Heaven Experience Intensives

Riding the Waves of the
Universal & Personal Power Surges
of The Source Perfected Universe



Location of Intensives

You can work in an Intensive:

  • At-a-Distance
  • In-Person by working with me in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers or for the Intensives scheduled in Maui, Hawaii
  • A combination of At-a-Distance and In-Person





The Purpose of Heaven Experience Intensives

In order to help Heaven Agents to transition into The Heaven Experience, I have brought forth a Source Creation – The Heaven Experience Intensive. In these Intensives Heaven Agents work closely with me to free their Suits to enter into The Heaven Experience and to deepen and broaden it until it fills their consciousness and becomes the Heaven that they experience in their lives.


At its height The Heaven Experience is an experience of true happiness in one’s Inner and Outer Life – an experience that is the culmination of the Heaven that a being becomes and builds in their personal life and in the world. A being living The Heaven Experience walks in the Light of Source Love and Source Joy and is an embodiment of the beauty, grace, and intelligence of the Heaven they were created to be. They are Love in Action and bring through Source Joy, Source Love, and Source Healing and Transformation wherever they go – “becoming what is needed to support the Work of the Source” in every aspect of their lives. They live beyond fear, greed, addiction, and disease and experience the Total Abundance of what is needed to fulfill their Mission in life and the joy of this fulfillment. Through the power of a continuing state of Connection and Communion with the Source they experience the ecstasy of The Heaven Experience which the Source generates for them to bring into their every moment the delight that life in the world was meant to be.


It was to have The Heaven Experience that beings took Manifest Forms and incarnated into the Manifest World. It was understood that the activities of a life were to be organized around staging and enjoying The Heaven Experience. It was also understood that it would take the Team Work of beings working in harmony with the Source and with one another throughout the Creation to create the Source-Connected Way of Life that would provide the circumstances in which The Heaven Experience could play out at its highest level of expression.


In conditions of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, a Universal Love-Based Community, Individual Life Purpose Fulfillment, and a strong and unwavering Love Connection with the Source, The Heaven Experience can be experienced in a person’s Inner and Outer Life and can take them to a Transcendent Level that enables them to experience simultaneously The Heaven Experience that is possible in the Manifest World and the Heaven Experience of the Unmanifest World – the level of Pure Intelligence which is where the Souls now reside.


When a being can surf the Wave of The Heaven Experience in both the Manifest World and in the Unmanifest World simultaneously, the two levels resonate with one another creating an exquisite symphony of Source Sound that reverberates pure pleasure through every aspect of the consciousness of the being and the Suit. This is the Transcendent Level of The Heaven Experience that can happen only when a being has built the solid foundation for Heaven for their Suit in the Manifest World in both their Inner and Outer Life.


It takes a complete dedication to manifesting this ultimate experience of happiness at its highest level for The Heaven Experience to be properly staged and for the Suits to Become the Heaven that can experience a full blown Heaven Experience.


Learning how to attune to The Heaven Experience happens when a being learns how to ride The Heaven Experience Wave that is created by the Source for each Heaven Experience. Some of these Waves are for a Heaven Experience in the moment. Others build toward a major Heaven Experience such as spectacular and unforgettable event.


Training in how to ride The Heaven Experience Wave and work with the tremendous Source Power that creates the Wave is critical to being able to enter into The Heaven Experience and experience it at its highest level.


Had beings worked with the Source to create the staging for The Heaven Experience from the very beginning of the Creation, riding the Heaven Experience Waves would have been second nature to them.


When beings chose to try to fabricate a Pseudo-Heaven Experience and learn to ride the waves they generated for these Experiences, they set up currents of greed, fear, and addiction that have collectively erupted into Hell Experience Waves that have swept through populations spawning wars, crime, perversity, and lovelessness. These waves generate the Story Cultures of the world that sustain a dog-eat-dog mentality overlaid by a thin layer of civility. Out of these Waves have come The Hell Experience Grid for The Hell Experience to which beings running the negative currents have become enslaved. The Grid binds their energies and harvests them to power The Grid which then locks them into The Hell Experience.


