Special Request Miracle Tools


With a Special Request Miracle Tool, you can ask me to create a Miracle Tool that you have in mind.  


  • You might, for instance, have an object in mind that you would like me to link to a miracle.  I can then tell you what kind of miracle would link best to this object.


  • Or you might have a particular objective that you would like to achieve. You can tell me what you would like to achieve and I will tell you what kind of Miracle Tool can be created to achieve this objective.


  • Or you can tell me about a particular person that you have in mind and I can suggest the kind of Miracle Tool that would be best for this person.


The best way to proceed is to fill out the Contact Us Form below and fill in the box for your message with the information that will enable me to know what you would like.  It is best to give as much specific information about who the Miracle Tool is for – their age and gender – and their life circumstances.   The more details you provide the easier it will be for me to create the best kind of Miracle Tool for your situation.



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