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What follows is a template that you can use to email your friends regarding The Source Connection Project.  Be sure to only use this email with people who you know.  It is important to not send it to email lists that you purchase as this will constitute spamming.

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The Template




(Enter a personal note from you suggesting that they read the message below from The Miracle School about the Source Connection.)







The Source Connection, which sustains your life and all of life in the Creation, is going through a massive Universal Transition.  You will need a 100% Source Connection to survive the changes during and after the Transition.


To find out more about what the Source has created to help you transition successfully, you can go to The Source Connection Project at: 

To find out about specific Miracle-Based Source Solutions to help you achieve a 100% Source Connection and build a 100% Source-Connected Life, you can go to The Miracle-Based Source Solution Hub at:


If you have any questions, you can contact me at:



Wishing you Heaven,


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. 

Director of The Miracle School


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