The Miracle-Friendly Meter


You are a Miracle that only thrives in a Miracle-Friendly Environment. This is a high vibrational energy field that is receptive to the energies sent to you by the Source.


Everything that you need in order to have the kind of life that goes with you, is made from miracles.  These miracles also require a Miracle-Friendly Environment.


The world we live in has devolved into a very Miracle Un-Friendly Environment that causes the diseases of the mind, body, and spirit.  It is like a poisonous environment for the miracle that you are.  It also is an environment into which the Source can’t send the miracles that you need to have a life that is Heaven.


The only solution to this problem is to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment that you need in order to be healthy and to receive the miracles that bring you the Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment which is the Heaven that is natural to you.


The Miracle-Friendly Meter was created by the Source to give you a practical tool that will enable you to accurately assess whether what you are testing is generating the energies needed for a Miracle-Friendly Environment.  For instance, you can ask the Miracle-Friendly Meter to give you a reading on a cultural tradition, an event, a family dynamic, an object, a place, or a thought process or behavior pattern.


If the Meter reads at a 10, then whatever you are testing is producing energies that generate a Miracle-Friendly Environment.  Anything below a 10 is producing energies that generate a Miracle Un-Friendly  Environment.  Something that is producing a 9 is only slightly Miracle Un-Friendly but something producing a 1 is extremely Miracle Un-Friendly.


The First Step to creating a Miracle-Friendly Environment is to assess the Energy Environment being currently produced.  This is where the Miracle-Friendly Meter can help you.


The Second Step is to follow Source Guidance to correct for whatever in the cultural tradition, thought process, place, etc. is generating energies that are Miracle Un-Friendly.  


When I gave the Prototype Communities Miracle-Friendly Meters, they were empowered to know for themselves what in their way of life had to go if they were to have the miracles that would make their life Heaven. 


At first they were appalled at how much in their way of life needed to change.  But once they began making some changes and saw the amazing miracles that could then come through and felt the difference in their own peace and well-being from being in a Miracle-Friendly Environment, they were completely dedicated to building a Miracle-Friendly Environment in every aspect of their lives. 


I helped them to see what changes needed to be made, but they themselves wanted to oust anything and everything that was causing them suffering.  They no longer could be deluded into thinking that things that were harmful to them and generating an Miracle Un-Friendly Field in which they were sickening and dying, were fun to have or retain in their lives.  They could understand the Spiritual Science of energy and were able to rapidly edit out of their lives the things that deprived them of true happiness.


In our modern times, I have created a different, more updated kind of Miracle-Friendly Meter.  If you would like to work with this Inner Plane Miracle Tool, you can request it using the link below.  


Keep in mind that if you are completely unskilled in working with Inner Plane Miracle Tools, you might not at first be able to see your Miracle-Friendly Meter and know what it is reading. 


It is best to sit quietly and ask about a particular item that you are testing and then see if you see a number from 1 - 10 that represents the reading from the Meter.  For those who are less visual, they may have a feeling of a number rather than seeing it in a graphic of some sort. 


If you are uncertain whether you are reading the Meter correctly, then get some training in working with Miracle Tools through participating in the work of The Miracle School.  This is where I can coach you to develop your spiritual senses to work with the miracles of Heaven. You will need this training in any event to work with the miracles that will start coming into the Miracle-Friendly Environment that you create.


The Correct Exchange for the Miracle-Friendly Meter is US$75.  The Correct Exchange is the amount of Material Energy that you need to provide so the Gift of the miracle can reach you at the Spiritual Level at which you reside.  For more information on the Correct Exchange you can read the article entitled:  "The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange"





The Miracle-Friendly Meter is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.


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