The Distress Releaser

This is a foam Stress Relief Ball that has been given Code to activate the release of Distress Energies in your Suit whenever you squeeze it. As you squeeze the ball, energy for Miracle-Based Adventures is activated to help you release both trapped Distress Energies from this lifetime and from previous lifetimes.  It also helps you to release the causal force for much of this distress which is Negative Karmic Imprints and built up Rage at the frustrations of life.  As these energies clear, you make room for more Comfort Energies to come into your Suit and into your Energy Field.


Working with The Distress Releaser helps you to take an active part in reducing the deep levels of Spiritual Distress that your Suit is carrying and to accelerate your healing by making space for the Comfort Energies that enable you to experience Integrated Comfort.


Basic Code for Moderate Levels of Distress Release

The Distress Releaser, when used on a daily basis, has Basic Code to provide a moderate level of Distress Release Power.  It is not intended to tackle very intense levels of distress that require a Guided Distress Releasing Adventure that can counter the distress with more powerful Code and the opportunity for coaching support on the Outer Plane.


Full Power Distress Release

I recommend that for a Full Power Distress Release you combine the use of The Distress Releaser with a Guided Distress Releasing Adventure which can learn about through accessing the link provided below.



Correct Exchange

Basic Code

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Basic Code for a lifetime of Miracle-Based Adventures with The Distress Releaser is US $560.


Full Power Code

Full Power Distress Release through Guided Distress Releasing Adventures require a Correct Exchange of US $260/Adventure.


Procuring the Stress Relief Ball

The kind of Stress Relief Ball that can take this Code is a handheld foam ball, preferably one that is covered with fabric.  I would recommend a Fabric Stress Relief Ball that you can obtain from or from other vendors on the internet.  A red Fabric Stress Ball is preferable but blue is also acceptable.  I would avoid other colors. 


Once you have provided the Material Energy for the Basic Distress Releaser Code and have procured a fabric covered foam Stress Relief Ball, the Code will transform it into an Adventure Prop that can be used on all of your Distress Relief Miracle-Based Adventures.


When the Stress Relief Ball wears out, the Code will transfer automatically to another foam Stress Relief Ball.


If the ball is lost, the Code will be de-activated and will activate again when you have another Stress Relief Ball.


NOTE: The Code will not work for anyone other than the person for whom it is intended.  This kind of Miracle Tool is not available to someone who has not already reached Milestone #4.  It builds on the levels of Comfort that enable deep cleansing work of this sort to occur.

How to Request The Distress Releaser

To request the Basic Code for a lifetime of Distress Releasing Adventures, you can access the link provided below.



The Distress Releaser is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 

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