The 7th Sense Amplifier

Beings operating at the Physical Level of their incarnation use their 5 Senses to perceive the world around them.  When they shift to tuning into the Spiritual Level of their incarnation, they use their 6th Sense.  While the 6th Sense can pick up on the presence of the Source, it is not designed to be the primary sense through which a being perceives and interacts with the Source or experiences the Heaven that the Source manifests for him.  Instead, the being needs to use his 7th Sense which is a Sense that is uniquely designed to afford him what I call Direct Perception.  Direct Perception bypasses the 6 Senses and perceives directly the purity, beauty, and joy of what is of Heaven.  It is the only Sense that is capable of enabling a being to have The Heaven Experience which is the quintessential experience of True Happiness.


Because the Immune System Specialists opposed the transition into The Heaven Phase when they would be transitioned into less powerful positions in the Creation, they targeted the 7th Sense in beings and did whatever they could to block beings from accessing this Sense.  Their goal was to blind them to the beauty of the Heaven that the Source could create for them so they would content themselves with the material pleasures that they could wrestle together for themselves at the Physical Level.


Now as the Implementation Aspect is ascending into more immaterial levels of Its manifestation in preparation for a complete departure from the Manifest World, it has become apparent that those who have an underdeveloped 7th Sense are starting to lose track of the Source and are in danger of losing their Source Connection.


The Heaven Agents who have logged many hours working with me in webinars and in-person through sessions and Intensives in Seattle and Maui, have developed their 7th Sense to a much greater degree than those who have not spent time working with me directly.  This is because I create a structure on the Inner Plane that amplifies the Source Signals sent to the 7th Sense so that these come in loud and clear when they are working with me.  As they learn how to key off of my presence in the world, they can key off of this structure that is around me even when I am not with them, thus maintaining a connection with their 7th Sense.  The longer they are away from me on the Outer Plane, however, the more their ability to access their 7th Sense wanes.


Since the 7th Sense is going to be the only way that beings will be able to stay in contact with the Source and experience The Heaven Experience as I ascend and eventually return to the Unmanifest Level, it has become apparent that a Source Solution Miracle was needed to meet this need.


The 7th Sense Amplifier is the Source Solution Miracle that was created to meet this need.  The 7th Sense Amplifier is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that consists of an Energy Structure that amplifies the Source Signals sent to the 7th Sense to enable the Suit to pick up on them more readily.  The advantage of having your own Amplifier is that it works whether you are with me in-person or not.  There is no loss in power in the 7th Sense Signals even if you are in the presence of others who are blasting the 5 Sense Signals all around you like a loud local radio station.  The 7th Sense Amplifier helps you to bring in the Source Signals for your 7th Sense no matter where you are or what kind of chaotic signals are being sent by other beings.


Since one of the preferred tricks of the Immune System Specialists was to create strident signals from the 5 Senses to drown out even the 6th Sense so that humans could not see what was happening to them on the Inner Plane, these strident signals also effectively blocked out the 7th Sense.


Beings from the Universal Community outside of the Earth Plane marvel at the fact that humans seem to lack the ability to pick up on what is happening on the Inner Plane.  In their more immaterial habitats, the Inner and Outer Planes are a continuum and they can just as easily see what is happening on the Inner Plane as they can see what is happening on the Outer Plane.  It is only in the very materialized habitat of the Earth that humans have become bombarded by signals from the 5 Senses to the point that they have lost touch with their 6th Sense and have not even connected with their 7th Sense.


This is part of the reason why humans are slow to pick up on Inner Source Guidance and slow to understand the peril they are in on the Spiritual Level of Reality. For them the world is the Outer Plane and only occasionally do they get a glimpse of what is going on in the Inner Plane.  While many spiritual traditions talk about the Inner Plane, the average person is generally unaware of most of what is happening in this level of reality.  They tend to rely on priests and seers to tell them what they have never learned how to perceive directly for themselves.  This is why blind belief has become the norm in many spiritual traditions.


The 7th Sense Amplifier opens up the consciousness of the being to the highest level of the Spiritual Level of Reality.  In so doing, the 6th Sense is activated as well and the 5 Senses begin to expand to include a continuum of perception that allows for Signals coming in from the 6th and 7th sense.


For example, if a person who only registers what his 5 Senses can perceive, eats a meal, he will only taste what the food is like on the Physical Level.  If he has a developed 6th Sense he will  perceive what his 5 Senses perceive about the food but will also respond to the energy in the food. A sumptuous meal cooked by someone of ill intent will run harsh electric currents and have a noxious odor on the Inner Plane. This will repel him even if the physical quality of the food is enticing.  If he has a developed 7th Sense then he would experience the exquisite range of taste, smell, and sight given to the food by the Source to make eating a particular Source blessed meal an experience of Heaven.  In addition to the spiritual range of sensory experience of the food would be the experience of the adventure that unfolds as he takes in the food and soars to new levels of The Heaven Experience for which the food was just a catalyst.


Those who have not developed their 7th Sense are living in a very limited and boring world that does not afford them anything like the amazing range of sensory Heaven Experiences that are possible when you can perceive the world through all of your 7 Senses.  The opportunity for adventures unlike anything that can be experienced on the Physical Level takes life to another level altogether.


Heaven Agents who have experienced this often comment that they don’t know what they ever did for fun before they discovered what it was like to Live the Adventure using the full range of all 7 Senses.


Children often come into the world with the use of the full range of their 7 Senses and then begin to ignore their 6th and 7th Sense because the adults around them don’t pick up on what they are perceiving and often discipline when they speak about what they are experiencing on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  This social censorship has resulted in generations of adults who can’t use these senses except on very rare occasions.


The rediscovery of these Senses is part of the work that I do with Heaven Agents who come to train with me in The Miracle School.  As they reawaken these Senses, the door opens to the rich 

experiences of the Heaven that are possible on the Inner and Outer Plane.


Now with The 7th Sense Amplifier, it is possible for beings to reawaken these Senses through having a portable Amplifier on the Inner Plane that strengthen the signal for them. This will greatly accelerate a being’s ability to stay Source-Connected and experience the Heaven of The Source Connection.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange for The 7th Sense Amplifier is US $2650.


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