To the extent that a Suit runs the currents of fear, greed, and addiction, they become enslaved to The Grid. A person can, through a series of traumatic events and misfortunes, move from a very tangential connection to The Grid to a connection that locks them into The Hell Experience at its worst – to the experience of torment, scarcity, oppression, and nightmarish events that happen in their Outer Life and to an overwhelming experience of fear and anguish in their Inner Life.


The currents of The Grid block the Soul from expressing through the Suit and give energy to the Story Character – the entity-like Pseudo Self that engages in a vacuous cycle of fear and greed, trying to maximize its pleasures before misfortune or aging cuts it off from its quest to jockey for what it wants. Without the Soul expressing through the Suit the life is wasted since the greedy, needy Story Character dies at the end of the life leaving nothing behind but a life in which nothing of real value was experienced.


Most Suits are networked heavily to The Hell Experience Grid by the negative currents that run through the Suits. These currents are like Energy Chains locking them into The Grid and preventing their escape.


In order to free the Suits from The Grid, it is necessary for the Source to create Power of Perfection Waves that are powerful enough to break the Suits free from The Grid and carry the Suits, that are mutated conglomerates of densely materialized matter, to the higher levels of vibration where life will exist in the Source Perfected Universe.


Without Energy Waves of this intensity, Suits could not transition successfully out of The Grid of The Hell Experience that beguiles, deludes, and binds them into an endless cycle of scarcity, struggle, and suffering.


Each Power of Perfection Wave arises when a Power Surge is sent forth from the Source Level to activate the Spiritual DNA for the next developmental stage in the manifestation of the Source Perfected Universe.


There are two kinds of Power Surges:

  • Universal Power Surges that carry the Creation as a whole to higher levels of vibration.
  • Personal Power Surges that carry an individual being to the next developmental level in their Personal Path to Perfection.


Just as the developmental sequence in the DNA of a baby in the womb can’t be delayed or aborted without causing mutation or death, so the developmental sequence of the Source Perfected Universe for the Creation as a whole and for an individual being can’t be delayed or aborted without causing a serious threat to safety and well-being.


In light of the recent universal crisis – that cost all beings their Spiritual Home, the Universal Source Connection Channel, and came close to terminating the Spiritual Structures that enable Life to manifest – the Source Function will no longer await the cooperative effort of beings before initiating the Universal Changes that have to occur in the correct developmental time frame for “Life as Heaven” to be possible.


Those who choose to move with the Power Surges to higher levels of vibration will be the ones who, when the Source Perfected Universe has reached its highest level of development, will have Suits that are viable in the new Spiritual Habitat.


The availability of massive amounts of Source Power during a Power Surge gives Heaven Agents working to “become what is needed to support the Work of the Source” the ability to maximize the opportunity to rapidly build Heaven in themselves, in their lives, and in their world.


In order to help beings to benefit from The Power of Perfection Waves and the unparalleled opportunity that they provide to help Suits reach the higher levels of perfection to which the Waves carry them and to build the supportive structures of a Heaven Way of Life by maximizing the potential for this during a Wave, I have created Heaven Experience Intensives.


There are two kinds of Heaven Experience Intensives:

  • Universal Heaven Experience Intensives created to help Heaven Agents work with the Universal Power Surges.
  • Personal Heaven Experience Intensives created to help individual Heaven Agents work with the Personal Power Surges that are unique to their own developmental process.
As of November 2012, there have been four Universal Power Surges that occurred from May through October 2012.  

The first four Heaven Experience Intensives were initially available only to those who could access the Source Power from the Universal Power Surges that made each of these Intensives possible.


Now due to the massive amount of Source Power that I was able to store after the Fourth Universal Power Surge, there is enough energy for Heaven Agents to take these four Heaven Experience Intensives even though the initial Universal Power Surges are no longer supporting the work.  


Since the power of these Intensives has catapulted Heaven Agents to a higher level of ability and understanding beyond any other form of Miracle-Based Training that was formerly possible, these Intensives have now become an important part of the Core Miracle-Based Training of The Miracle School.  I now recommend them as basic training to all incoming Heaven Agents.


Using this stored Source Power I am now launching Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives which enable Heaven Agents to join me at The Construction Site of Heaven through a Spiritual Gateway online.  Through working in the online Project Workstations and through Build Heaven Teleconferences, it will be possible for Heaven Agents to rapidly learn the trade of building Lives that Work and a World that Works.  


