Source Connection Music


The most powerful Source-Created Music is Source Connection Music.  When you listen to this music, Source Intelligence come through the sound, freeing your Suit from the energies that block your Source Connection and suffusing your Suit with the energies it needs to become more Source-Connected.  


In a matter of minutes, these transformational energies can break through blockages that might have been in place for lifetimes, releasing you into higher levels of vibration that enable you to progress more rapidly on your path to a 100% Source Connection.


In The Transition, when attaining a 100% Source Connection is key to your survival, Source Connection Music is a powerful Miracle Tool that helps you to achieve this goal, clearing out obstructions that you are not aware exist in your Suit but which will cause you to fail to achieve a 100% Source Connection.  It is also a wonderful way to relax in a highly charged field of Source Connection Intelligence and experience the Heaven of The Source Connection.


To achieve this high quality transmission of Source Connection Intelligence through sound, I need to start with music that is already in a high vibrational range.  Lower vibrational music will restrict the power of the Source Connection Intelligence working through the music.


The only music that I have found that works well with this miracle are certain songs by John Adorney, a New Age musician who combines instruments with voice, drawing at times on ethnic instruments and rhythms that connect to non-western music traditions.


For Source Connection Music, I can work with the following songs.

Album – Beckoning

The Gift 


Album – Trees of Gold

Swept Away

Mand of the Read Earth


Other songs are not conducive to my work with The Source Connection Miracle.


How It Works

You will need to purchase the songs from iTunes or any other music store.  They are currently US $0.99/song on iTunes.


If you don’t have iTunes already, you can download it at:


You provide the Material Energy I need to ground the Miracle Link for The Source Connection Miracle in the song. 


When you listen to the song(s) for the first time, the Miracle Link will activate.  You will then have Full Power Source Connection Music available whenever you play the song.  If you would like to copy the song onto multiple computers, cell phones, or other electronic devices, the energy will carry as long as you are the one who is accessing the music.


When you play this music for others, it will help everyone who hears it to form a stronger Source Connection. Those working with it consciously to achieve a 100% Source Connection will receive the full benefit.


Playing Source Connection Music gives you the opportunity to engage in Source-Directed Spiritual Activism, providing yourself and others with The Source Connection Miracle that strengthens the Source Connection.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange to ground the miracle of Source Connection Music in one song is: $14.00.  


If you would like to gift Source Connection Music to someone you know, then provide their name, age, gender,  and any specifics that you think are relevant. If they are receptive to Source Support in some aspect of their consciousness, I will be able to send them the miracle.


To request Source Connection Music, you can access the link provided below.





If you would like to gift Source Connection Music to others in the Global Community, you can fill out The World that Works Form below.  The Source will send this miracle to those most in need of this kind of support.  

Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.





Source Connection Music is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.


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