Integrated Comfort Adventures for Families


In order for a family to work together to create the conditions in which Integrated Comfort can be experienced by every member of the family, it is necessary to initiate an Integrated Comfort Adventure for the family.


Family dynamics often hinge on unseen causal forces that occur on the Inner Plane.  Often Spiritual Networks of control or resistance have been built on the Spiritual Level which constrain the thoughts and behaviors of family members. Some of these Networks have been passed down from one generation to another.  The Suits respond to these Networks even in cases where the family members are willing, at the conscious level, to find more constructive ways of interacting with one another.


Until these Spiritual Networks are cleared and replaced with Spiritual Structures that help family members to interact in positive ways, it is often hard to bring about any fundamental change in the family dynamics.


Integrated Comfort Adventures mobilize the energies of the family members to break these Negative Spiritual Networks and to move everyone into new Spiritual Pathways that enable them to have different, more constructive experiences with one another that contribute to the experience of Integrated Comfort in the family relationships.


Even in very happy, functional families, Integrated Comfort Adventures can take the family dynamic into a greater level of love and celebration of the time that they have together in this life.


Miracle-Based Adventures can be requested by a family member without all of the other family members consenting to the Adventure on the Outer Plane. The Miracle-Based Adventure will provide each member of the family with an opportunity to participate if they choose to do so.  Generally the Natural Suit will choose to participate because it sees the opportunity to achieve greater Integrated Comfort. The Culturally Conditioned aspect of the Suit may respond positively to the change toward greater Integrated Comfort that has occurred because of the participation of the Natural Suit in the Adventure.  In all cases, the Soul must be in alignment with the Adventure for the Source to gift it to a member of the family.  


Correct Exchange

Basic Integrated Comfort Adventure for a Family

The amount of Material Energy needed to clear the obstructive Negative Spiritual Networks that limit the ability to experience Integrated Comfort is US $450.


To request a Basic Integrated Comfort Adventure for a Family, you can access the link provided below.




Special Request Adventure for a Family

It is possible to request other kinds of Miracle-Based Adventures for Families that will help to build the Outer Plane conditions in which Integrated Comfort can be experienced by all family members.  To initiate an Adventure of this kind, it is necessary to request an Assessment.  Provide as much detail regarding your family situation and the outcome that you are seeking to achieve and I will respond with an Assessment of what kind of Miracle-Based Adventure is needed and the amount of Material Energy that will be needed to ground the Code and the Adventure Sequence.


To request the Assessment, that is a first step in initiating an Adventure of this sort, you can fill out the form that can be accessed by the link provided below.  Be sure to include as much detail about your family and what you wish to accomplish.




Integrated Comfort Adventure for the Community

While enhancing the quality of family life may be an objective for more functional families that seek Source Support on the Outer Plane, many families in the Global Community are so dysfunctional that there is no real effort being made on the Outer Plane to correct the distress that this dysfunctionality creates.  In cases of this kind, gifted Miracle-Based Adventures can provide a family with an experience of love and cooperation that can open the door to an evolution out of conflict and abuse toward a Love-Based Family Life.


Since the quality of a child's first experiences in the world, which occur in their family, is what shapes their personalities and the way that they will interact with others in the Community as adults, it is of the greatest importance to heal the family so that the Community can heal on every level.  Trying to provide services to deal with the victims of child sexual and physical abuse does not eliminate the family dynamics that continue to produce this distress in generation after generation.  


With the help of the Source and the miracle of Miracle-Based Adventures, it is possible to turn this situation around and give the next generation a better start in life that they can build on in their adult years.  In this way the Global Community will evolve toward the Love-Based Community that it needs to become if Integrated Comfort is to be experienced by every member of the Community.


To give funding to this work, you can make a contribution to The World that Works Fund through filling out the form that is provided below.  


You can provide any information you would like to give about the recipients you have in mind in the Comments Box that you will find as you process your contribution.


Note:  If you are giving a contribution that is greater than US $4500, you will need to email me for instructions on how to complete the financial exchange.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

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An Integrated Comfort Adventure for Families is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.


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