The Source Connection Cooktop


A Source Connection Cooktop protects the food while it is cooking with a strong Source Connection Field of Energy.  It also maintains a Source Connection Field that helps the cooks to remain Source-Connected while cooking so that dysfunctional Story Ways of thinking about food and preparing it do not create the toxic Disconnection Field that spins people out of alignment with their Source Connection when they are cooking.  Since food preparation is linked to many cultural and family traditions that are not Source-Connected, such as developing a Story Ego about one’s cooking abilities, fighting for territory or authority in the kitchen with others, amping up greed networks around food, or infusing the cooking process with the angers and frustrations of the day, the cooktop often gets surrounded with a very strong Disconnection Field.  This feeds back to the cooks reinforcing Disconnection thoughts and behavior patterns and taints the energy field of the food that is served to others.


It is, therefore, of great importance to break up this Disconnection Field with a Source Connection Cooktop that will calmly generate a strong Source Connection Field around the cooking process.  In this Source Connection Field the Source can send in directives to help all those participating in the cooking process to center in their Source Connection first and foremost and then to learn how to prepare food that is imbued with Source Connection Intelligence rather than with Source Disconnection Energies.


Correct Exchange

The amount of energy required to link The Source Connection Miracle to a cooktop is US $650.


To request a Source Connection Cooktop, you can access the link provided below:





The Source Connection Cooktop is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.

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