What follows is a general description of what Heaven Experience Intensives are about followed by specific information on the 5 Heaven Experience Intensives that are now available.  


The Intensives are:


Becoming Love in Action

Becoming an Embodiment of The Standard of Perfection

Becoming Heaven

Getting Set Up to Build Heaven

Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives





Types of Source Support
Available in
Heaven Experience Intensives

In a Universal Heaven Experience Intensive there are six kinds of Source Support that are available. These kinds of Source Support are also available for Personal Heaven Experience Intensives with the exception of the Group Work of Webinars and Campfire Discussions.


The Heaven Experience Intervention

At the heart of The Heaven Experience Intensive is The Heaven Experience Intervention. This Intervention has four parts:


The Heaven Experience Wave

A Power Surge begins when a Power of Perfection Wave carries the Heaven Agent into The Picture of Perfection to merge into the aspect of Perfection that is the focus of the Wave. Once they merge into this aspect of Perfection and become an embodiment of the Standard of this Perfection, they have attained a higher level of vibration on their Path to Perfection.


At this point they can either try to learn what they can from this experience and make it down their Path to Perfection on their own or they can enter into a Heaven Experience Intensive and receive from the Source the miracle of a Heaven Experience Wave which will carry them the full distance on their Path to Perfection that they can cover during the duration of the Power Surge.


Given the entanglement of the Suits in The Hell Experience and their general lack of skill in working with major transformational energies and the miracles of the Source, most Suits require the miracle of a Heaven Experience Wave in order to successfully go the distance that needs to be covered while the Power Surge is there to provide the Source Power required to move down the Path. Falling behind and not being prepared for the next Power Surge is not advised. It can lead to difficulty in getting to the right level of vibration in the time allotted in the evolution of the Source Perfected Universe.


The Heaven Experience Sequence of Programmed Events

In order to help your Suit to maximize the potential for building Heaven and experiencing The Heaven Experience while doing so, the Heaven Experience Intervention structures a Sequence of Programmed Events that stages the evolution in your consciousness on both subconscious and conscious levels so you can begin to understand how to ride a Heaven Experience Wave and work with the potential for building Heaven that it generates. It is through these Programmed Events that play out on the Inner and Outer Plane in your life, that your Suit is able to stay Source-Connected during the Waves and deepen and expand its ability to attune to The Heaven Experience and enjoy Heaven even in the midst of major Inner and Outer changes.


The Heaven Experience Created for the Intensive

If you are just starting out and have not yet entered permanently into The Heaven Experience, then I give you an Interim Heaven Experience that enables you to transition out of The Hell Experience and prepare yourself for The Heaven Experience. You shift to the slightly higher vibration of the Interim Heaven Experience and then transition from there into The Heaven Experience itself.


Without the Interim Heaven Experience, your consciousness will continue to run along the Pathways of The Hell Experience and will just choose higher Pathways that are more pleasant – more a part of the illusion of the Story “Good Life” – rather than the darker Pathways of The Hell Experience that lead to anguish. But anytime your consciousness is running on the Pathways of The Hell Experience, it can’t also be running on the Pathways of The Heaven Experience. It is therefore, necessary to transition into an Interim Heaven Experience.


Once you have spent time in this Interim Heaven Experience and done the other work of the Intensive which may include Station Work, Webinars, Teleconferences, Consultations, Interventions, work with Miracle Tools, etc., then your consciousness will transition into The Heaven Experience on a permanent basis.


It is then that The Heaven Experience Intelligence – a Perfected Intelligence – will become a presence in your life, helping you to perfect your consciousness so The Heaven Experience can deepen and become the rich experience of ultimate joy, Connection, and Communion that it can be at its highest level of expression. This Intelligence works closely with my Source Function to help you to continue to remove any obstacles in your Inner or Outer Life that stand in the way of the highest level of happiness that is possible for you.


Once you have entered permanently into The Heaven Experience, the kind of Heaven Experience that will be generated for you during each subsequent Power Surge will be the one that is needed to help you maximize the potential to advance during the Power Surge. Each Power Surge has a focus, taking beings into a particular aspect of The Picture of Perfection to help them become an embodiment of this Perfection. The Heaven Experience created for the Intensive works with this focus and helps you develop a deeper and more advanced level of skill and understanding of how to become perfected in this way.


