Adventures in Eliminating Distress Inducers


Until Distress Inducers are eliminated in your personal life and in the life of the Community, they will continue to induce the distress that undermines the work to achieve Integrated Comfort.


Identifying the Distress Inducer

The task of identifying the Distress Inducers is the first step.  This can be accomplished by seeking Source Guidance with regard to your own personal life and by joining in the work of The Miracle-Based Community that researches the Source Perspective on what creates distress and the Source Solution Miracles that will alleviate this distress. Often the true Distress Inducer is something that lies hidden underneath what appears to be the Distress Inducer. Until the root of the problem is identified, the distress will continue to be generated.  Only the Source knows the true causal force that is behind the distress and knows what kind of Source Solution Miracle will be needed to eliminate it.


I am always open to suggestions about distressing circumstances that you would like to see addressed by a Source Solution Miracle and by the collective work of the Community.  Trained Heaven Agents working closely with me can take on many projects to deal with these Distress Inducers, particularly if you and others in the Community provide the Material Energy to ground the miracles that will enable these Distress Inducers to be eliminated.


To make a suggestion you can fill out an Eyewitness Report with your observations and any Source Guidance that you might have received about the situation.  I will take your report into consideration as I do my Universal Work and connect with the Heaven Agents in The Universal Miracle-Based Community.


I may not respond to you individually if there is not sufficient time to do so, but your contribution to the work will be given careful consideration.


Personal Distress Inducers

Personal distressing situations might be a financial hardship, a relationship conflict, an illness, a life transition, and the like. The Miracle-Based Adventure will enable you to identify the real Distress Inducer behind the distressing situation.


For example, in the case of a relationship conflict, the Distress Inducer might be a Negative Spiritual Structure that is working against a resolution of the conflict.  The Miracle-Based Adventure would eliminate this Negative Spiritual Structure and help to restore peace in the relationship once it is gone.


In a situation where you are nursing someone who is terminally ill, the ostensible Distress Inducer is the impending death, which may not be able to be avoided.  Since Integrated Comfort can come into a difficult situation to bring the greatest relief possible under the circumstances, the Integrated Comfort Adventure would work on whatever underlying Distress Inducers concerning the transition can be alleviated so that a greater sense of Integrated Comfort can come in for all concerned.


Often Adventures of this kind work best with some Adventure Coaching either by email or in person via Skype or by phone.  This enables you to get a sense of how the Adventure is unfolding and how to do your part to move fluidly with it.


Community Stress Inducers

In the case of a Community Distress Inducer, the Miracle-Based Adventure will set into motion a myriad of different Adventure Sequences that will move people toward the realization of the problem and toward an understanding of the Source Solution.  They will still need to choose the solution, but the Miracle-Based Adventure will help them to realize the possibility of eliminating the Distress Inducer and replacing it with an Integrated Comfort Enhancer instead.  


Such Miracle-Based Adventures are what enabled the 13 Prototype Communities, that I did not visit in person, to transform their social practices without any Outer Plane training. Miracle-Based Adventures are powerful mechanisms for social enlightenment and, therefore, for social change.  They are not coercive or controlling but lead by providing the social space in which new ideas can be understood and entertained.  Generally Suits will choose what is going to help them the most if it is available.  This is the principle behind the success of the Miracle-Based Adventures in the Prototype Communities.


Correct Exchange

The only way to determine the amount of Material Energy that will be needed to eliminate a Distress Inducer is to request an Assessment.


To request an Assessment, you can fill out the form that can be accessed through the link provided below.




Eliminating Distress Inducers in the Community

While I am here in a Manifest form and able to work with a team of well-trained Heaven Agents, it is time to have the support of the Community to move quickly to identify and eliminate Distress Inducers in the Community.  Only when such Distress Inducers are eliminated will everyone in the Community have a better chance to move forward into an experience of Integrated Comfort.


While targeting a particular distressing situation is one way to proceed, it is best to provide the Material Energy for the effort as a whole and allow the Source to pick the Distress Inducers that are most in need of being eliminated.  In this way the Source can topple the structure of Distress Inducers by eliminating the ones that are at the foundation.  This is the most efficient way to get rid of the chain of distress that has been created in the social order.


The work needs to proceed on two levels:

  • Material Energy is needed to ground the miracle of Source Solution Codes that will activate the Miracle-Based Adventures that will bring about social change.
  • Trained Groups of Heaven Agents can embark on Miracle-Based Adventures funded by the Community to eliminate Distress Inducers. These Adventures can have an ongoing Inner Plane component and also occur during Group Work by webinar or in person in Intensives in Seattle or Maui.  This work is invaluable for the Community because trained Heaven Agents can perform at a much higher level of Miracle-Based Adventures for the Community than can untrained members of the Community who are participating in these Adventures through their Extended Range which is generally outside of their conscious awareness.  When the Community backs up the training of able Heaven Agents and then provides the Material Energy for them to work on specific Miracle-Based Adventures, we will see social change occurring at a much more rapid rate.
  • Financial Support is needed to fund the effort of trained Heaven Agents working with me to seed the world with the Miracle Tools and Training Materials that will enable the population to discover alternate ways of living that will enable them to avoid re-instituting Distress Inducers.


Fortunately the funds provided to ground the miracles can also be used to fund the parts of the Campaign that require financial support.


This aspect of The Work of the Source is one of the most important parts of the work that needs to get done while I am here in a manifest form to help to direct the Campaign.


To give funding to this work, you can make a contribution to The World that Works Fund through filling out the form that is provided below.  


You can provide any specific information you would like to give about a particular issue you would like to see addressed or you can leave it open to the Source to focus on the most strategic issue. You can leave your comments  in the Comments Box that you will find as you process your contribution. 


Note:  If you are giving a contribution that is greater than US $4500, you will need to email me for instructions on how to complete the financial exchange.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

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