Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work

Direct and Miracle-Linked Source Connections


This form of At-a-Distance Work includes as-needed Source Support manifesting Directly or through Miracle Links to objects, places, music, and events.


With this kind of monthly At-a-Distance Support, your Suit can experience the Source manifesting in your life to help you in the moment in whatever way is most strategic to your Next Step in the Developmental Sequences of your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


The key concept behind Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work is that your Suit needs to be re-socialized to live an Integrated Life.  It has been socialized, through people interacting with it through all of its senses on the Inner and Outer Plane, to live a Fragmented Way of Life.  To counter this, your Suit needs to experience, through all of its senses, what it is like to live an Integrated Life that is of Heaven.


While abstract At-a-Distance Work can effect miracles of transformation that are needed by your Suit, your Suit also needs to experience the presence of the Source and the energies of Heaven that the Source produces through the music that it hears, through the objects that it touches, through the places that it exists in, and through the events of its life.  It needs this kind of tangible connection to the Source to grasp the incredible beauty and richness of an Integrated, Source-Connected Way of Life.  It needs to feel the presence of the Source in its life in order to learn the delicate art of Communion with the Source which often requires some engagement of its senses in the early stages of learning how to Commune.  

Holding an object that directly connects you to the energy of the Source and to the love of the Source is more riveting than tracking the Source only in your meditations on the Inner Plane.  Listening to music that floods you with the Sounds of the Source is more tangible than tracking the subtle level of the Source Presence in your life on the Inner Plane.


Through Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work, it is possible now to provide your Suit with Source interactions that reach all of its senses and re-attune them to the Heaven of the Source Connection in the midst of its daily life.  Only through this resocialization process can it recover from its fixations and addictions to the 2-Dimensional, loveless, and Sourceless world that it has grown accustomed to in the Story World.


While the process of reawakening the Spiritual Senses and re-attuning them to the experience of being with the Source and Communing with the Source in the midst of daily activities, is a learning process in and of itself, it is the way in which the Consciousness in the Suit finally crosses out of the Fragmented Picture of Reality that it has been socialized to accept into the Integrated Picture of Reality that enables it to experience Heaven.


Given the necessity of transitioning into an Integrated Way of Life before the August 8th Vibrational Shift, Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work has been created to provide the Suit with the kind of individualized Source Care that it will need to re-experience its Connection to the Source and begin understanding through all of its senses, what it is to live an Integrated Life that is Source-Centered.


This work includes:

Direct Source Work

Unlinked Source Interventions as needed.  These Source Interventions provide as much Source Support as can be grounded by the amount of Material Energy that is provided for the monthly At-a-Distance Work.  They differ from the major Source Interventions described online that require a more extensive Correct Exchange to ground.

Inner Plane Sessions where the Source coaches different levels of consciousness in your Suit to get them to understand how to cooperate with the healing process.  They must still make the decision to change, but often the stumbling blocks that prevent a Suit from progressing lie in unconscious levels that are holding onto erroneous understandings, fears, angers, etc. that need to be addressed and resolved.  

Because addressing these issues in the Conscious Range is time consuming and often unproductive since the conscious mind may not share the same perspective as a Fragment in the unconscious mind, Session Work on the Inner Plane has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way to enable all of the aspects of consciousness to progress in the time that they need to evolve to keep up with the Developmental Sequence of Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


Miracle-Linked Source Connection Work

This includes Source Connection Miracle Links manifesting through Inner and Outer Plane  music, objects, places, events or sequence of events.  


Some of the Miracle Links manifest through all of these modalities simultaneously when needed. For instance, the event you are engaged in, the place, key objects in the place, and the music being played at the time could all become Miracle-Linked to bring through the kind of Source Connection that is needed at that time.  Others manifest through a single modality such as music.

The Correct Exchange

Personal Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work

The Baseline Plan for Monthly Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work

The minimal amount of Material Energy needed for the Source to work through all of these modalities is US $700/month. Note: Since calendar months do not have the same number of days, for the purpose of this calculation of Correct Exchange, a "month" is defined as 4 weeks or 28 days. 


The $700/month provides a substantial amount of individualized Source Care that is strategically delivered as needed.  It is a way to receive individualized Source Support in a more economical way than work in Private Consultations where this amount of Material Energy would cover less than a 2 hour Consultation.





Additional Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work

If you wish to have more extensive work done in a month, you can fill out the form for your Life that Works Fund, entering the amount that you would like to provide for this work. Enter into the Comments Box in the financial exchange form the purpose for which you would like the funds to be used.


To access the Life that Works Fund you click on the link below.





Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work for a World that Works

When Heaven Agents team up with the Source to provide this kind of Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work for the Global Community, the amount of Material Energy provided is used by the Source to stage Source Connection Links wherever they are most needed.


Through the use of this grounded and extensive form of At-a-Distance Work, whole communities can be given the opportunity to experience the Source Connection and to open to the Source Support that will save their lives and enable them to join in the work of building a Love-Based Global Community.  


To contribute to The World that Works Fund for Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work for the Global Community, you can fill out the form below.  If you are contributing more than $4000, you can email me for instructions for how to proceed.



Comprehensive At-a-Distance Work is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 

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