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About Miracle-Based Adventures

Miracle-Based Adventures are how the Source delivers to you Source-Created Solutions.  Because each Source-Created Solution requires your participation in order to reach fruition, you need a structured, Miracle-Based Adventure that takes you through the developmental stages that enable you to not only do your part but to be ready to enjoy the Heaven that manifests in your life.


Miracle-Based Adventures span the gap between Self-Created, Self-Driven Spiritual Activism and the passivity that many in the spiritual communities have lapsed into through thinking that merely asking for a miracle and waiting for it to magically transform them and their life is all that they need to do.


Miracle-Based Adventures move you into the flow of a Source-Created Solution Process that helps you to take decisive action as needed without getting into the Self-Driven Mode and without falling back into passivity waiting to be saved while missing the cues from the Source to do your part in the process.


Self-Created Spiritual Activism

Let’s look at an example that will illustrate this point.  Someone looking for financial prosperity could engage in Self-Driven Spiritual Technologies such as Creative Visualization or The Law of Attraction to try to manipulate Spiritual Energies to get their vision of what they think will make them happy to manifest.  


The flaw in this approach is that any Self-Created Solution takes energy away from the Source Connection and puts the person at risk of losing their Source Connection and with it their life.  The more horsepower they put behind Self-Created Solutions, particularly those driven by Spiritual Technologies, the more they rupture their Source Connection.  The end result could be Ultimate Death which is a great risk now that all beings throughout the Creation are in The Transition of the Source Connection where they have to achieve a 100% Source Connection rather than continuing on with diverting energy from the Source Connection and weakening their Source Connection.


Aside from the loss of life itself are the flawed results that Self-Created Solutions yield.  What will really bring you happiness may not come in the way that you have envisioned it.  If you push to get your vision to manifest you can create outcomes that rob others of the resources that you have wrested from them through unfair practices on the Inner Plane.  When you set into motion an absolute visualization of an outcome that you desire, it can result in harm and even death to those who stand in the way of this outcome.


The effect of the negativity unleashed by an outcome that brings the Hell of suffering into the lives of others will have the domino effect in your life, bringing about greater misfortunes than would have ever occurred had you not set a powerful mechanism of incorrect action into motion.


You can see this in clear review with the greed and drive of political leaders who hold a powerful vision of what they want and bring great devastation to themselves and to others, triggering world wars that lead to their death and the end of everything that they have desired.



Let’s look at the other end of this spectrum at the millions of people who pray for help and expect miracles that do all the work for them and who don’t do anything to help themselves.  They continue to indulge in the destructive way of life that has brought them the misfortunes that they are seeking help from the Source to relieve. When the Source asks them to change their way of life, they respond by asking for a miracle that will magically make them into people who don’t behave in this way instead of working intelligently with the Source with the miracles that the Source sends to transform their consciousness so they become capable of changing their way of life.


Miracle-Based Adventures 

Now let’s look at Miracle-Based Adventures. Miracle-Based Adventures give you the developmentally triggered real life events and inner experiences that enable your consciousness to evolve so that you start making the changes in your life that you need to make to have a life that is Heaven.  If you are in an abusive relationship or a job that isn’t right for you, a Miracle-Based Adventure can help you to work through your issues so that you can move into a healthy way of life that brings you joy.  This is a process of releasing yourself from the mindsets that lock you into misery, giving you the opportunity to experience life in a different way that enables you to evolve, and finally staging the events in your life so you can build a better way of life.


If you are willing to work with the Miracle-Based Adventure and be attentive to the clues that come your way and to do your part in making the changes in your life that are prompted by the Adventure, then you will fully manifest the Source-Created Solution.  If you do only a half hearted attempt or don’t put forth the effort to learn how to work effectively with the clues of a Miracle-Based Adventure, then you will gain a partially successful outcome.

Training in Working with Miracle-Based Adventures

Training by Audio Broadcasts

I offer you training in how to work with Miracle-Based Adventure Technology through two Gifted Audio Broadcasts which give you the opportunity to watch experienced Heaven Agents working through the stages of a Miracle-Based Adventure occurring in the context of a webinar.  Members of Connecting can access these Gifted Trainings at:





Training by Webinar

I also offer you this training in every webinar that I give through the Source Connection Coaching Program of The Miracle School.  This training takes you exponentially to a higher level of understanding and richness of experience in working with any Miracle-Based Adventure that the Source gives you.

You can find out about upcoming training by webinars at:



Training by Individual Coaching Session

You can request individualize training through The Source Connection Coaching Program at:





How to Request a Miracle-Based Adventure

What I will list below are some of the Miracle-Based Adventures that I have described for The Comfort Campaign.


These Miracle-Based Adventures can be requested by accessing the links provided below.  You can elect to request my support through Coaching Sessions by Email or by Phone to learn more about how to work with these Adventures. You can make this request at The Source Connection Coaching Program or through contacting me by email.


Special Request Miracle-Based Adventures 

Keep in mind, that the Source can create a Miracle-Based Adventure for anything that It considers appropriate. You can request a Miracle-Based Adventure for your particular circumstance and I will email you information on what is possible and the amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the work of the Miracle-Based Adventure.

To request a Special Request Miracle-Based Adventure you can access the link provided below.  Be sure to include as much information about the situation and the outcome that you are trying to achieve for yourself and/or others.






The Directory of Miracle-Based Adventures 


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