The Monitoring Station


In the Prototype Communities, they have a central Monitoring Station that amplifies signals sent from the Source to help guide them in their daily individual and collective Heaven Experiences.

In the context of life outside of the protected energy field of a Prototype Community, the Source has created an upgraded version of The Monitoring Station that is a Miracle Tool that each Heaven Agent can work with individually. 

The upgraded Monitoring Station:

  • amplifies signals from the Source to provide Inner Plane Guided Heaven Experiences as needed
  • radios back to the Source about any technical difficulties occurring because of the activities of the Negativity.  The Source can then send in additional Source Support to deal with the situation.

With the help of The Monitoring Station an individual Heaven Agent working solo can have the same quality of Source Support that was formerly only available to a whole community.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of an Individual Monitoring Station is US $1000.  The ongoing work I provide to send in the Guided Heaven Experience as needed and to do the troubleshooting is balanced by the work the Heaven Agent provides in working with the Heaven Experience Opportunities in a diligent manner.


The Monitoring Station is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.


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