Comfort Infusion Adventures


Comfort Energies can be infused rapidly into your Suit and your Auric Field when you embark on a Comfort Infusion Adventure.


Such Comfort Energy Infusions are often a first step for someone who is embarking on an exploration of Integrated Comfort.  They can also be drawn upon by those on their Path to Integrated Comfort who are already getting infusions of Comfort Energies from The Comfort Blanket and from Comfort Shoes but who wish to have a more powerful surge of Comfort Energies rather than the metered flow of Comfort Energies that come through these other Miracle Tools. Rapid Infusions of Comfort Energies can be helpful in stressful times, in times of physical pain or deep loss such as the loss of a loved one, or at times when there is a desire to connect with greater levels of Integrated Comfort.


Comfort Energy Infusions can be requested for yourself, for a loved one, or for those who are most in need of them such as those who are suffering from war, crime, abuse, illness, and natural disasters.


Comfort Infusions can prevent a rapid acceleration of the Disease of Spiritual Fragmentation that occurs when there are high levels of stress and trauma and support the Spiritual Integration that is essential to Spiritual Health. Since Spiritual Integration is the key to health on every level and Spiritual Fragmentation is the open door to the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit, it is necessary for the Community to protect its members at all costs from the Fragmentation that can occur in overwhelming circumstances of deprivation, cruelty, and physical suffering.


Comfort Energies are, on a technical level, Love Connection Energies.  These energies help the Suit to develop The Love Connection with the Source that opens the door to the Source Love that enables Spiritual Integration to occur and for the Suit to be Spiritually Integrated enough to love the Source, completing the exchange of The Love Connection.


When a Suit is suffused with Love Connection Energies that reach a certain point of critical mass, the Suit relaxes from its strident efforts to avoid distress and seek comfort for its own sake, and begins to merge into The Love Connection.  It is at this point that the being and the Suit experience a state of Absolute Comfort that transcends any temporal Discomfort that might be experienced as the Suit transitions through life and death in its many incarnations.  


Absolute Comfort is the experience of living beyond fear in the joy and safety of The Love Connection with the Source which provides an eternal experience of Integrated Comfort at the deepest level.


This journey to Absolute Comfort can begin by embarking on a Comfort Infusion Adventure.


An Adventure of this kind begins when you turn on music that has been transformed into an Adventure Prop. The music that I have chosen is a song by John Adorney who is a musician who maintains a very high level of spiritual energy in many of the songs which he composes and produces.  This level of vibration is important to the experience of the higher levels of Integrated Comfort.  


While this kind of New Age meditation music may not be your preferred musical genre, it is important to view it as sounds that the Source is working through to create a certain effect.  If you view it as a form of Sound Therapy rather than a musical experience, then you will be better able to bypass any parts of your left brain that might not be receptive to a musical genre which is not one you generally choose.


Pick a place where you can be quiet and attentive and not disturbed by other activities, cell phones, or people interrupting your meditation. When you turn on the music, you can sit quietly in a meditative state and allow the Comfort Energies to come into your Suit and Auric Field.  As they enter your Suit they reconnect you to the Source through The Love Connection, building some of the essential structures that you will need to experience The Love Connection on every level of your life.


The Infusion will last up to 30 minutes.  You can keep the music going, on replay during this time and just relax and allow the Miracle-Based Adventure to play out on the Inner Plane as the Love Connection Energies do their work in your Suit to enable you to merge into the ultimate Comfort of The Love Connection.


While one Infusion will not take you the distance to Absolute Comfort, you can begin to understand something of the process that eases your distress at deeper levels and enables you to begin that journey.


Those who have already developed their Spiritual Senses may go on vivid Adventures on the Inner Plane in response to the images and dreamlike experiences that are sent to them by the Source.  Those who have not yet developed their Spiritual Senses, may not be able to track what is happening through vivid images but may feel the relaxation or feel energy moving in their bodies. 


Others who are very congested with Distress Energies, may feel a rush of Distress Energies releasing as room is made for the Comfort Energies that are coming in.  It is important to remain neutral and not get into the content of the energies that are releasing.  At the end of the Infusion, The Love Connections that have been made will bring greater stability and will have established oases of Integrated Comfort in the Suit that will build toward a greater feeling of Integrated Comfort in the time ahead.


Correct Exchange 

The Correct Exchange for a Comfort Infusion Adventure is US $20.  


How to Request a Comfort Infusion Adventure 

To request a Comfort Infusion you can access the link below.




How to Procure the Song by John Adorney  

To procure the song by John Adorney, you can go to any online music store and search for the song “Entranced” from the album, The Other Shore.  It is available on iTunes and may be available in other music stores.  On iTunes it is US  $.99 for the song.


The Comfort Infusion Adventure for the Community

Since Comfort Infusion Adventures are needed by individuals and groups who are in dire straits such as those being tortured in prisons, those who are traumatized by wars, plagues, and natural disasters, and those who are suffering from domestic violence, etc., a modified version of the Adventure has been created that can work in these circumstances.  The Community version of this Adventure can be gifted to someone you know or to an individual or group of individuals who are in need.


The Adventure Code links to any music that might be available.  If this is not available, it links to an object in the environment that transmits the Comfort Energies.


To contribute this Adventure to the Community, you can enter the amount of your contribution in The World that Works Fund through filling out the form below.  You can supply additional information regarding what individual(s) or group you would like to send the Comfort Infusions to in the Comments Box that you will find as you process your contribution.  You can also leave it open for the Source to pick the people who are most in need of this support.


Note:  If you are giving a contribution that is greater than US $4500, you will need to email me for instructions on how to complete the financial exchange.


Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.



A Comfort Infusion Adventure is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.


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