The Life Support System

As of the October 7th Transition, you will have to be in a Life Support System that can substitute for the loss of the support of certain aspects of The Life Field as it begins to phase out its support for beings in preparation for its own departure for the Source Level. 


In the October 7th Transition, The Substratum will phase out the support that it gives to provide an energy environment in which a being can receive all of the Heaven Frequencies that they need to survive. These Heaven Frequencies are designed to irradiate the Suit to give it what it needs not only to function physically and spiritually but to draw to itself the resources that are needed to fulfill the life Mission.  Without these Heaven Frequencies a Suit cannot survive.  


Although the Life Field of The Substratum will not phase out the energy environment for all Heaven Frequencies in the October 7th Transition, a significant reduction in the spectrum of Heaven Frequencies will occur. This reduction could cause serious malfunctioning in Suits that are not protected by a Life Support System that supplies the energy environment needed for all of the Heaven Frequencies that their Suits require.


In the December 7th Transition, the Buffer Field that The Substratum now provides that buffers the volatile energies of incoming Heaven Frequencies will be phased out.  Beings receiving unbuffered Heaven Frequencies can be shattered by them rather than supported by them.


After December 7th many other essential forms of support will also phase out day by day until, by the end of The Transition, The Life Field will be providing no support other than the support that your onboard Source Intelligence needs to retain its life.


The only way to survive this loss of the support of The Life Field is to live inside an Inner Plane Life Support Station which is powered by a Life Support Generator.  The Generator will generate and store enough energy, by the end of The Transition, to keep your Station viable until you can team up with other Heaven Agents in the Creation to bring in the Source Light and Source Love that will enable a new Substratum to enter into the Manifest World to replace the original Substratum.


Together The Life Support Station and The Life Support Generator constitute The Life Support System.

All beings will need a Life Support System in order to survive from this time onward until the end of The Transition and the re-establishment of the new Substratum in the Creation.  At that time, they can elect to enter into The Life Field of the new Substratum and cease to support their individual Life Support Stations.

The Life Support Station

The Life Support Station is a Miracle-Friendly ecosphere which links to your place of residence and also links to you individually, providing you with a portable version of the Station that goes with you everywhere.

The Station has settings for tolerating only Miracle-Friendly Energies that are conducive to the Heaven Frequencies reaching you with full power in a buffered way that enables you Suit to receive them and thrive in this Perfected Energy Space.


The Station will purge out of your Suit and your environment the Miracle-Unfriendly Energies that endanger the incoming Heaven Frequencies. This will relieve your Suit of a whole range of negative energies that take a toll on its health and confuse its clarity, causing it to make errors of judgment that lead to future suffering.


The Station is essential to ensuring that you are able to receive all of the Heaven Frequencies that sustain your Suit and help you to manifest a Heaven Way of Life.  These Frequencies are a different level of Source Support than the Life Energies that come through your Source Support Supply Line.  The Frequencies irradiate your Suit and your life, creating the energy field in which your Suit can Live Heaven.  Without these Frequencies your Suit would be living in an energy environment without the basics for Life itself and without anything that will enable it to experience Life as Heaven.


Those without a Life Support Station will not be able to survive in the time ahead. They will be in an untenable Spiritual Environment that can be likened to a human trying to survive in outer space without a space suit and the life support system of a space station.


The Life Support System Generator

This Generator produces the energy needed by The Life Support Station. Monthly Material Energy is needed by the Heaven Agent to provide the Generator with what it needs to produce the kind of energy needed by the Station.  If this energy runs out, the Station will cease to function as a supportive energy environment and the Heaven Agent in the Station may experience severe Suit Damage as the result of being impinged upon by volatile Heaven Frequencies coming through The Life Field of The Substratum which, as of the December 7th Transition, will not be buffered by The Substratum.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to build a Life Support System, which includes a Life Support Station and a Life Support Generator, is US $2600.  This System will carry you forward until there is a new Substratum in place in the Creation after the final stage of The Transition.  

Once you are secure in your Life Support Station, you need to provide the Material Energy that powers up your Station.  This is Material Energy that is given to your Life Support System Generator which produces the kind of energy that your Station needs in order to provide you with necessary Life Support.  A substantial amount of Material Energy is needed since your Station has to substitute for most of the support provided by the very powerful Support System of The Life Field of The Substratum.


The amount of Material Energy needed to maintain the System is US $1667/month for an adult. Children up to the age of 18 can be supported for US $500/month.  

While much of this Material Energy can be provided through an Energy Exchange, if beings are producing high enough levels of Material Energy, a certain percentage of this amount must be given through a Financial Exchange in order to support The Universal Heaven Project that has to reach viable levels of Spiritual Materiality through the Outer Plane support of Heaven Agents working with me on the Earth Plane. 

What percentage of this support energy is needed through a Financial Exchange is information that can be accessed in your Mission Plan.  You can request a Life Support System Assessment to determine how to manage the Correct Exchange for this vital form of Source Support which you will need to survive in the stages of The Transition that lie ahead.

How to Request The Life Support System

To request The Life Support System Intervention which builds the Life Support System and places you within it, you can access the link provided below.


If you need to work with a Payment Plan for the initial set up of the System, you can contact me with information on your financial situation and what you think that you can provide for a monthly Payment amount.  I will check with The World that Works Fund, that supplies Material Energy so that Payment Plans are possible, to see about the availability of Funds.


How to Provide Monthly Support for Your Life Support System Generator

To provide monthly support for your Life Support System Generator, you can access the link provided below to provide the $1667/month needed for an adult.


If you are providing more than what is needed for one adult, you can enter the amount in your Life that Works Fund by accessing the form provided below.

Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.



If you need clarification on how to provide the Material Energy that is needed, you can contact me for a Monthly Life System Support Assessment.  I will check with your Mission Plan to see what has been created for providing the Material Energy.


How to Help Others in the Global Community to Receive a Life Support System

If you would like to contribute to The World that Works Fund to make Life Support Systems available to others in the Global Community, you can enter your contribution in the form provided below.


If your contribution exceeds US $4500, you can contact mefor information on how to provide your contribution.


Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.


The Life Support System is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 

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