The Life Current Transmitter Miracle


Food that is lacking in Life – the Intelligence of the Source who is Life – is food that your body can't process correctly, deriving all of the spiritual and physical energies from the food that it needs for Perfect Health.


Most of the foods in the world today lack Life.  Some are completely devoid of it and others are severely deficient. Since your body needs to receive the Source Intelligence that is transmitted through Life in order to know how to intelligently relate to the food and process it correctly, the lack of Life in foods is leading to the rise of food allergies, digestive problems, and ill health.


It is now possible to put Life back into the foods that you eat.  I have developed two kinds of Miracle Links that will accomplish this.  


One is designed for foods that need to be cooked.  This is the Multicooker and Rice Cooker Miracles.  With cooked food it is possible to suffuse the food with a solid Network of Life that sustains itself in the food even after the food has been cooked and refrigerated.


Putting a full, sustainable Network of Life into foods that you do not cook or that are cooked outside of the Multicooker and Rice Cooker is not yet possible.  Fortunately, most uncooked foods such as fruits and nuts have more Life in them so they are not as deficient.  But other foods such as raw vegetables, pre-cooked crackers and breads, ice cream, and beverages that are served cold, are often very Life deficient.


I have brought through the miracle of The Life Current Transmitter to help infuse Life into these kinds of foods and beverages.  While the full and lasting Life Network that goes into foods and beverages cooked in the Multicooker and Rice Cooker Miracle Tools can't be matched, the Life Current Transmitter will infuse the food with Life Currents which form a temporary Network of Life in your body that aids your body in relating intelligently to the food.


I have found that The Life Current Transmitter will also work with foods cooked in a Miracle-Linked oven or in Miracle Food Cookware.  The Life Currents are not, however, as powerful as in uncooked food.


Life Currents transmit better through store-bought crackers and breads and pastries, for instance, than ones you prepare at home unless you have a Miracle-Linked oven.  This is because your Suit is already interacting with the foods being cooked and if the cooking process is not replete with Life than your body has already registered this and is less receptive to the Life Currents added later to the cooked food.


The Life Current Transmitter Miracle can link to any vessel that holds the food or beverage or to any utensil used to stir it or serve it.


Anyone who receives food that has been infused with Life Currents by this miracle will benefit from the food.  Serving Life Infused Food to your family and friends is helpful to them even if they are unable to understand the concept of a Miracle Link of this sort.


Providing the Global Community with food that is Life Infused because of this miracle is helpful to the evolution of health on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.  Miracle Links of this kind are recommended for The Global Miracle Link Campaign since food and beverages that contain Life are a primary step toward awakening the Life within the Suits that has gone dormant given the Lifeless food and beverages to which Suits have been accustomed.


Correct Exchange

Personal Life Current Transmitters

The amount of Material Energy needed to Link the miracle to one dedicated vessel or utensil is US $45. If you would like to link more than one vessel or utensil, you can click on the link below and enter, in the financial exchange form, the number that you would like to have linked.  


If you would like the miracle to link spontaneously to all of the vessels and utensils that you use with any number of uncooked foods served simultaneously, the amount of Material Energy required for this kind of a Miracle Link is US $1200.






Life Current Transmitters for The Global Miracle Link Campaign

Since "we are what we eat" to some extent, it is important to bring Life back into food and beverages if the end result desired is to have a world of Suits that have the intelligence of Life within them.


Through contributing to The Global Miracle Link Campaign you are able to provide the Material Energy that enables the Source to send Miracle Links out into the world community to infuse Life into what people eat and drink. This happens when the vessels and utensils that come in contact with the food or beverages become linked to The Life Current Transmitter Miracle


To contribute to this Campaign, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form for The World that Works Fund that you will find below.  If you are contributing more than US $4000, you can email me for instructions with regard to how to complete your contribution.


The Life Current Transmitter is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 


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