Source Connection Toys


Source Connection Toys are toys that are linked to a miracle that enables them to help the child to become Source-Connected while playing with the toy.  Since many toys lead children to disconnect from the Source through connecting them up to the greed, competition, and war-like behaviors of the Story World, it is often hard for a parent to know how to help their child stay Source-Connected when the toys themselves run the currents of the Story World.


Source Connection Toys remove the Story Current running through the toys and replaces it with a Source Connection Current that enables the child to experience the wisdom and Big Picture Perspective of the Source while playing with the toys. 


A Source Connection Toy can bring a child’s world into focus for them and they can learn how to play in a way that is Source Guided.  Once they experience what it is like to play in this wholesome and love-based way, they will choose it over the kinds of Story World play that focus on competition, greed, violence, exploitation, and fear.  


Once you invest in a Source Connection Toy, the Miracle Link can be transferred to a new toy once your child has outgrown the toy to which it was originally linked.  


The Correct Exchange for a Source Connection Toy is $70.



To Request a Source Connection Toy

To request a Source Connection Toy, click on the link below. When you get to the shopping cart, please fill in the following information in the "Comments" box:


  • who the toy is for if it is for someone other than yourself – the name, gender, and age
  • any other information about your or their life circumstances that you feel is pertinent. 


If you would like more than one toy, you can enter in the correct quantity in the shopping cart.  Please provide the information above for all Source Connection Toys requested.




Source Connection Toys are a part of The Love Connection Project and are Love Connection Miracle Tools.

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