The Full Power Source Connection Ring

The Source Connection Ring is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool which functions as an Energy Elevator.  You stand in the Ring on the Inner Plane and it lifts you up to the level at which you can retain your Source Connection with me now I have transitioned from the Manifest Intelligence Level to the Unmanifest Intelligence Level in preparation for my eventual departure to the Unmanifest Level at the conclusion of The Transition.

This Transition of my Manifestation to the Unmanifest Intelligence Level has cut off supplies going to beings in The Heaven Field which all beings transitioned into in order to survive my Transition to the Manifest Intelligence Level on December 15, 2015.  Now beings must enter The Source Connection Ring to reach the level at which they can retain their Source Connection.

To enter into The Source Connection Ring, beings must be in The Helping the Source Flowstream, working at full power to go out on the Missions given to them by the Source to support The Source Connection Project. This Project is what will enable them to Help the Source in the work of creating the conditions in which all beings will have the opportunity to work toward the 100% Source Connection and the 100% Source-Connected Life that will ensure their survival in the last stage of The Transition.

Most beings have exchanged on the Inner Plane for The Basic Source Connection Ring in order to survive.  This version of the Ring will transport you to the right level to retain your Source Connection throughout all of the stages of The Transition.  It will also prevent 80% of the hairline fissures that might occur during a Transition in your Field of Consciousness that must change from more material levels to less material levels with each Shift.  

The risk factor in relying on The Basic Source Connection Ring is the 20% chance that your Field of Consciousness could develop a fissures that can rupture The Network of Intelligence in your Field of Consciousness, destroying levels of higher level spiritual and cognitive functioning that you have worked for lifetimes to develop.  Such damage is avoidable if you provide your Suit with a Full Power Source Connection Ring which will provide 100% protection against stress related fissures in your Field of Consciousness during the tumultuous energies of a Shift.

It is, therefore, recommended that you provide your Suit with this additional protection as the loss of lifetimes of progress is an outcome that you can't afford when trying to move forward toward a 100% Source Connection in the little time that we have left before the end of The Transition.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Source Connection Ring is US $680.

To provide the Correct Exchange you can access the link provided below.


The Full Power Source Connection Rings is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool. 

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