Source Connection Food 

When The Source Connection Miracle is linked to food, it transforms the food into a carrier of Source Connection Intelligence that helps your body ward off the energies that lead to a Disconnection from the Source.  It also helps your body to know how to strengthen its Source Connection which bolsters the Spiritual Immune System and then strengthens your Physical Immune System.

The saying that "you become what you eat", is very true on a physical level and also true on an energy level.  If you eat food that is laced with Energy Toxins that carry the thoughts and emotions of addiction, depression, rage, fear, jealousy, and malice, these Energy Toxins stay in your body as the food is incorporated into your body.  These Energy Toxins generate a negative pulse in your body that organizes your thoughts and emotions into negative pathways that further the Disconnection. Your body then begins to indulge in and crave not only destructive foods but destructive thoughts and behaviors that match up to the destructive thought forms in the substance of which it is made.  

Foods acquire Energy Toxins from being handled by those who prepare them or serve them.  For example, a cook in a restaurant kitchen who is full or anger or fear will infuse the food cooked with these energies.  When you ingest these energies they resonate to similar energies stored in your body and can trigger a similar emotional reaction.  

A family member cooking food for the family when in a distracted and distraught state of mind can have a similar effect on the cooked food.  This is true of food served that is uncooked food as well. The negative energies transfer from the person handling the food.

While it is desirable to equip your kitchen with Source Connection Miracle linked utensils, pans, cooktop, etc., this doesn't correct for the negativity in food that you take in when you attend a pot luck, eat out, or have friends over who help in the kitchen or pass the serving dishes around the table.  

Source Connection Food is a corrective for the problem of Energy Toxins transmitted through food.  As you prepare to eat food, no matter where it has come from and who touched it before it reaches you, The Source Connection Miracle will link to the food rendering it a carrier of Source Connection Intelligence that supports your Source Connection and wards off the negativity that is in the food that might impair your Source Connection.  


Over the years I have seen many people, especially children, act out soon after taking in Energy Toxins in the food.   They resonate to the negative thought forms in the food and start acting out the content of these thought forms.


Some of the Energy Toxins in food are high tech Energy Implants put into the food by the Negativity to trigger the kind of behaviors that lead to mental and physical disease.  The Negativity is interested in cultivating disease because an unhealthy body and mind is fertile ground for its Harvesting Operation.  Their Energy Implants communicate to the body that it should crave foods that are addictive such as sugar and should overeat.  This leads to obesity and poor self image which leads the person to engage in other self loathing and self destructive behaviors.  People trying to diet without countering the influence of the messages from Energy Implants are in an uphill battle.


The bottomline, is that there is no other way to achieve
good health without controlling the quality of the food that becomes your body.  

Good health begins in your body at a spiritual level that resonates through to the physical level.  You need to be proactive and protect your body from Energy Toxins that derail the Source Connection if you are going to be successful in building toward a 100% Source Connection.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Miracle Link for Source Connection Food to activate whenever you eat food is US $200/month. 


To request Source Connection Food for more than one month, you can enter more units of $200 in the form that you can access through the link provided below.

If you wish to give Source Connection Food to someone other than yourself, then enter in their first name, age, and any specfic information that you think is relevant. If they accept Source Support on the Inner Plane, I will be able to send the miracle to them.  Source Connection Food is a great resource for those struggling with depression, addiction, grief, illness, and trauma.  It can also be gifted to an animal in need.





If you would like to gift Source Connection Food to people or animals in the Global Community, you can fill out the form for The World that Works Fund.  The Miracle Link for Source Connection Food will be sent by the Source to those most in need of this assistance. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.


Source Connection Food is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.

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