The Source Connection
Cookware Set

The Miracle Food Cookware Set Enhanced By
The Source Connection Miracle


NOTE: The Source Connection Cookware Set has added onto the Spiritual Technology of The Miracle Food Cookware Set a link to The Source Connection Miracle.  This Miracle Link enables the cookware set to generate Source Connection Intelligence which wards off the Energy Toxins in food and builds a strong Source Connection Field around the food that helps those eating the food to strengthen their Source Connection.



At the heart of Made in Heaven Abundance is Perfect Health. Until you enjoy having a Suit that doesn’t suffer from ill health, you can’t fully enjoy any other form of abundance.


The key to Perfect Health is maintaining the miracle of your Suit at Spiritual and Physical levels within the highest range of Miracle-Friendly Energies. Miracle-Friendly Energies are energies that are conducive to the health of your Suit. 


In Miracle Un-Friendly Energies, your Suit can’t flourish and  suffers from diseases and aging.


The Negativity has worked overtime trying to introduce into the food consumption process the lowest energies that generate the most Miracle Un-Friendly conditions in which food can be prepared and consumed.


To counteract this kind of negativity, I have created a Miracle Link that can be linked to a set of 8 pans/pots of any cookware set to transform them into Miracle-Friendly Cookware. When food is cooked in this top level Miracle-Friendly Energies, it is like a Fertile Field of Heaven into which my Source Function can bring in the miracles for which a person has exchanged by their work as a Heaven Agent. When the miracles come into the food prepared in the Miracle-Friendly Cookware, the food is transformed into Miracle Food.


The two basic miracles that come into the food through the Correct Exchange for the Miracle Link for the Cookware Set are:

  • a miracle that transitions the food to the Source Light Level and
  • a miracle that activates the Source Light Level of Spiritual Intelligence in the Suit so it can read the food at this level.


When anything that is currently manifest is created, it is created first from Source Light. Then it is transitioned into Sound, into White Light and then into the colors of the Spectrum. From these an olfactory component is added and it becomes fully perceptible to our five senses.


Because of the activities of the Negativity, most of the foods that we eat are highly mutated at a Sound Level. When food that has mutated Sound hits the delicate Spiritual Intelligence System of our Suit, the Suit can’t process the information.


The Intelligence System of the Suit is like someone listening to a record that is playing on too slow of a speed which causes the sound to be distorted. The Suit tries to relate to the food as best it can by assessing its chemical composition and sending forth whatever digestive enzymes it believes to be appropriate, but the mutated sound produced by the food as it goes through the digestive system causes a disruption in the intelligence of the system as a whole. This disruption in sensitive people can cause an allergic reaction which is really, on a Spiritual Level, a fear response to the invasion of the body by something that is mutated and unrecognizable as a substance that should be there and which is good for the body to ingest.


Genetic Engineering that has altered the biological genetic code of vegetables and fruits, has also altered the Spiritual Genetic Code of these species. This creates an even more intense Sound Mutation which can be very disruptive to the spiritual health of the body even if an allergic reaction does not occur. As the body ages, such disruptions become more problematic until the body becomes very poor at responding to food intake intelligently. This leads to one of the major causes of the disease of aging, which is malnutrition through the failure of the body to register and respond appropriately to the food that is ingested.


The only solution to this cacophony of mutated Sound is for the food to transition back to the Source Light Level where it sends out perfected signals to the part of the Suit that is also made from Source Light and can respond correctly to it.


Once smooth and perfect communication between the energies of the food and the Intelligence of the Suit is set up, the Spiritual Intelligence System of the Suit is able to calculate how to respond to the food and process it correctly at a Spiritual Level. When the energies of the food are dealt with appropriately, the biological processes of digestion will begin to mirror the spiritual processes and balance in the system as a whole can occur.


While the Source Light Miracles work only with the Spiritual Energy Body, the Spiritual Energy Body affects the Physical Body.


If a Heaven Agent is working to support the work of the Source, then other kinds of miracles can land in the food as well. The Miracle-Friendly Food becomes the Fertile Field of Heaven into which miracles needed for Perfect Health can land. As with any exchange with the Source, Heaven Agents have to provide the Material Energy for miracles to ground at their level. Creating the Miracle-Friendly Field is the first step but exchanging for the specific miracles needed is also needed.


In the case of Miracle Food, the general work of a Heaven Agent will provide the Correct Exchange for most of the miracles that can land in food. If some extraordinary miracle is required, then either a financial exchange or work on a Prototype Project is required to balance the exchange for this kind of miracle.  For further information on how to generate the energies of a Correct Exchange, you can read the article I have written entitled: "The Alchemy of Correct Exchange".


Exchanging for a Cookware Set versus a single pan

While it is possible to exchange for just one pan that is linked to the Miracle, this is not as powerful as exchanging for a Miracle Link for a set of 8 pans.


When a set of 8 pans has the Miracle Link an additional miracle is born. This is the miracle of a “Safe Zone” which is created in the location in which the pans are being used. A “Safe Zone” is one that is protected so that the power of the Cookware Set can start to transform everything and everyone in the location into Miracle-Friendly objects and beings. Since the goal is to have a Miracle-Friendly World which is safe for all of the miracles that the Source has created which lie latent within all forms of matter, the Cookware Set helps you to achieve this goal.


Through investing in creating a Safe Zone that can help others, you generate Level 13 Material Energy which enables the Source to generate higher grade Miracle Power which then is used to land more miracles in your Miracle-Friendly Food.


Through giving the gift of Miracle Food to others, you generate Level 13 Material Energies that are needed for a more complete Correct Exchange. This means that the Source can use these energies to generate more Miracle Power for you.


The Correct Exchange for a Cookware Set with a Miracle Link for 8 pans is: US$320.

The Correct Exchange for a single pan is US$40.


Note: Even a single pan will eventually help to transition your other pans to a higher Miracle-Friendly Level. It may take some time, however and the single pan can’t create a Safe Zone for your house. For those for whom a single pan is the right choice, economically, it is an important first step toward Perfect Health for themselves and all those who eat the food that they prepare.







The Source Connection Cookware Set is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool.

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