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Source-Directed Activism Materials
Provided by The World that Works Fund 



All of the miracles needed for any Miracle-Based Training require Material Energy to come into your life and world.  For a full understanding, you can reference information in the article: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World.  


The miracles that are in most Miracle-Based Training Materials are Spiritual Code that your Suit can elect to receive while working with the article, video, audio, or graphic that contains this Code. Your Suit will automatically take in the Code and understand how to work with it to grasp the essential nature of the Source Communication.  


The World that Works Fund contributes the Material Energy for Gifted Training Materials at a very introductory level. Source-Directed Activists contribute to this Fund through the Material Energy that they generate the natural way through their Activist Work.



Gifted Source-Directed Activism
Materials Provided by
The World that Works Fund

Information in The Source News Hub on:

What's Happening in The Work of the Source

What's New on the Website

Source Reflections on Life as as It Is and Life as it Can Be 

Information in The Source Solution Miracle Hub on Source Solution Miracles 

Information in The Build Heaven Project Hub on Building Heaven in Your Life and World  

Information in The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Hub on Getting Trained to Become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist 

Information in The Universal Community Hub where Heaven Agents from the Earth Plane and the Prototype Communities and The Second Creation share their experience in becoming Stewards of The Miracle of Life.

Information in The Source-Directed Activism Hub about how Source-Directed Activist support The Work of the Source.

Article: Working with the Website as a Miracle Tool 

The Introductory Total Abundance Training

Articles about The Work of the Source 

Source-Directed Activism Trainings
Provided for Connecting by
The Universal Heaven Agent Network 


A gifted membership in Connecting enables you to access a more advanced Introductory level of Source-Directed Activism Training Materials.  The Spiritual Code that is the miracle in these Trainings requires more Material Energy than the World that Works Fund Gifted Trainings.  For this reason, it takes a dedicated group of Heaven Agents – a term for Source-Directed Activists – to produce a greater quantity of Material Energy for these miracles.  The Universal Heaven Agent Network is the Core Group of skilled Heaven Agents that provides the Material Energy for all of the miracles in the Miracle-Based Training provided to members of Connecting. This includes emailed Source News Updates that also carry higher level Spiritual Code.


Access to Training Materials that contain this higher level of Spiritual Code requires requesting a gifted membership in Connecting.  Along with this membership, you will have the opportunity to set up a password so that you can access all of the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Materials listed below.


Signup for Connecting through accessing this link: Connecting Signup,