Distress Releasing Adventures

Distress Releasing Adventures work on your spiritual body to release the Distress Energies in it that prevent it from receiving the Comfort Energies that enable you to experience Integrated Comfort.


These Code-Activated Adventures release pockets of trapped energy and recirculate energies in your spiritual body.  This raises your vibration and increases your ability to run the energies of life that form the receptive medium into which Comfort Energies can come.


When you think of all of the trauma that is recorded in your spiritual body that has traveled with you from life to life, it is no wonder that you lack a sense of spiritual comfort.  Your spiritual body might still be in a state of shock and contraction from a violent death in a previous lifetime or harboring a volcano of rage or fear about a tragedy that occurred lifetimes ago. Until these energies can be released, the spiritual body can’t relax and unwind. This contracted and contorted energy state of the spiritual body transmits an imprint to the physical body.  Trying to relax the physical body when the spiritual body is injured and contracted is futile because the physical body reflects the state of the spiritual body.  The physical body may appear to be relaxed on the surface but at a deeper energetic level, it will mirror the distress of the spiritual body.


When going on a Distress Releasing Adventure it is best to retire to a secluded place where you will not be disturbed for several hours.  If you have a blanket to wrap up in and a glass of water and some meditative music, this will help with the Adventure.  These props will become Adventure Props as needed.  The water will be transformed into Comfort Water which is the most powerful transmitter of Comfort Energies to the spiritual body. Drinking a glass of Comfort Water during the Adventure is a powerful way to assist in the work.  The blanket will become a Stabilization Blanket that stabilizes your spiritual body as it releases old energies and receives new energies that are conducive to Integrated Comfort.  The music will impart clarity of purpose to you so you can stick with the healing process even if you encounter some of the content of past distress as it is being released from your body. 


It is important to choose music that does not contain lyrics that trigger certain thoughts and associations.  In this way you will be better able to release energies that come from many different kinds of life experiences rather than opening only to the ones that are triggered by the storyline in the lyrics of the music.  New Age meditative music works best.   John Adorney's music is not the best for this kind of an Adventure.  His music is best for Adventures that bring in Comfort Energies or build toward higher level experiences of Integrative Comfort.


It is important to remain calm and neutral and allow the trapped Distress Energy to release without getting into the content of whatever distress created this negative energy. Some freeform movement could help in parts of the releasing work and quiet moments may be needed for others.  It is best to allow your body to move naturally as you feel guided to move it.  In this way it will unkink itself and allow itself to release and expand and heal from whatever constrictions it has on the Inner and Outer Planes.  


It is important not to enforce regimens believed to be efficacious for releasing energy or engage in any mantras or other spiritual practices you might have used previously.  These Distress Releasing Adventures are Source-Guided and you need to attune to the Guidance of the Source on the Inner Plane rather than resorting to spiritual technologies that you might have used in the past.


If you are very spiritually aware during a Releasing Session, you may see images or feel physical sensations as the energy clears.  If you have not yet developed your Spiritual Senses, you may not understand the work that has been done but should begin to notice changes in your overall sense of well-being in the days and weeks ahead.  For someone combating serious depression and layers of anxiety, one Distress Releasing Session will not eradicate all of this build up of Distress Energies which generally links back to vats of Distress Energies from former lifetimes.  Each successive Distress Releasing Adventure will, however, free your Suit from more and more Distress Energies until you begin to feel an increase in your overall sense of comfort and well-being.


The Code that is sent to you by the Source for each Distress Releasing Adventure targets a particular kind of Distress that is next to be cleared.  This Code is capable of dissolving the Distress in your Suit or extracting it and dissolving it before it can create a toxic energy waste around you.  The usual process of clearing toxic energies through the chakra system and spine out to a Reclycing Chakra that hovers 6 inches above your head is not used in this Adventure.  Often deepseated Distress is too materialized to move through the Suit in this way and the Recylcing Chakra is not powerful enough to convert it back to neutral energy.  What is needed is the power of the specific Code that is given you for the Distress Releasing Adventure.


If you are on The Path to Integrated Comfort and have already received The Distress Releaser Miracle Tool, you can utilize this during a Distress Releasing Adventure of this sort.  The Distress Releaser is a foam Stress Relief Ball that is given the Code to enable you to release Distress Energy without creating a toxic brew within your Suit or outside of your Suit. The Miracle Tool is good for daily Distress Release of a basic sort but is not designed to tackle major Distress Release that requires a Guided Distress Releasing Adventure.  During a Guided Distress Releasing Adventure, The Distress Releaser will intensify the power of the release and enable you to clear more Distress Energy in a single session.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Code for a 2+ hour Distress Releasing Adventure is US $260.  


How to Request a Distress Releasing Adventure

To request a Distress Releasing Adventure, you can access the link provided below.




Distress Releasing Adventures for the Community

The build up of Distress Energies is what catalyzes wars, domestic violence, attacks on minorities and children, and the like.  Suits simply lack the ability to cope with Distress Energies effectively, particularly when Distress Energies generated by a current life circumstance network back to Distress Energies from former lifetimes.  The clout of Networked Distress Energies is what can drive a Community to erupt into a genocidal war or an individual to massacre innocent people in a public place.


The only way to deal effectively with Distress Energies is to get rid of them.  They produce dangerous Distress Currents which accelerate the Spiritual Disease of Fragmentation that Fragments Consciousness, disabling the ability of individuals to cope with reality.  A Fragmented Consciousness is a Consciousness that is divided within itself with one Fragment warring with another.  The behavior of the Suit then depends on which Fragment wins out.  If the Fragment that is violent wins out, then self destruction or the destruction of others is the result.


The Community needs to rally to provide every member of the Community with Source Support for clearing out the Distress Energies that contribute to these kinds of destructive outbursts.  They also need to eradicate the punitive socialization practices that engender Distress and build Distress Volcanos in people that erupt in violence on the Inner and Outer Planes.


The version of this Adventure that is made available to the Community is one that can work with a person when they are in an opportune time frame in which to release Distress Energies.  The Adventure Props needed are Code-Activated providing the same quality of Source Care as in a scheduled Distress Releasing Adventure that is self-selected.


To make it possible for others to benefit from a Distress Releasing Adventure, you can contribute to The World that Works Fund through the form provided below.  You can specify any specific information you would like to provide about the recipients you have in mind in the Comments Box that you will find as you process your contribution. You can also leave it open for the Source to pick the people who are most in need of this support.


Note:  If you are giving a contribution that is greater than US $4500, you will need to email me for instructions on how to complete the financial exchange.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.




A Distress Releasing Adventure is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.


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