The Comfort Cove Adventure

A Comfort Cove Adventure can be experienced in your home at a time when you will not be interrupted for one hour. It is best to arrange to be in a place where you can lie down and to provide a blanket, a glass of water, and some meditative music that will become Adventure Props during the course of the Adventure.


The music will transmit Source Communications and energies that enhance The Comfort Cove experience. The music, however, is optional.  Some people prefer quiet in order to more fully experience the Inner Plane adventures that begin to unfold during the Adventure.


In The Comfort Cove Adventure you are immersed in an Energy Medium of Comfort Energies that relax your spiritual body and mind which in turn helps your physical body and mind to relax.


The Adventure triggers an experience that is akin to a gentle and restorative massage, administered through precision energy work that is Code-Generated.  Those who are spiritually attuned will be able to feel this at the physical level.


Following this massage, you can drink the glass of water which will have the Code to enable you to have the wisdom to seek Integrated Comfort in your life.  You can wrap yourself up in your blanket which will have the Code to generate a Comfort Field around you that helps you to experience the safety and peace of Source-Created Comfort.


Throughout the Adventure you can ask to attune to Inner Source Guidance with regard to how to respond to the Adventure as it unfolds.  If you are uncertain how to receive detailed Source Guidance, you can ask your Inner Intelligence, which is the part of you that knows how to work with the Source, to implement whatever Guidance is being sent to you by the Source.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for the Code for a Comfort Cove Adventure is US $80.


How to Request a Comfort Cove Adventure

To request a Comfort Cove Adventure, you can access the link provided below.




The Comfort Cove Adventure for the Community

An adapted version of this Adventure is available to anyone in the Global Community.  The Source chooses the correct time to activate the Adventure and transform whatever is available to act as the Adventure Props that are needed.


An Adventure of this kind can be of immense relief to someone who has not felt love and kindness at a physical level and who desperately needs to experience nurturing that results in a feeling of Integrated Comfort.  Such experiences can enable a beleagured person to carry on in their life when they might have broken down under the continuing strain of their life circumstances.  Often those who are caregivers need this kind of individual support to enable them to begin to regenerate themselves so they can carry on in their care of others.


To make it possible for others to benefit from a Comfort Cove Adventure, you can contribute to The World that Works Fund through the form provided below.  You can provide any specific information you would like to give about the recipients you have in mind in the Comments Box that you will find as you process your contribution.  You can also leave it open for the Source to pick the people who are most in need of this support.


Note:  If you are giving a contribution that is greater than US $4500, you will need to email me for instructions on how to complete the financial exchange.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.




The Comfort Cove Adventure is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.


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