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Food Storage Containers


Source Connection Food Storage Containers maintain stored food in a strong Source Connection Field that protects it from the negative energies that often abound in the kitchen and pantry. 


The Negativity has made a science out of invading foods and implanting in them the negative energies that cause people to Disconnect when they eat these foods.  The Disconnection can happen when an addictive response to the food is implanted or when strident energies are put into the food that trigger a fear response in the body leading to an allergic reaction.  The Negativity can also implant thought forms that lead to overeating and depression or to rage, jealousy, and malice.


Much of this implanting of negative energies occurs before the food ever reaches your home.  Once you begin cooking the foods and preparing to eat those that do not require cooking, these negative programs that have been implanted activate.  


It is, therefore, very important to cleanse the food on an energetic level prior to eating it.


Some of this can be done during the cooking process through using Source Connection Cookware. Foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, crackers, etc. that will be eaten without any additional preparation need to be stored in Source Connection Containers which generate the energies that flush out the Energy Toxins from the food and restore the food to a high vibrational level that will enable it to nourish you without triggering your Suit to respond to the negative thought patterns of the Energy Toxins.


Source Connection Food Storage Containers could be an open fruit bowl or a shallow, open container where you place boxes of crackers, sacks of chips, or they could be a closed container where you store rice and other grains.


Food that is cooked and needs to be refrigerated is also at risk of being invaded by the Negativity that is at work in every kitchen. It is best to store food in Source Connection Containers in the refrigerator to prevent any implantation of negative energy in the food during the time it is stored. 


While many are now mindful of choosing organic food that is not full of pesticides and other toxic chemicals, they often don’t realize that the most deadly toxins in food are the ones that are placed in the food by the Negativity to derange the Suit so it will become Disconnected on a physical level and fall prey to destructive behavioral habits that set the stage for the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  A person who become self-destructive by overeating or eating foods that destroy their health will become easy harvesting for the Negativity.  A person who is programmed to attack others with rage and plot to seek revenge will set up his Suit along with the Suits of his victims for better harvesting for the Negativity.


Taking the time to cleanse your food prior to eating it is a big step toward protecting your Source Connection and with it your health and your life.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the link for a single Source Connection Food Storage Container is US $10.  


To request a Source Connection Food Storage Container, you can access the link provided below.





Source Connection Food Storage Containers are part of The Love Connection Project and are a Love Connection Miracle Tool.


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