Comfort Shoes


Once you have achieved Baseline Integrated Comfort and have had your Comfort Dial reset to Rest and Regeneration, you are ready to begin suffusing every aspect of your Suit with Comfort Energies.  While The Comfort Blanket specializes in suffusing your Energy Field outside of your Suit with Comfort Energies, it does not suffuse your Suit with Comfort Energies.  


What it takes to infuse your Suit with a steady stream of Comfort Energies so that it can attain a full state of Integrated Comfort, is another Miracle Tool.  This Miracle Tool is Comfort Shoes.  Comfort Shoes create a column of Comfort Energies that surrounds your body and goes with you wherever you go, providing your Suit with the steady supply of Comfort Energies that it needs to drive out the levels of Distress Energies in the Suit and replace then with the Comfort Energies that enable your Suit to begin to experience deepening levels of Integrated Comfort at mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.


When I create Comfort Shoes for you, I send the Code to one pair of your shoes and these shoes ground the Code.  Once the Code is grounded, you don’t have to wear this particular pair of shoes to be in the Channel of Comfort Energies that they create. This channel, once created, will engulf your Suit and continue to surround you no matter what pair of shoes you are wearing or whether or not you are even wearing a pair of shoes.


Comfort Shoes like The Comfort Blanket can function at two levels of power:  

  • At a Basic Power Level they can generate The Comfort Channel that suffuses your Suit with Comfort Energies 24/7.
  • At Full Power they can create The Comfort Channel and transport you on the Inner Plane to Safe Zones and to Miracle-Based Adventure locations.


Full Power Comfort Shoes

Tranport to Safe Zones

The Comfort Shoes can transport you on the Inner Plane to Safe Zones, outside of the entrapping Negative Spiritual Structures that the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane – has created to keep Suits from escaping from the distress that breaks them down for easy Harvesting. The Negativity doesn’t like Suits to achieve Integrated Comfort because then they become more Spiritually Integrated and are less likely to fall prey to their Harvesting Operation. The Negativity lives off of the Distress Energies that the Suit produces. These low vibrational Distress Energies are the only energies the Negativity can Harvest. When a Suit is suffused with Comfort Energies, these high vibrational, Integrated Energies make the Suit unavailable to any Harvesting Operation. 


Since most Suits have been traveling from life to life in layers of encapsulating energies that slow them down vibrationally for Harvesting by the Negativity, Comfort Shoes are useful in breaking them out of these levels of spiritual imprisonment so they can finally live in a clear energy space that removes the intense levels of fear that the Natural Suit feels when it is caught in these concentric Energy Traps. This fear creates the Distress Energies that the Suit has to continually work to clear to avoid dropping vibrationally into deeper levels of entrapment.


Even those entering into The Miracle Reality may still be caught in these concentric Energy Traps even though they are safe from the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity that can't enter into The Miracle Reality.  The ability of Full Power Comfort Shoes to break your Suit free from these and any other layers of entrapping energies, is a great help on your Path to Integrated Comfort.


Transport to Inner Plane Miracle-Based Adventures

Comfort Shoes can also transport you to places on the Inner Plane where you can go on Miracle-Based Adventures to create the conditions in which you can experience Integrated Comfort in your life and in your world.  The ability to zip into any place no matter how distant on the Inner Plane so you are there in the right time to embark on a Miracle-Based Adventure is a great asset to you in doing your work as a Heaven Agent.  


Not only are these Adventure important to building the conditions for Integrated Comfort but they enable you to have an opportunity to generate the Material Energy that grounds the miracles for your Miracle-Based Life.  Without these opportunities to ground miracles through an Energy Exchange generated by your good work as a Heaven Agent, you would have to exchange financially for all of the miracles that make up a Miracle-Based Life.  Since this is not feasible on a financial level, it is important to avail yourself of the opportunity to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" through participating in these Miracle-Based Adventures.


Since most of these Adventures occur through your Extended Range, which is generally outside of your conscious awareness, you don't have to be highly trained to do your part as long as you request to "become what is needed" and have the Comfort Shoes that carry you to the location for the Adventure.  While trained Heaven Agent Work generates many times more Material Energy than untrained Heaven Agent Work, many Heaven Agents have been providing good Material Energy for their Miracle-Based Life through simply "becoming what is needed" while they endeavor to become more conscious of the work in their Extended Range and more capable of producing good Heaven Agent Work in their Conscious Range.


Correct Exchange

Basic Code for Comfort Shoes

Basic Code gives you a lifetime of The Comfort Channel which surrounds your Suit and supplies it with an ongoing stream of Comfort Energies.


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of the Basic Code for Comfort Shoes is US $110.


Full Power Code for Comfort Shoes

Full Power Code gives you the Code for The Comfort Channel and for Transport to Inner Plane Safe Zones and to the location of Miracle-Based Adventures.


The Correct Exchange for Full Power Comfort Shoes is an additional $1,140 for a total of $1250.



To request Comfort Shoes with the Basic Code for The Comfort Channel you can access the link below.





To request Full Power Comfort Shoes, you can access the link provided below.




Comfort Shoes are part of The Perfect Health Project and are a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 

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