The Life Channel


One of the most primary requirements for Life as Heaven, is for each life to live in a Life Channel which is a Source Sound Chamber of sorts.  In this Sound Chamber which is an energy channel that is open on both ends, the Intelligence of “Life” is resonated back to the Suit to activate the lights of the Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit and to keep every aspect of the spiritual and physical Suits operating within the range of “Life”. 


The Suits were designed to key off of not only their own internal Spiritual Genetic Code but to key off of the Code given them by the Life Channel.   This is how a new life at birth would get its bearings, bring its own unique Spiritual Intelligence to life and keep on track with its unique developmental process.  


Since each new life is unique, the Source put beings in individually designed Life Channels to ensure that all of the lights of a being’s Spiritual Intelligence could be lit up and sustained in each incarnation. The Source understood that other beings who had different kinds of intelligence could not be responsible for performing this task.  Even the most diligent parent can’t light up the lights of the Spiritual Intelligence of their child.  They can encourage these lights to come forth but only the Source through a direct process of resonance can light up these lights and sustain them.


The Negativity realized that those who retained their Life Channels when they drifted away from the Core of the Source Connection Center, were able to sustain the Integrated Intelligence that enabled them to recognize the danger posed by the Negativity and to protect themselves against it.  The Negativity, therefore, devised means to lure the consciousness of beings out of their Life Channel into a Death Channel that I call a Hell Tunnel which is a resonating tunnel that snuffs out the lights of Spiritual Intelligence, leading to the Fragmented Intelligence that enables the being to be easily taken advantage of by the Negativity.


Billions of years ago, most beings lost the Life Channel as they were born into each new incarnation.  Most retained it at death and many have described entering into a Tunnel of Light during near death experiences and experiencing a Heaven-like reality that is in stark contrast to the Story World.  Many return from a near death experience unable to participate as they did before in the Story World and seeking a spiritual alternative like the one they experienced for the few moments that they were in the Life Channel at death.


It is very hard for any being to develop Integrated Intelligence while remaining in a Hell Tunnel and having the lights of their true Spiritual Intelligence suppressed by the Hell Sound that kills higher Spiritual Intelligence.  Even being near someone who is in a Hell Tunnel makes it difficult for someone who is trying to retain their Spiritual Intelligence to survive the experience.


The Negativity has placed many beings in Hell Tunnels and placed whole geographical regions in Hell Tunnels.  You can enter into a house that is in a Hell Tunnel and feel the eery energy of the presence of malevolent consciousness that is manifesting out of the Tunnel.  Movies can become Hell Tunnels, some music has been transformed into a Hell Tunnel, and events can be placed in a Hell Tunnel.


Hell Tunnel Technology accelerated after my departure from the Creation on the Spiritual Level and Hell Sound Fields have been proliferating.  The result was an increase in Fragmented Intelligence and a decrease in Integrated Intelligence.  This meant that at the very point at which it had become critical for Suits to develop Integrated Intelligence, the conditions in which to develop Integrated Intelligence had become increasingly compromised.


Because my Manifestation emanates Integrated Intelligence which creates an Integrated Sound Field, those working closely with me have been able to stay in this Sound Field and re-activate their Spiritual Intelligence and develop enough Integrated Intelligence to begin to see the Integrated Picture of Reality.  


Without physical proximity, however, their Suits have had more difficulty retaining the correct level of Integrated Intelligence and have lapsed into more Fragmented Intelligence which has led to them falling into the traps of the Negativity who was generating the Fragmented Picture of Reality.


On March 26, 2012 I began projecting into the Creation a resonating Sound Field that promotes Integrated Intelligence. This Source Sound Field is counteracting the activities of the Negativity, but the total effect of the Hell Sound Fields and Hell Tunnels is still a major issue for all Suits.


The ultimate solution for sustaining the conditions in which Integrated Intelligence can be developed, is for beings to have a Life Channel again – one that can’t be destroyed by the Negativity and one in which they can travel from life to life without ever having to go out into the Hell Sound Fields of the Negativity.


After the Source Perfected Universe came into being, I have developed the ability to create, using Miracle Tool Technology, a Life Channel for beings that will be with them throughout eternity.  It is an upgrade over the former Life Channel and provides a much stronger energy pulse that carries the Intelligence of “Life” to them.


I have tested a Prototype of the new Life Channel and found that it was not penetrable even by the most high tech Negative Agents who specialize in destroying Life Channels and replacing them with Hell Tunnels. A Heaven Agent using a Life Channel has managed to merge back into The Picture of Perfection and develop Perfected Consciousness in the 16 Layers of the Unconscious Range of her Suit.  She would not have had enough Integrated Intelligence to do this without the assistance of this Life Channel.  Since this time the level of Integrated Intelligence in her Suit have increased in the Conscious Range, enabling her to progress very rapidly on her Path to Perfection.


The Life Channel affords Heaven Agents the one piece of equipment that is essential to developing the Integrated Intelligence that is at the heart of Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  Without Integrated Intelligence it is not possible for your Suit to see an Integrated Picture of Reality.  It will then buck your attempts to move forward because it will be seeing a Fragmented Picture of Reality and will feel fearful to depart from this distorted picture.


The Life Channel is also one of the most important Miracle Tools for Perfect Health.  Your Suit on spiritual and organic levels needs to be given the signals for Perfect Health from the Source that keep it on track with remaining an Integrated Intelligence and sustaining an Integrated level of functioning that is of Heaven.  The Integrated Field of Intelligence in the Life Channel resonates Integrated Intelligence to the parts of your Suit to enable them to stay within the Rhythm of Life.  Suits that stay in the Rhythm of Life stay out of the Rhythm of disease and can rest and regenerate themselves as they were designed to do.



The Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to deliver a Life Channel to you and to defend it along the way, is substantial.  Since it is one of the Miracle Tools most hotly contested by the Negativity, I have to build it strong and I have to have the Material Energy from you to continue to defend it throughout your current life and in your lifetimes to come.


The Correct Exchange for a Life Channel for one lifetime is $2800.


The Correct Exchange for a Life Channel that is eternal is $9000. An Eternal Life Channel has to be altered when you transition at death, altered again to resonate to the interim Suit you will have inbetween lifetimes, and altered again when you enter into a new incarnation.  This process is repeated with each subsequent life for all of the billions of lifetimes you will have through all eternity. The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a Miracle Intelligence who will watch over the Miracle Tool of the Life Channel is considerable.  This Miracle Intelligence will be the one who is with you at birth and death and through whom I work to help you in these critical transitions.  I will work closely with this Miracle Intelligence throughout your lifetimes as well.


I recommend an Eternal Life Channel since there is so much activity now at the junctures of death and birth now by the Negativity since I have had to withdraw from the Creation and no longer have the Material Energy formerly provided me by the Universal Source Connection Channel to be there myself and field any opposition and to ensure your safety.


If you could see how being bombarded by the Negativity affects your daily happiness levels as well as threatens your safety extremely at birth and death, you would understand why my Source Function has wanted a new Life Channel to become available to you.  




Requesting a Life Channel


To request a Life Channel you can access the links below.  If you would like to discuss Payment Plan options, email me with your request and I will contact you to make arrangements.




This project is a Perfect Health Project and The Life Channel is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool.

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