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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to learn about the Source-Directed Miracle-Based Training that is helping Source-Directed Activists to build the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.


The Source-Directed,
Miracle-Based Training Directory


About Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training


Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training was created by the Source to enable beings to learn how to build the Heaven of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is needed if they are to experience Life as the Heaven it was created to be and sustain their Source Connection, their Link to Life. 


This Training is now urgently needed because the Creation is in the midst of The Transition, the most massive Universal Spiritual Change since the beginning of the Creation.


Every Suit has an onboard Miracle that knows how to work with the Source to enable the Suit to retain its Source Connection.  Training in The Miracle School is Training for how to support the work of the Miracle so that the Suit retains its Link to Life and its ability to have a chance to experience Life as Heaven. 


For a full understanding of this kind of Training, you can reference the information in The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Project.



About The Directory 


The Two Types of Training 

In the Directory, I have divided up the Training into two categories:

  • At-a-Distance 
  • In-Person


At-a-Distance Training includes Inner Plane work such as Inner Plane Miracle-Based Coaching that reaches only the Extended Range of Consciousness of the Suit that is often outside of the conscious awareness of the Suit and Training that is a combination of Inner Plane and Outer Plane Work as when a Heaven Agent works with me in a Source Connection Center Online Station where they are actively engaged in their Conscious Range in interacting with the Source Communications and energies that I send through the Station while their Extended Range is also working with me on the Inner Plane.


In-Person Training includes only Outer Plane interactions where I am physically present and interacting with the Heaven Agent either remotely in a phone session, an online meeting, a webinar, or in The Source Connection Center in Seattle.  These interactions occur within the context of Outer Plane Miracle-Based Coaching.  There are five levels of this kind of coaching. Only on Levels 4 and 5 does a student enter into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program where they work extensively with me on a one-to-one basis.  After admission into a Coaching Program, individual and group Miracle-Based Coaching Sessions and Intensives can be scheduled.


Links to other Hubs

Miracle-Based Training occurs as Heaven Agents work with Source Solution Miracles and Build Heaven Projects and learn from articles in The Source News Hub and in The Source Connection Station. Links to these Hubs are listed because they provide a more extensive listing of the Training that is possible through these modalities.


The Two Levels of Training

There are two levels of Miracle-Based Training. These are:

  • Gifted Miracle-Based Training at an Introductory Level
  • Miracle-Based Training that requires Material Energy from the student to ground the miracles called upon in the Training 


Many Source Workflow Trainings, including the Written Source Workflow Trainings that go with The Core Course, have a Gifted part of the Training and a Full Power part that provides more powerful and complex miracles that require more Material Energy to ground. The Gifted part is the miracle of Basic Spiritual Code. The Universal Heaven Agent Network provides the Material Energy needed for this level of Spiritual Code for members of Connecting.  The Full Power part of the Training that requires a Correct Exchange from the student is for the complex miracle of Full Power Spiritual/Seed Code. Students in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program are eligible for Full Power Code. 


How to Get Started

The first step is to request a Gifted Miracle-Based Training Assessment. I provide a Source Response by email.  We then work together to understand the unique path that the Source creates to enable the student to not only become a skilled Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist but to Build Heaven in their life and to achieve the Ultimate Sustainability that is needed to preserve their Source Connection in this time of The Transition. 


To request a Gifted Miracle-Based Training Assessment you can fill out the form below.  I will respond in keeping with the principles that govern all Miracle-Based Training. You can read about these principles in the article: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World and Miracle-Friendly/Miracle-Unfriendly Fields.




In-Person Miracle-Based Training

Introductory Information about Outer Plane Miracle-Based Coaching 

Miracle-Based Coaching 

How to Request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment

The Source Connection Coaching Program 


NOTE: There are no links in the section below because Sessions and Intensives are scheduled individually based on my one-on-one work with Heaven Agents who are eligible for Outer Plane Miracle-Based Coaching. The information provided below gives you some idea of the different modalities for this kind of work.


Miracle-Based Coaching for Individuals

Miracle-Based Coaching in Individual Sessions and Personal Intensives


Online Meetings

The Seattle Source Connection Center


Miracle-Based Coaching for Groups

Miracle-Based Coaching in Group Sessions and Intensives


The Seattle Source Connection Center