Friendly but does not have Life.  


I have been also able to produce Life in the Cuisinart Rice Cooker which has a small steamer unit that can be added on at the top.  This unit while correct for rice, is less powerful for the steamer unit than the Multicooker.  I, therefore, recommend the Multicooker for all foods other than Rice.


I have also found that water/juice/milk heated in the sautee setting in the Multicooker is also infused with Life.  This could provide you with beverages like herbal teas, cider, or warm milk that would also have Life.  


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a miracle that will bring in Life itself is substantial.  


The Correct Exchange for the Miracle Link for the 6 quart Cuisinart Multicooker is US $555.  This does not include the Multicooker itself which you can order directly online from any number of vendors.  The model number is MSC-600 3 in 1 Cook Central at


If you would also like the Cuisinart Rice Cooker, the Miracle Link for this is US $420. You would need to purchase the Rice Cooker itself online.  The Cuisinart Rice Cooker comes in a 4 cup and 8 cup cooker.  The model numbers are CRC-400 and CRC-800 at


If you would like to exchange for the Miracle Links for both cookers in one exchange, you will generate enough additional Material Energy to reduce the financial exchange required.  The Correct Exchange for Miracle Links for both of them is US $800.





The Life Infuser Miracle is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 

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