Source Connection Furniture

Source Connection Furniture surrounds you with Source Connection Intelligence that enhances your Source Connection and repels the negative energies that often settle into furniture from the people who have used the furniture before you and from the implants of the Negativity. 


Any piece of furniture that is linked to this miracle is a Touch Down Point for Direct Source Interventions that can bring in whatever energies the Source chooses to send you through the piece of furniture. When all of your furniture is Source Connection Furniture, the feeling of Heaven around you is palpable to all who are sensitive to Source Energies.  There is also an exquisite kind of beauty in anything that is linked to The Source Connection Miracle.  It stands out from objects that are just ordinary objects and attracts even those who are not aware that the object has been Miracle-Linked.


I have found that chairs that are linked to Source-Created Miracles, even lesser miracles than The Source Connection Miracle, will draw children and adults and even the family pets who often contend for the same piece of furniture even though they don’t know why they value it over other pieces of furniture in the room.


Source Connection Furniture is a manifestation of The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be.  When you have such a manifestation in your home, you are in the presence of the Source and the beauty of the Heaven that emanates from the Source.  This is what helps your Suit to stay on track with becoming a manifestation of Heaven itself which occurs when it becomes 100% Source-Connected.


I have categorized Source Connection Furniture into two categories.  One category is the furniture that you sit or lie down on and the other is the category of all other kinds of furniture such as tables, dressers, etc.


Chairs, Sofas, and Beds

Source Connection Furniture is especially important for furniture that people sit or lie down in.  This kind of furniture absorbs the energy of the people using it far more intensely that a dresser or an end table.


For example, when a person sits on the couch and goes into a very Source-Disconnected state of consciousness while watching TV programs that elicit strong emotions, they produce potent levels of Energy Smog. Energy Smog is Disconnected Energy that imprints itself on the furniture. These Negative Imprints produce a continuing Disconnected, Negative Field of Energy that can overwhelm and derail someone who is feeling more Source-Connected who later sits on the couch. 


People often wonder why their mood changes suddenly when they go through their day, never realizing that they are affected by the Energy Smog produced by others around them. Mood shifts can be more severe if the Negativity moves in on a Negative Energy Field and implants energies that direct someone’s consciousness toward addictions or anger or depression or fear.  If this more high tech kind of programming gets into the furniture, then it can have a more profoundly negative effect on anyone sitting on the furniture.


The Negativity can get into a home through anyone who has a link to the Negativity through a negative thought or behavior pattern.  Once the Negativity sets up housekeeping in the home, it breeds more negative programming that takes the family down into discord, ill health, and unhappiness. This makes those in the home more distraught and broken down so the Negativity can harvest them better for their Life Energies.


The Negativity functions like Energy Parasites. They harvest the very low vibrational energy that is produced when people generate fear, anger, and despair and engage in addictions and perversions.  It is in their best interests to program into the furniture and into everything in the house the kinds of thoughts and emotions that will get the family members operating at dysfunctional levels where they produce the base emotions from which the Energy Parasites draw energy.  If the family is happy and functional and Source-Connected, they don’t produce energies that the Energy Parasites can live off of and so the Parasites do whatever they can to sow the seeds of discord in the family.


If you were look at the world as the Source sees it, with the areas colored black that have mind bending negative energy implants, you would see that they exist in every home and take their toll on everyone exposed to them.


Unsuspecting people think that their psychological problems are based entirely on childhood traumas or life stresses.  If they flushed out the Negativity out of their homes, they might discover that a large percentage of what triggers a negative reaction in them is coming from the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  


Source Connection Furniture is a way to Hold the Line for Heaven in your home by ousting the Negativity from your furniture and reclaiming it as a Safe Zone where you and your loved ones can rest and become more Source-Connected.  Since reaching a 100% Source Connection is essential to survival in The Transition, it is time for people to take a stringent stand on clearing their homes of the Negativity so they can have a peaceful place in which to strengthen their Source Connection.


People don’t realize how important it is to have furniture that supports their Source Connection until they have it. Then they realize that they have been struggling against adverse Disconnection Energies that have been making it so much harder to stay Source-Connected.  Once they have the support of the Intelligence of Source Connection Furniture pulling for them, they find it much easier to keep their thoughts and emotions in the range of what is most conducive to their happiness and most strengthening to their Source Connection.


Source Connection desk chairs help them to be alert and efficient while working at their desks.  Source Connection Beds help them to stay Source-Connected in intimate moments and to have a restful night sleep.  Source Connection Dressers keep their clothes in a high vibrational Source Connection Field of Energy which helps them to stay clear of any negativity in the room.  Source Connection easy chairs give you a chance to really rest and connect to yourself, to the Source, and to others at a higher level – facilitating the kind of Soul-to-Soul interactions that are the basis of Love-Based Relationships.  Source Connection dining room chairs support your Source Connection while eating which is a time when the Negativity is especially active, trying to take peoples’ vibration into the range of greed and need that generates some of the most potent Energy Smog.


