Manifestation Recordings 

When you play a Manifestation Recording, the Energy Imprint in the inaudible recording, will manifest whatever it was created to manifest. If it is intended to manifest something for you, the manifestation will occur in the energy space around you.  If it is intended for someone else or a group of people or animals, the manifestation will occur in the energy space where this person or group resides.  


Manifestation Recordings are helpful to individuals, families, to groups in community or work situations, and for animals and man-made objects such as houses and public buildings.  Because the manifestation can help anyone anywhere, it is possible to play a Manifestation Recording in your house and for the manifestation produced from the recording to manifest across the world in the home of someone who is sick, in a war zone, or at an event such as a wedding.


Because of the versatility and power of the Manifestation Recording is a favored Miracle Tool for many Heaven Agents. They can benefit from the manifestations themselves as well as send them to others who are in need. 


A good example of this is the Anti-Trauma Recording which manifests Anti-Trauma Energies around the person playing the recording that help them to recover from any trauma they have experienced in their current life or from previous lifetimes.  It also, simultaneously can work with another population somewhere else in the world.  I can generally send the energies to two locations at one time when a Manifestation Recording is being played. The Heaven Agent just has to ask me on the Inner Plane to send the energies where they would like them to go and the manifestations will appear there on the Inner Plane.


I often prescribe a Manifestation Recording as a kind of Intervention for people dealing with a problem in their life.  The recording manifests the miracles and energies and Source Communications that they need to deal with this problem.  It also manifests the Heaven Energies that bring in the Heaven that is to take the place of the problem.


I also create Manifestation Recordings for people who are not addressing a problem but who just want to experience Heaven in their lives.  The manifestation could be a general Heaven Medium such as a Bliss or Love Medium.  When you relax into this Medium you become a part of the Medium and then begin to feel imbued with the Bliss or the Love.  Or the recording might manifest an Inner Plane Miracle Tool such as a Pillar of Light that you enter in your Spiritual Energy Body.  It then lifts you like an elevator to a higher level of vibration on the Spiritual Level of Reality where you can get away from the strident energies of the world around you and enter into the peaceful, loving energies of the Source. 


There are also recordings for people who have a particular Build Heaven Project going such as building the Heaven of a Made in Heaven Relationship or a Made in Heaven Business.  They would like manifestations that help them to bring Heaven through in these projects.


Just as Manifestation Recordings can help people At-a-Distance from the location where they are being played, they can also help anyone in the vicinity of the recording.  People have reported a very calming and relaxing energy that has helped fretful children to get to sleep and which attracts animals to sit near the place where the recording is being played. 


The Correct Exchange for a Manifestation Recording depends on the power of the recording.  Generally they range from $200 - $600 but some can require a greater Correct Exchange if I am working more intensely with a group of people or the problem requires a more powerful manifestation to effect the desired result.  

Types of Manifestation Recordings

There are several different kinds of Manifestation Recordings:

Heaven Medium Recordings

These recordings manifest an Energy Medium such as a Source Love Medium, a Financial Abundance Medium, a Learning Medium, a Relaxation Medium, etc.  Almost any kind of Heaven Medium can be manifested from a recording of this kind. Creating these Heaven Mediums is an important part of building Heaven in your own life and building Heaven in the world.  For instance, if you send a Peace Medium into a war zone, it can help those traumatized by the war to recover and begin to Think Peace instead of War.


Heaven Mediums are an important Miracle Tool for Spiritual Activist Work in the world since they help all who are able to be in the Medium.


Source Communication Recordings

Since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, ongoing Source Guidance on the Inner Plane does not occur unless there a being has provided the Material Energy for the miracle of such a communication to be sent.  While my Source Function sends out general communications to all beings throughout the Creation this is not at all like the moment-to-moment individualized coaching and support that my Source Function used to provide for every being.


In the absence of this intense, personalize support, the consciousness of the Suits has become more confused and more easily caught up in the Pathways of Consciousness created by the Negativity that try to lead it into self-destructive behaviors that lower their vibration and make them easy prey for their harvesting operations.


