The Source Connection Sheet Set


The Source Connection Sheet Set includes a bottom sheet, a top sheet, and one or two pillow cases.  It generates a strong Source Connection Field that enables you to rest in Source Connection Intelligence which wards off the negativity that tries to disrupt your Source Connection while you are asleep. It also provides the Intelligence that helps you to strengthen your Source Connection.  Since it is often during your sleep that the negativity within your Suit uses dreams to get you derailed into Disconnecting, it is important to provide your Suit with the kind of protection that it needs to keep things on track during this vulnerable part of your day when your conscious mind is not in attendance to referee Disconnecting paths along which your consciousness can travel.


Source Connection Sheets also provide a Source Connection Field that helps to enable your Suit and the Suits of those sleeping with you to stay Source-Connected while interacting with one another.  Since so many people get derailed from their Source Connection when they are sexual or when they are sleeping with children or other family members and getting mixed up in their tangled energies, it is important to provide a structured context in which the Source Connection can be preserved in these kinds of physical interactions. 

People used to blob together when they slept, like soap bubbles that shared a surface with one another. This Energy Blobbing could graft onto one person the turmoil and bad habits of another so that the two people awaken confused about who they are and carrying one another’s bad traits and bad emotions.  After The Source-Connected Suit Project gave people a Source-Connected Suit Container, direct infusions of negative energy from one person to another were blocked by the Container.  Since that time, I have noticed that the Energy Smog generated by the Suits has continued something of the same effect with a less invasive element.  If the Energy Smog generated by one person surrounds another person, the thoughts and emotions in the Energy Smog can resonate with the thoughts and emotions of the person who is encapsulated in the Energy Smog.  If they are receptive to this kind of suggestion it can trigger negative thoughts and emotions in the receptive person even when the actual toxic energies are not invading the Suit. The end result is somewhat similar although many times less severe than the old version of Energy Blobbing.


Source Connection Sheet Sets help you to stay clear and Source-Connected so that your Connection is with the Source and not with those in the bed with you.  In this way, you are able to enjoy being physically close with others you love without getting muddled up in the struggles of their lives that you can’t solve and can’t easily get rid of when the energy of these struggles is resonated to by your Suit and becomes a part of your inner landscape.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the Miracle Link for The Source Connection Sheet Set is US $250.


To request The Source Connection Sheet Set, you can access the link provided below.  

To gift The Source Connection Sheet Set to another person, you can provide their name, age, and any specifics that you think are relevant. If they accept Source Support on the Inner Plane, I will be able to send the miracle to them.   





If you would like to gift Source Connection Sheets to others in the Global Community, you can fill out The World that Works Form below.  The Source will send this miracle to those most in need of this kind of support.  Often those who are ill, suffering from abuse, or lacking any ability to rest and Reconnect, benefit greatly from this miracle.



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The Source Connection Sheet Set is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.

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