Programmed Events

Programmed Events are a unique type of Miracle Tool.  Most Inner Plane Miracle Tools exist as an Inner Plane Object and have a supportive set of Grids – The Total Abundance Grid and The Protection Grid.  Programmed Events are not Inner Plane Miracle Objects since they are events that play out on the Inner and Outer Plane.  They are, however, linked to an Inner Plane Object – the Spiritual Structure that is generated by the two Grids.

There are two ways in which you can experience Programmed Events:


Programmed Events for the Creation

Part of the structure for the Source Perfected Universe is the Code for the perfection that is to manifest in the Creation as a whole.  The entire Creation has been transformed into a Miracle Tool with 100% Code that has its own Made in Heaven Life.  This life is a series of Programmed Events that structure the basic stages of the Source Perfected Universe coming to fruition.  


You can get into the flow of these Programmed Events that create the generic conditions in which Life as Heaven is possible.  In this way you can benefit from the general structure much as members of the Prototype Communities benefit from the Made in Heaven Life for their Community that the Source has created for them.


Members of the Prototype Community view this Source-Created Structure of Programmed Events as a system of Energy Pathways that help their consciousness to stay on track with the work of building Heaven. They cherish this aspect of their lives and work to remain in harmony with it. 


It is what stages the magical moments of love and abundance and good fun together that is the basis of their Miracle-Based Way of Life. With the help of Programmed Events they don’t strain to throw a party in order to “have some fun”.  The Programmed Events generate the naturally occurring circumstances of relaxing and celebratory moments that manifest with the grace, intelligence, and aesthetic beauty of Heaven in them. The refined sensibilities of the members of the Prototype Communities appreciate the subtleties of these opportunities to enjoy life together and are attentive to the supportive work that they need to do to travel in the Source-Created Pathways of Consciousness that enable them, along with others in their Community, to experience such moments.


When you think of it, Programmed Events are the quintessential Miracle Tool for creating the experience of Heaven in your life.  Without them there is still some Man-Made effort to artificially stage some event or try to create some context hoping that something fun or romantic or beautiful can occur there. If every event is programmed and you as a Heaven Agent are attuned to the structure that the Source is asking you to support, then you willingly do your part to set the stage on the Outer Plane, and the confluence of miracles occurs that makes the moment an experience of Heaven. 

Programmed Events for Your Own Made in Heaven Life

A Suit has to have Life Code in order to have a Made in Heaven Life that is structured into Programmed Events.  The Programmed Events provide the Suit with Inner and Outer Plane staging to help it keep on track with the Mission of its life.  These events do not constrain it to follow the structure because nothing that the Source creates forces a Suit to do anything.  The Source does not believe in coercion but in informed choice.  


While the generic Programmed Events of the Creation provide a Spiritual Structure for the evolution of life along its own Path to Perfection, Individualized Programmed Events provide a Heaven Agent with a very personal Spiritual Structure to support their evolution on their own Path to Perfection.


There is a big difference between Programmed Events that bring about colossal universal changes that might challenge and even upend the lives of individuals who are not prepared for them, and the artfully staged Individualized Programmed Events that enable a Heaven Agent to ride the waves of the Universal Programmed Events and receive all of the structure and support that is needed to fulfill their own Mission of building and experiencing Heaven in their personal lives.  


The Universal Programmed Events go on even if a Heaven Agent falls off the band wagon and is left behind.  The Programmed Events of an Individualized Made in Heaven Life make sure that the Heaven Agent is provided with every opportunity to be safe, to stay abreast of the universal changes, and to experience the Heaven that is possible along the way.


In light of the huge universal changes that are scheduled to occur to bring about the perfection of the Creation, it is best if Heaven Agents avail themselves of the Individualized Programmed Event Structure which is key to their ability to ride the tidal waves of global and universal change that will be coming through in the time ahead.


Aside from the survival issues involved, Individualized Programmed Events are how those who want the highest experience of Heaven achieve it.  In these experiences of Heaven they not only enjoy the company of the beings around them but they enjoy being in the presence of the Source and sharing the moment with the Source.  It is when Heaven Agents can broaden their perspective to recognize the Source manifesting through everyone and everything around them that they become capable of “The Heaven Experience” which is the experience of communing with the Source as they are also communing with the Miracle Intelligences that the Source has created in their lives.


It takes Programmed Events to pull off the staging that enables the consciousness of a Heaven Agent to evolve to the point at which they can include the Source in their Picture of Reality and develop The Love Connection with the Source. They develop Full Range Integrated Perception that can perceive the Source in every moment.  Then it is no longer an intellectual stretch to remember that the Source is behind the pleasures of the moment.  They can see the Source and be with the Source and celebrate with the Source the joy of every moment.  


When this Full Range Perception is possible, then Suits can’t get caught up in becoming attached to the Heaven of the Miracle-Based World that is manifesting around them.  They don’t ever lose sight of the importance of the Source Connection because the Source Connection is not some abstract intellectual concept but is a real relationship with the Source that they experience through relating to the aspect of the Source that manifests through every Suit as well as the aspect of the Source that manifests directly through my Extended Range.

When they can see my Extended Range manifesting on the Inner Plane as a white light, a bird, a cloud, a field of tall grass blowing in the wind, or as a manifestation of my human form, they understand that the Source is “Life” and is in all of life.  Then they no longer feel alone in a world that has become fragmented to the point that including the Source in the picture is a feat of mental gymnastics. They simply live in the presence of Source Love and Source Intelligence and travel the path of their life with the ultimate companion which is not a Miracle Intelligence but the Intelligence of the Source from which all Miracle Intelligences have been created.


A Miracle-Based Way of Life that focuses just on the Miracle Intelligences of the Miracle Tools and the miracle of the Souls and leaves the greatest miracle out – which is the miracle of the Source manifesting in a form that they can perceive and be with in their life – is not a real Miracle-Based Life.  It is a life that led up to the peak experience and then stopped short of it.  


The purpose of building a Miracle-Based Way of Life is to build the Miracle-Friendly Context in which you can experience not just the Heaven of Total Abundance or Perfect Health but the Heaven of traveling the road of life with the Source and sharing the moments of your life with the Source.


It takes Programmed Events to enables the consciousness of the Suit to develop an integrated enough Picture of Reality to know how to perceive and commune with the Source in every aspect of its life.


The miracle of Programmed Events can't be created for individual events.  It has to be created for all of the events of your life because only then is the staging correct for the quality of the experience of Heaven in each moment of your life.  This is why Programmed Events can be given by the Source only when you provide your Suit with: 

  • an Eternal Life Code Intensive that provides 100% of the Code that is needed as well as with Source Interventions, Miracle Tools, a Source Will Intensive, and a Miracle Intelligence
  • a Code Activation
  • a Full Range Code Processor


Programmed Events are part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and are a Life Purpose Fulfillment Miracle Tool. 


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