In order to bridge the gap, I have created Source Communication Recordings that give Suits precise, personalized Inner Plane Communications about what is happening in their 16 levels of consciousness and what they need to do to correct course so their consciousness is traveling along the Pathways created by the Source instead of by the Negativity.


This kind of Source Communication is recorded in an Energy Imprint which is then played for the person, group of people, animal, etc. for which it was intended.  The Communication manifests wherever it is needed.


For example, parents may be troubled by what their children are learning from their peers at school and find that it is difficult to prevent their children from rebelling and going with the gang mentality that often develops in the adolescent years.  A Source Communication Recording played in the house when the children are home, can help them to get a Source Perspective on their lives and understand the tricks of the Negativity playing out in their social groups and help them to become forewarned and capable of making a better decision about drugs, sex, violence, or whatever is happening in these adolescent groups.  


This Inner Plane Communication will be effective in reaching the unconscious levels of the Suit and helping it to sort through the decisions that it is making at these levels that prompt Conscious Range decision making that in children can be very impulsive – springing from the decisions that have been made at an unconscious level.


This kind of support for parents from the Source is very important because many of the issues that shape a life never surface into the Conscious Range of a Suit and will not even be voiced in a secular psychotherapy session.  They reside underground in the layers of the unconscious mind that have content on them that dates back billions of lifetimes, referencing value systems and belief systems that have nothing to do with the current lifetime.  Trying to sort through this kind of labrinth is not possible even with years of analysis.  The Source simply cuts through all of that and addresses the fragments of consciousness that are causing the problem and helps them to evolve or get out of the picture so the life can get back on track with manifesting the Heaven of true happiness.


Source Communication Recordings are available for any issue for any individual, group, community, cause, etc. They are effective forms of Source Support because the Source cuts right through to the core issues and helps the consciousness of the Suit that is having the problem work through the problem or release and be gone from the Suit if what it is is a mutated form of consciousness that can’t evolve.


Code Activation Recordings

Code Activation Recordings activate Primary Code for a particular understanding and accelerate the germination process so the Code produces a Prototype which then blossoms and produces the first generation of Seeds.  From these Seeds come the Secondary Code that is the Seeds of Understanding.  


The Secondary Code generates Action Code which gives people the level of understanding that enables them to immediately take action in accordance with the Code.  It also produces Mentoring Code which mentors the person receiving the Code so they come to a full range of understanding of how to Live Heaven in accordance with the Code.  The Code is then given to those who have been mentored so that they can carry the Code to others and mentor others.


Code Activation Recordings have triggered massive social change in the world already by providing populations with the Code that the Suits need to conceive of a way out of their current troubles and an understanding of how to work with the Source to make the changes that are needed.


Rather than social change happening as the result of winning people over to a shared ideology, it happens through providing the Suits with the Code that they need to have an alternative to the Pseudo Codes they are living with that are causing their suffering.


The Suits still have to choose to work with the Source-Given Codes rather than to continue on with Pseudo Code, but if they want a way out of the suffering in their lives, the gift of Source Code is the kind of Source Support that enables them to begin living in a way that is conducive to true happiness.


Codes can be created that help people overthrow oppression, transcend bigotry and hate, stand up for the Soul that they are, bring reality into focus, counteract the Negativity, etc.


The best way to work with Code Activation Recordings is to tell me what you are trying to achieve and I will see what kind of Code Activation Recording will work best for your situation


Programmed Event Recording

There are two kinds of Programmed Events that my Source Function has created:

  • There are the Programmed Events for a World that Works that were given to the Creation which is now a Completed Miracle Tool with full Code. These Programmed Events play out the Source-Created Life of the Creation which is to be the manifestation of Source-Created Perfection in the world.
  • There are Programmed Events for a Life that Works that an individual can request when they receive their full range of Individual Code when they get a Life Code Intervention.  These Programmed Events play out their individual Source-Created Life that manifests the Perfection that they can become and experience in their life.  It is the replacement of the Code that was lost when the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed, destroying the individual Life Code that gave every being a Made in Heaven Life. 


