Field of Consciousness Equipment


The Field of Consciousness Equipment works as a System with The Heaven Experience Disc that beams in The Heaven Experience Opportunity.


The Resonating Field

The Resonating Field is a Perfected Field of Consciousness that takes a Joy Charge from the Universal Perfected Field of Consciousness and activates the grid of the Field with Joy.  It then is prepared to receive the download from The Heaven Experience Disc to the Field.


It processes this download and then sends a Joy Charge back to the Universal Field of Consciousness which then proceeds with the Joy Activation that manifests a Heaven Happening.


When a Heaven Agent has cleared the Individual Field of Consciousness, the Resonating Field is no longer needed to receive the Heaven Experience Opportunity downloads for the Heaven Agent from The Heaven Experience Disc. These downloads then go directly to the Auxiliary Field of Consciousness. The Resonating Field is then available to work to manifest Heaven Happenings for others. 


It is from these Heaven Happenings that Love-Based Family Relationships and Work Relationships can be manifested as well as Love-Based Relationships in the Global and Universal Communities. These Heaven Happenings are what make it possible to build a Love-Based Community.  


The Auxiliary Field

The Auxiliary Field of Consciousness gives the Heaven Agent a Perfected Field of Consciousness and Perfected Heaven Agent Identity until their original Field of Consciousness can be cleared up from the Hell Consciousness that it has been running and they can develop a Heaven Agent Identity in this Field. 


What this means is that a Perfected Heaven Agent Identity is working on your behalf, helping your Consciousness, that is still experiencing what is in your Individual Field of Consciousness, to evolve more rapidly. Eventually this Perfected Heaven Agent Identity will manifest on your Individual Field of Consciousness and you will experience life in an Integrated Way that is always Source-Connected.


Once the Individual Field of Consciousness has been cleared, the Auxiliary Field amplifies the signal of The Heaven Experience to enable the Individual Field to process it with maximum power.

The Heaven Experience System

Setting up The Resonating Field and the Auxiliary Field, coordinating them with the Perfected Universal Field of Consciousness, The Heaven Experience Disc, the Miracle Ring, and with the Miracle Landing Zone that is created by the Miracle Ring for the Heaven Happenings requires creating a Heaven Experience System.  The creation of this System is what requires the most extensive work.


The Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy required for The Resonating Field of Consciousness, the Auxiliary Field of Consciousness and the creation of The Heaven Experience System is US $4600.





Field of Consciousness Equipment is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.


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