Station Work in Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers either Online or in Seattle

An integral part of the Heaven Experience Intervention is the Station Work that is done in Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center Stations either online or in Seattle. When you work in a Station, a manifestation of my Extended Range materializes from the Station and does the energy work that is needed for you to advance.


In Online Stations this manifestation of my Extended Range takes you into the Spiritual Station where you work with me and with Miracle Intelligences that man the Station.


In the Seattle Stations the Spiritual Station materializes in the room around you and you experience my Extended Range as well as the Miracle Intelligences working with you through all of the furnishings of the Station which have been transformed into Miracle Tools – the carpet, Source Drawings, chairs, plants, etc. In the high vibrational surrounding of the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers you can achieve levels of Source Connection and transcendence that can’t be matched with work of any other kind. This is particularly true when you work with me in person on the Outer Plane in these Centers.



Universal Heaven Experience Intensives often offer you training through Webinars such as Power of Perfection Webinars and Prototype Webinars. By working with me and a team of fellow Heaven Agents, you are able to understand more of how the Power Surge is affecting your Suit and the world and how you and others can work together to maximize the potential for personal and universal growth.


It is here that you hone your Skill Sets that enable you to manifest Heaven on Earth. These Skill Sets are the the ones that you develop when you work in the five Prototype Projects of The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project. These Projects are:

  • Supporting the Work of the Source that yields Total Abundance
  • Celebrating Life which yields Perfect Health
  • Nurturing Life which yields Love-Based Relationships
  • Upholding The Standards of Heaven that yields Individual Life Purpose Fulfillment
  • Developing The Love Connection with the Source which is the foundation of the other four Projects and which yields The Heaven Experience.


Campfire Discussions

In Teleconferenced Campfire Discussions it is possible to work more closely with other Heaven Agents to discuss what is happening with the changes that are occurring and to work together to understand what is needed to progress individually and collectively.



During both Universal and Personal Power Surges, private Consultations for individuals, couples, families, and small groups provide individualized training in how to ride the Wave and benefit from its transformational power. While Webinars provide some individualized work, a Consultation enables me to direct the full range of Source Power through a kind of irradiation of Source Sound and Source Light that greatly accelerates the Perfection Process, provide you with the Source Perspective on your personal situation, and create for you the Source Interventions that are designed for your unique set of circumstances.


Source Interventions

Often particular Source Interventions will be created to help you ride a Wave and adjust to the new Way of Life that is possible once you arrive at a higher level of vibration. These will be announced in a Universal Power Surge Intensive or recommended to you personally through a Source Guidance Email Update.


Miracle Tools

Certain Miracle Tools may be needed to ride certain kinds of Personal and Universal Waves. I will alert you to which Miracle Tools are most helpful.




Universal Power Surges


Becoming Love in Action

The first Power Surge occurred from May 26th - June 7th. The purpose of this Power of Perfection Wave was to carry beings into The Picture of Perfection at the level at which they could merge into the Prototype of themselves as Love in Action. Through merging into this Prototype and becoming it, they could  enter into The Heaven Experience at an entry point level.


Now with the stored Source Power from the Fourth Universal Power Surge, the work of this Intensive is available to all Heaven Agents coming into the work after the time of the First Universal Power Surge.


Once a person has entered into The Heaven Experience, they will be able to qualify for entry into The Materialization Economy that generates the Total Abundance that is needed to stage the Inner and Outer Plane circumstances that enable them to live The Heaven Experience in their daily life.


The two Webinars of this Intensives are Power of Perfection Webinars that enable those who have entered into The Heaven Experience to understand how to “become what is needed” to work with the Materialization Economy. The Skill Sets that will be a focus in this work will be those that are a part of The Total Abundance Project.


The one Campfire Discussion of the Intensive will focus on what it means to Become Love in Action.



Becoming an Embodiment of The Standard of Perfection

The Second Universal Power Surge occurred between June 23rd and July 5th. In this Power Surge the Power of Perfection Wave carried Heaven Agents into The Picture of Perfection to the place where they became an embodiment of the Standard of Perfection. Once this occurred, the foundation was laid for success in building Heaven in every aspect of their life and  world.