Programmed Events do not constrain Suits to go with the Spiritual Structures that are manifested for the event.  These Spiritual Structures are Spiritual Pathways along which their consciousness can travel to have the Heaven experiences that occur when these Pathways are traveled. The Spiritual Pathways are a supportive structure for the Suit to enable the Suit to be in the right place at the right time where all of the resources are being provided so the quality of life as Heaven can be experienced.  


In the Prototype Communities they love the Programmed Events that the Source has created for them because it is a daily adventure in which they delight and it frees them from straining to try to create good times and wonderful events and meaningful interactions.  It is all Source-Created and they just have to travel the Pathways and participate in the Heaven Experiences as they are manifesting.


Training in how to travel the Spiritual Pathways is what is given in a Programmed Event Recording.  The Recording carries Inner Plane Source Communications that provide the training as well as practice sessions that trigger in the Suit the understanding of how to travel the Pathways.  Most of the work is subliminal since it is training for the unconscious levels of the Suit which are the levels that might block the work and go in the wrong direction into a Spiritual Pathway created by the Negativity if they didn’t receive proper training to travel only in Source-Created Pathways.


With this training Heaven Agents can benefit from the Universal Pathways for a World that Works and, if they have Life Code, Individual Pathways for a Life that Works.


The Miracle Tool of the Creation is a Completed Miracle Tool with full Code and a full range of Programmed Events for manifesting a World that Works. These Programmed Events structure the lives of every Suit living within the sphere of the Creation.


Learning how to allow your Consciousness to flow through the Spiritual Pathways of Consciousness created by the structure of Programmed Events, enables your Suit to benefit from this kind of Source Support to stay on track with manifesting Heaven in its life and in the world.


If you have secured Life Code for your Suit, then Programmed Event Recordings can help your Suit learn how to move along the Spiritual Pathways of your individualized Made in Heaven Life which will be in keeping with the Spiritual Pathways of the Made in Heaven World of the Creation.


In these recordings I communicate to the 16 levels of Consciousness in the Suit the nature of the Programmed Event that I have created for them and how to follow along the Pathways of Consciousness that have been created for these events.  These recordings provide Suits with the training that they need in order to work with Programmed Events most effectively.


How to Request a Manifestation Recording

The Correct Exchange for a Manifestation Recording varies according to who the recording is for – for one person or for a whole community, the complexity of the recording which depends on the situation being addressed.  In general these recordings start at $280 and go up from there depending on what kind of Manifestation is needed and how much Material Energy is needed to ground the miracle of this Manifestation.


It is best to fill out the form below explaining:

  • what kind of recording you think you would like of the four types I have described above
  • the outcome you are seeking to achieve
    • are you trying to solve a problem and if so, what is the nature of the problem
    • are you trying to manifest an aspect of Heaven in your life, and if so, what is the kind of Heaven you are seeking
    • who is the manifestation for – how many people and where are they located.  One recording can usually only manifest in two locations
    • is the requested Manifestation part of a particular project you are working on such as working on building a love-based marriage, economic prosperity, good health, or peace in the world, stopping discrimination or abuse, etc. 



Most of the Manifestation Recordings combine a little of all three types described above – they solve problems, enhance the Source Connection, and help you to build Heaven in your life.  But if what you have in mind fits one category more than another, let me know.


If you are uncertain exactly what kind of recording you want, just tell me about your situation and I will see what kind of Manifestation Recording is possible for you.


Give as much detail and information on your circumstances as you can.  It helps me to bring your situation into focus more readily. 


I'll email you to let you know what kind of Manifestation Recording I can create for you – what it can do and what the Correct Exchange is for this recording.  You can then  complete the Financial Exchange and I will send you a link for the recording which you can download to your computer and burn to a CD.  You can then choose to play it from your computer, the CD, a Media Card, or a Multi-Media Player.  You can also make copies of it to use in different locations such as your office, your residence, and your car.



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