Miracle Templates


Spiritual Templates are Inner Plane structures that enable you to have a particular ability.  For every ability that you have, there is a Spiritual Template in your repertoire for that ability.


The capacity to be genuinely successful at building Heaven in your life, to have real integrity, to know the truth as it comes from the Source, and to be Source-Connected, are not abilities that most people can develop in the course of their daily lives.  They don’t see these abilities in others because most people are operating off of Spiritual Templates they have developed to operate in the Story of their culture – not to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan. 


Many Heaven Agents have tried to learn through Source Guidance how to build such Templates for many lifetimes and have built parts of them but not all of them.  


In order to give you and other Heaven Agents a short cut to developing the key abilities that are needed to live a life that is Heaven, I have developed Miracle Templates that give you the exact Spiritual Templates you need to be successful in building Heaven in your personal life and in the world.


Miracle Templates give you an instant instinctual behavioral repertoire that guides you toward the behaviors that enable you to have a desired ability. If you are vigilant to pick up on the clues given to you by the Miracle Intelligence of the Template, then you will rapidly evolve toward having abilities that are invaluable to your success in building a life that is Heaven.


To give you an example, most beings have Success Templates from the Story World that drive them to be successful in Story Ways that do not add up to Heaven.  Few know what it feels like to have an inborn instinct to go for the highest level of success – which is Heaven.  Generally they haven’t seen this level of success in anyone they know and they don’t really know how to build a Spiritual Template for themselves that would enable them to be truly successful.


In order to counteract this problem, I have created The Success Template which gives them this natural instinct for success and which also is the Spiritual Structure that magnetizes the opportunities that enable them to be successful.


I have seen The Success Template turn around the lives of people who have a history of sabotaging their own chances for success.  With The Success Template they are able to go forward and draw Good Fortune to themselves and respond correctly to the opportunities that come their way.


The Correct Exchange for a Miracle Template is $150.


Miracle Templates


The Success Template

This Template gives you the instinctual behavior patterns that enable you to be successful in your life.  





The Truth Template

This Template helps you zero in on the Truth given by the Source so you are not thrown off by what appears to be the Truth but which might be a distortion.





The Correct Exchange Template

A balanced exchange is what opens the door to Heaven.  This Template helps you to sense instinctively when you are balancing the exchange correctly with the Source and with other beings.  





The Source Connection Template

This Template helps you to connect to the Source correctly and to sense when your Connection is compromised in any way.




The Master Heaven Agent Template

This Template gives you the understanding of what you would be like as a Master Heaven Agent.  This behavioral repertoire is the foundation for your evolution into a Master Heaven Agent.





The Integrity Template

This Template gives you an instinctual knowledge of what true integrity is at every level and a built-in alarm system when some thought or action is violating this integrity.





The Perfection Template

This Template gives you the behavioral repertoire that enables you to remain steady on the path to Perfection following through on all of the work that enables you to achieve perfection at each step of the way.





Special Request Templates

This list of Miracle Templates is not the full range of Templates that are needed by a Heaven Agent.  They are just a few of the ones that I have created in the past.


If you would like to have a Miracle Template, and one of the ones listed above does not seem like the one you need, you can email me to request a Special Request Miracle Template.  You can tell me about your situation and the kind of help you would like and I will research what kind of Miracle Template I can create for you.  I will then email you with this information and you can decide if you would like to proceed.  


Or you can click on the link below and complete the Financial Exchange for a Miracle Template and then I will email you with information about the one that I have created for you.  In the comments section of the credit card processing form you can include information on the issues you would like to address with a Miracle Template, who the Template is for, and any other information that you feel is relevant.


Keep in mind that Miracle Templates can help even those who do not, at a conscious mind level, understand such miracles.  As long as their "Soul", their true spiritual identity, requests the Template, I am able to create it for them.  



Miracle Templates are part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and are Life Purpose Fulfillment Miracle Tools.

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