Even if you have one chair that is Source Connection Furniture, this will give you a place to go to strengthen your Source Connection. This is of immense help to your Suit, giving it the support that it needs to feel what it is like to rest in a place where it is not being bombarded by other people’s Energy Smog or by the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.


All Other Kinds of Furniture

Coffee tables, end tables, dining tables, servers, filing cabinets, stereo and TV consoles, dressers, night stands, etc. become emanators of a Source Connection Field when they are linked to The Source Connection Miracle.  This Field helps to protect the furniture and its contents from Energy Toxins generated by Energy Smog and by the Energy Implants of the Negativity at work in their Harvesting Operation.  The Source Connection also promotes Source-Connected Consciousness in those interacting with the furniture.

A coffee table for instance that is a Source Connection Coffee Table will help to align those interacting with one another around the coffee table with Source Connection Energies that help them to ward off Disconnecting Energies and to sustain a higher level Source Connection.  This is a powerful counteractive to the social programming in people that immediately takes a conversation into the range of a Disconnected interaction that damages the Source Connection of all involved.

A Source Connection Dining Room Table is a powerful corrective for the often dysfunctional interactions of those eating food together at the table.  The Source Connection Energies lift the consciousness of the people so they can experience staying Source-Connected while eating food which often triggers a baser range of greed/need responses. This can help to counteract thought patterns that lead to overeating or addictive food behavior or eating to derive comfort rather than opening to the healing that alone can bring true comfort.

Source Connection Furniture that holds items of value to you such as a server, a TV/stereo console,  a dresser, chest of drawers, a nightstand, and a filing cabinet, are able to maintain themselves and their contents in a Source Connection Field. This provides you with a boost of supportive energy that helps your Suit to stay on track with its work to achieve a 100% Source Connection.  This is a powerful corrective for the Disconnection Energies that your Suit generally encounters when it touches the objects of the world.  These Disconnection Energies communicate to your Suit to Disconnect from the Source, further weakening its Source Connection.  It is vitally important to give your Suit the message that life is about maintaining its Source Connection.  You can do this by providing your Suit with Source Connection Energies transmitted through the objects stored in your furniture.

A Source Connection Desk is a great help in staying Source-Connected while working at your desk. Too often working with the distracting world of computers, phones, rushed deadlines, and the general frenzy coming at you from others with whom you are interacting in your workday, is enough to trigger Disconnection in most people. Having the stable support of a Source Connection Desk is like having a stable place to rest in the Disconnection Storm – a place from which you can work on strengthening your Source Connection while being buffered from what promotes Disconnection.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that it takes to ground the Miracle Link that transforms a piece of furniture into Source Connection Furniture varies according to the kind of furniture being linked.


Here is a list of the amount of Material Energy needed for different kinds of furniture:

Sofas, Chairs, & Beds 

Couch – $385

Easy Chair – $360

Desk Chair – $226

Dining Room Chair – $110

Sofa Bed – $400

Bed – $400 

Beds require more Material Energy to protect you while you are sleeping at night as well as to help your Suit stay Source-Connected while sleeping or recovering from an illness or interacting with others who are sleeping with you in the bed.

All Other Kinds of Furniture

Coffee Table – $350

Dining Table – $360

Server – $48

TV and/or Stereo Console – $65

Dresser – $85

Chest of drawers – $95

Night Stands – $50/nightstand

Desk – $110

Filing Cabinet – $75



Special Request Source Connection Furniture

If the piece of furniture that you would like to become Source Connection Furniture is not listed here, you can contact me for information on the Correct Exchange for the Miracle Link that will transform it into Source Connection Furniture.





How to Request
Source Connection Furniture

The best way to request Source Connection Furniture for yourself or someone you know is to access the links above for the specified piece of furniture.  If it is for someone other than yourself, you can tell me the first name of the person for whom it is intended along with any specifics that you think are relevant.  If they are receptive to Source Support in some aspect of their consciousness, I will be able to send the miracle to them.


If you are requesting the furniture for others in the Global Community, you can fill out the World that Works Fund below. The Source will send the Miracle Link to whatever kind of furniture will best Suit the person who is in need of this miracle.  In Third World Countries where very little furniture is used, it might be send to a pad that is used to lie down on at night or to whatever furnishings are used in the home. 

Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.




Source Connection Furniture is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool. 


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