At-A-Distance Work through Miracle-Linked Source Connection Objects & Places


It is now possible for the Source Connection Miracle Link to work through a myriad of different objects and places.  These Miracle Links are temporary and manifest only when needed.


For instance, if you are in need of a place of clarity and refuge to think through something of importance in your life, the place you are in and the objects within it could become Miracle-Linked to provide this kind of supportive environment.  


If you needed to rest in a chair that is infused with Source Love energies in order to Reconnect to the Source, the Miracle Link that could make this possible could manifest in the chair that you are sitting in at the time even if this chair is in a public place.


If you needed to power up quickly, the miracle of an energizing Source Intervention could be administered through a Miracle Link to what you are eating or drinking.


The beauty of Source Connection Miracle Links to objects and places is that they help you to experience the presence of the Source assisting you in the moment when you need a particular aspect of this help.  The Miracle Link appears as needed as long as you have provided the Source with the necessary Material Energy to create these kind of miracles on your behalf.



The Correct Exchange

Personal Source Connection Miracle Links

The Baseline Plan for At-a-Distance Work through Linked Objects & Places 

The minimal amount of Material Energy needed to provide you with an integrated experience of Miracle Links manifesting when needed through objects and places is $125/month.  A month is the minimal amount of time that makes this kind of At-a-Distance Source Support worthwhile.  In a month you can advance on your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing with a well orchestrated sequence of experiences of the Source Connection manifesting through the objects and places in your life.


Note: Since calendar months do not have the same number of days, for the purpose of this calculation of Correct Exchange, a "month" is defined as 4 weeks or 28 days.




Additional  At-a-Distance Support for Linked Objects & Places

If you would like more extensive At-a-Distance Source Support in a month, you can provide additional Material Energy and I will be able to work through more objects and places.


To provide this additional Material Energy, you can enter the amount that you are providing in your Life that Works Fund.  You can access this Fund by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to enter in the Comments Box in the form for the financial exchange the purpose for which these funds are intended.



Source Connections for a World that Works

When Miracle Links of this type are created to help move the masses toward the Source Connection, the amount of Material Energy is calculated differently than for an individual.  There is not a monthly amount needed. When Heaven Agents contribute Material Energy it goes to link whatever object and/or place is most strategic to helping people evolve.


For instance, a public building could become a Source Connection link during a time of activity in the building that is shaping the course of life in a community.  Or an object in the pocket of a decision maker could become linked to help that Suit attune to the Source Connection and see a bigger picture that could better inform the decision making process.


Food or water that people are consuming could be linked to help them receive healing and transformative energies.


The Source sees all and knows where these Links need to be activated to do the most good. From the Team Work of Heaven Agents providing the Material Energy for the Miracle Links and the Source creating the Links and working through them can come a world of good that will save lives and rapidly build a foundation for Heaven on Earth.


To contribute to The Global Miracle Link Campaign for a World that Works, you can fill out the form below.  If you are contributing more than US $4000, email me for instructions.




Source Connection Objects and Places are part of The Love Connection Project and are Love Connection Miracle Tools. 


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