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Integrated Comfort Enhancers


While it is important to eliminate Distress Inducers in your personal life and in the Community, it is equally important to know how to substitute Integrated Comfort Enhancers.


Integrated Comfort Enhancers are important to counter the addictive behaviors that people engage in when they are experiencing distress.  They are also important in providing people with alternate ways of socializing and engaging in sports that do not create distress.  


Often the task of discovering the Source Solution Miracles that manifest Integrated Comfort Enhancers that replace Distress Inducers takes a Miracle-Based Adventure to bring something so new into focus.  It is through these Miracle-Based Adventures that Suits can begin to think outside of the box of what is considered to be comforting to the Culturally Conditioned aspect of the Suit.


For example, getting drunk on a Friday night might be considered by the Culturally Conditioned Suit to be comforting – a reward for putting in a long week of work that was stressful and meaningless and made them feel degraded.


The Natural Suit abhors such a choice since it leads to the Saturday hangover, to health problems, and often to social problems as the quality of friendships deteriorates due to the distorted interactions that occur in a drunken state.


A Miracle-Based Adventure to discover an alternative to this socially approved method for seeking comfort is needed to awaken in the Culturally Conditioned Suit the understanding of the quality of life that could be possible without this kind of Friday night event.  The Adventure would then need to build within the Suit the Comfort Energies that enable it to experience the comfort that it is seeking in a natural way and begin to choose not to abuse its body with alcohol in the future.  


While many steps in the evolution out of substance abuse would need to occur, a series of well-staged Miracle-Based Adventures could lead the Suit toward a time when it would feel the goodness of taking a walk in nature, relaxing to music, and enjoying the company of people who are clear thinking and can share life experiences in a genuine way that is love-based and supportive.


This kind of Adventure is also best accompanied by some level of Adventure Coaching that enables insights to be gained that might not otherwise make it into the conscious range.


On a Community level, finding social activities to replace the drunken party is the task of the Community as well as helping to create the work conditions that do not create the distress from which people are trying to escape through alcohol consumption.  Knowing where to begin to address problems of this nature is where Code-Driven social Adventures come in.  They can accomplish what no intellectual understandings can ever achieve.  Miracle-Based Adventures move people and circumstances into configurations that liberate thought and emotions and enable breakthroughs in understanding and social interaction to occur.  These breakthroughs are the foundation for natural change.


Correct Exchange

An Assessment of each situation is best to determine the amount of Material Energy that will be needed to ground the Code and the Miracle-Based Adventures to achieve the desired goal.


To request an Assessment, you can fill out the form below.



Comfort Enhancer Adventures for the Community

Without the support of the Community for the Miracle-Based Adventures that can bring about social change, social change will have to proceed as it has for generations – through political upheavals and social conflict with innovators winning out over embittered opponents.  Such social change is achieved through a considerable amount of distress.


This is not necessary if people request Source-Created Miracle-Based Adventures that move everyone toward a collective shift in understanding that can lead to the excitement to bring about innovations that everyone supports and feels comforted to know can be manifested.  The miracle of social cooperation as a method for social change rather than social conflict is only achieved when Source Solution Miracles bring in the Miracle-Based Adventures that can effect change in this manner.


To support social change that is cooperation-based rather than conflict-based, the Community needs to support The Work of the Source to:

  • ground the miracle of the Code and Miracle-Based Adventures for Comfort Enhancers that people will enjoy working with to replace the Distress Inducers to which they may have become attached
  • create the Miracle-Based Adventures that Heaven Agents run on behalf of the Community to discover the Comfort Enhancers and to work with them to develop the Spiritual Prototypes for how to work with these Enhancers.  These Prototypes can be seeded to the population on the Inner Plane to help them to understand how to work with the Comfort Enhancer.
  • create the Outer Plane Miracle Tools and educational materials that catalyze social acceptance of the new Comfort Enhancers. This Outer Plane work requires funding if the Global Community is to be reached.
  • to create Outer Plane Prototypes employing the Comfort Enhancers in Community settings.  For example, new approaches to education that incorporate Integrated Comfort into the learning process will have to be prototyped on the Outer Plane and then the results communicated to the Global Community.  Then others can follow in the footsteps of those who have done the prototyping work and replicate the same good results in other context.  Funding for these Prototypes is also needed.



To give funding to this work, you can make a contribution to The World that Works Fund through filling out the form that is provided below.  


You can provide any specific information you would like to give about the issues you would like to see addressed in the Comments Box that you will find as you process your contribution.


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An Adventure in Manifesting Integrated Comfort Enhancers is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 


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