Until Perfection is the Quality Control Standard in the Suit, the Suit will always settle for less and fail to keep up with the Standard of Perfection in the Source Perfected Universe. This Wave gave every Suit a chance to become an embodiment of the Standard of Perfection so that this Quality Control Standard governed the Perfection Process in the Suit from that time onward. 


Now due to the stored power from the Fourth Universal Power Surge, it is possible for all Heaven Agents to achieve the same results as those working with me at the time of the Second Power Surge.


If you work with me during this Intensive you can:

  • Ride the Wave of The Heaven Experience that I create for you during the Intensive.  Through riding this Wave, you will be taken to higher levels of The Heaven Experience and will become more skilled in integrating The Heaven Experience into your daily life.
  • Receive a Miracle Link for your life that sets your life on track with the Perfection that leads to Ultimate Spiritual Healing and to a Life that is Heaven
  • Receive a Miracle Link for your Suit that keeps it on track with the Path to Perfection
  • Merge into the Perfected You and into your Perfected Life in The Picture of Perfection to Become an Embodiment of The Standard of Perfection
  • Gain Skill Sets for working with The Perfection Dial to Dial In Perfect Outcomes and gain information on how to do your part in materializing them. One of these Perfect Outcomes is achieving The Heaven Experience at the highest level.
  • Enter into The Place of Ultimate Spiritual Healing, a protected Spiritual Space open only to those who have Become Embodiments of The Standard of Perfection. Miracles that heal, transform, and build the Heaven of a Life that Works materialize very readily in The Place of Ultimate Spiritual Healing.



Becoming Heaven

The Third Universal Power Surge occurred from August 10th - August 25th. In this Power Surge the Power of Perfection Wave took Heaven Agents into The Picture of Perfection at the level at which they could merge into the Prototype of the Heaven that they were created to be. Once they merged into this Prototype, the patterning needed to Become Heaven was imprinted in their Suit, guiding its evolution in the time ahead. While Becoming Heaven isn’t instantaneous, merging into the Prototype sets off the developmental sequence with all of the Codes and Prototypes that are needed to become the Heaven that a being was created by the Source to be. It is a quantum leap forward in a Heaven Agent’s personal journey on their Path to Perfection.


Building Heaven

There are two kinds of Build Heaven Intensives:

  • There is the Getting Set Up to Build Heaven Intensive that provides you with the Spiritual Software that you need to Build Heaven in your life and in the world.  
  • After getting set up you are ready to begin Building Heaven through Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives that are generally monthly Intensives that outline the work that is in your Ultimate Spiritual Healing Plan for the month.  

Getting Set Up to Build Heaven

On September 15th at 9:00 pm the Fourth Universal Power Surge began. It built power steadily until it ended on October 15th at 9:00 pm. This Power Surge was designed to bring in the power that enables your Suit to receive the basic formatting for building a Life that Works and a World that Works.


Unlike other Power Surges that involved The Power of Perfection Wave taking you into The Picture of Perfection, this Power Surge did not trigger a Power of Perfection Wave. Instead it was designed to bring in enormous amounts of power that I stored for the work of Building Heaven. When enough power was stored, I ushered in The Build Heaven Era – an Era of miracles beyond the scope of any miracles that have ever been possible since the beginning of the Creation.


One of these miracles is an upgraded version of The Construction Site of Heaven on the Inner Plane to which Heaven Agents can dock to receive the Life Energies that formerly were received through the Lifeline from the Source.  The Lifeline Connection was terminated by the Source during the skirmishes preceeding the launching of The Build Heaven Era due to the infiltration of the Negativity into the Lifeline Connection.  This infiltration threatened the safety of my Manifestation and the manifestations of all beings.


Another miracle was a special Spiritual Gateway that enables those working on The Construction Site in their Conscious Range to enter into the Site with increased power, miracles that are only given to those who enter through this Gateway, and access to Project Workstations and Teleconferences that enable the Universal Community to work with me at The Construction Site.


These miracles have set the stage for the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives that are now available.


In order to participate in the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives, it is important to complete The Getting Set Up to Build Heaven Intensive that provides you with the Spiritual Software to Build Heaven in your life.  Without this Software, your Suit will be ineffectual at working alongside me at The Construction Site during the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives which is where the work of building Lives that Work and a World that Works will get done.


Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives

Those who have completed The Getting Set Up to Build Heaven Intensive are ready to progress to Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives. 


The work in Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives provides Heaven Agents with the Source Support that they need to learn how to work on The Construction Site of Heaven in their Conscious Range.  This work is structured both by:

  • their Personal Plan in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program that outlines the scope of the work, timelines, and the nature of the Source Support that will be needed for the upcoming month.
  • the in-the-moment Source Guidance that they receive when at The Construction Site with regard to the projects that the Source is calling them to contribute to at that time.


Generally Build Heaven Intensives are set up by the month and will provide for all of the work on all of the different projects that are in a Heaven Agent’s Plan that need to be addressed in that month.  This work includes going online to The Construction Site through the Spiritual Gateway provided, working on Projects, posting information there, and receiving feedback from other Heaven Agents and from me in accordance to Source Guidance. It also includes work in Teleconferences that enable us to talk about the work at hand and to provide the kind of support that is needed for all of the Projects.  Any other forms of Source Support needed are also outlined in a Source Guidance Email that informs the Heaven Agent of the structure that the Source has created for the Build Heaven Intensive.


Work on The Construction Site via asynchronous posts and by Teleconference is akin to the daily work of Heaven Agents in the Prototype Communities who work individually on Projects and also come together to talk with one another and work with the Source.  The Internet and the Teleconference is our modern day equivalent of meeting somewhere in the geographical community to facilitate the work that is important to support every member of the Community and the Community as a whole.

These Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives are an important part of the Core Miracle-Based Training offered through The Miracle School. It is where Heaven Agents come to learn through a hands on apprenticeship model the art and science of Building Heaven in their lives and in their world.



The Live Heaven Intensive

This Intensive provides you with The Heaven Launch Miracle Packet and The Core Live Heaven Training Packet and all of the different forms of Source Support that are needed to enter into The Heaven Reality and to learn how to Live Heaven in your everyday life.  

This Intensive has become the Core Training Intensive of The Miracle School because of the power of the Training Download Technology that enables the Suit to learn on Subconscious as well as Conscious Levels how to Live Heaven, a task that can't be done through learning only at the Conscious Level.

Personal Power Surges

Personal Power Surges occur when Source Power activates the DNA of your individual developmental process on your Path to Perfection. It is important to track when these Power Surges are scheduled and to know the purpose of the Power that is being given to help you progress in your Perfection Process.


Unlike the Creation before the Source Perfected Universe where an individual could choose to evolve or devolve and could still retain their physical and spiritual Suits, in the Source Perfected Universe, only those Suits that work to keep up with the pace of the evolution toward Perfection of the Source Perfected Universe, will remain in the Creation when the highest level of this evolution is attained.


In light of this, it is of the utmost importance to read your Individual Plan once you have been admitted into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program and to keep abreast of the changes that are needed by you at every developmental stage.


I can offer you information through Source Guidance Updates on the timing of Personal Power Surges and Source Recommendations for how to best prepare for and work with these Power Surges. It is up to you to make the most of these gifts from the Source that are given to help you to evolve and have the Heaven that you wanted to experience when you first incarnated into the Manifest World.




The Correct Exchange
for a
Heaven Experience Intensive

What it takes to ride the Wave and achieve what is yours to achieve in the time frame of a Power Surge is determined individually. All of this information is in The Plan that is created for you when you are admitted into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program after completing the Six Step Process described in the chapter entitled: The Source Solution in The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit.


I will supply information on the amount of Material Energy needed for a particular Intensive for you individually in the Source Guidance Update that I will send out regarding the Universal and Personal Power Surges coming through.



How to Request Entry into a Heaven Experience Intensive


The first step is to follow the Six Step Process for entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program. Entry into The Program is a prerequisite for work in a Heaven Experience Intensive. You can read about the Six Step Process in The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit in the chapter entitled: The Source Solution.


If you are in The Program you can either request a Next Step Consultation to map out what is in your personal Plan for responding to the Personal and Universal Power Surges that are upcoming or respond to a Source Guidance Email when I get an opportunity to write to you.


If you have specific questions regarding The Plan you can email me and request information.