Source Connection Shoes 


Source Connection Shoes link The Source Connection Miracle to a pair of your shoes.  Once this miracle is linked to your shoes it begins generating a powerful Source Connection Field of Energy that helps you to clear negative energies in your Suit that disrupt the Source Connection and supplies you with the Source Connection Intelligence that enables you to strengthen your Source Connection.


Source Connection Shoes generate a large Source Connection Field of Energy around you that will help others around you.  The largest Field noted to date has a 17 miles radius.


With Source Connection Shoes you can help others to prepare for the December 15th Turning Point when they have to have rid themselves of the inner War against the Source if they are to retain their Source Connection.


Wherever you walk you leave an impression of Source Connection Intelligence that will then spawn a Secondary Source Connection Field that keys off of the Primary Source Connection Field that your shoes are creating around you.  This Secondary Field will continue on even if it outside of the 17 mile radius where you are located.  This means that you can help spread this Field wherever you go in the world.


Wearing Source Connection Shoes is a good way to create a Source Connection Field for your home and workplace to help those with whom you are in most frequent contact as well as to help build a Source Connection Field for your local and global community.


Once you receive Source Connection Shoes they will help you even if you are not wearing them. You will always have a more powerful support when you are wearing the linked shoes but your shoes will work to help you if they are within a 17 mile radius of where you are located.  If you go outside of that radius they will leave their physical location and go with you on the Inner Plane.


It is not possible to have more than one pair of Source Connection Shoes per person but when more than one member of a household has Source Connection Shoes, the power of the Source Connection Field grows exponentially, providing the high vibrational energies that enable Heaven to manifest more readily.


I have seen Source Connection Shoes wipe out the most hard to release elements of the Negativity in the Warring against the Source part of the Suit. This is life saving with the upcoming December 15th Turning Point when all of these oppositional elements must be eliminated if the Suit is to retain its Source Connection and avoid the Disconnection that will lead to Ultimate Death.


Although Suits can work to clear oppositional elements without the Source Connection Shoes, it is a risk since many of the darkest elements of the opposition are buried in layers in the Subconscious and are not out in the open where it is easy to spot them and work effectively to eliminate them.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a miracle powerful enough for Source Connection Shoes is US $1400.


To request Source Connection Shoes you can access the link provided below.

To gift Source Connection Shoes to someone else that you know, you can provide their name, age, and any specifics that you think are relevant.  If they are receptive to Source Support at some level of their consciousness, then I will be able to send the miracle to them.





To contribute toward The Source Connection Shoes Campaign to provide others in the Global Community with Source Connection Shoes, you can fill out the amount of your contribution in The World that Works form below. The Source will send the miracle to those most strategically placed to help others.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.



Source Connection Shoes are part of The Love Connection Project and are a Love Connection Miracle Tool. 


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