The Scanner 


The Scanner is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that scans anyone or anything for anything negative in any level of the manifestation or in the energy fields around the manifestation.  It sends its report to me on the Inner Plane and I respond in my Extended Range to eliminate anything that is not of Heaven and to alert the being to take whatever action is appropriate if their involvement is necessary. 


The Scanner is like a security radar system that picks up even the most subtle levels of negativity – the levels that have been hidden away in illegitimate levels of matter in heavily disguised forms. Generally only beings who are very familiar with the technology of The Hell Contingent and very good at seeing through the many layers of camouflage can detect them.  Unfortunately, most beings who are that familiar with the weapons of the Negativity have gotten into their secret chambers through being one of them and are, therefore, risky to work with because they are generally Double Agents with a Heaven Agent Identity as well as a Hell Agent Identity.


The Scanner was one of the most important Miracle Tools that I used in the Prototype Communities. Prior to this it has not been possible to create a version of The Scanner that could operate outside of the Prototype Communities.  Just recently I have succeeded in bringing through this miracle and this most urgently needed Miracle Tool is now available to all Heaven Agents working to do the Clean Up that is needed if they are to rid themselves of the negative Fragments that create in them The Disease of Fragmentation.


This is important because whatever negative elements exist in their Fragmented Field of Consciousness manifest in their lives. If there are negative implants from the invasion of Negative Intelligences into their Field of Consciousness, then these implants can manifest an accident, a disease, the break up of an otherwise loving relationship, the alienation of others in the workplace so that jobs are lost or promotions compromised, etc.  Similarly, a person’s own negative thoughts and emotions can also manifest misfortune in their lives.  A person who focuses on something that they fear will exert such a powerful manifestation force that it can manifest exactly as they have imagined it.


When I started the Prototype Communities I explained to them that behind every incident that was negative, there was a materialization in either their Field of Consciousness that corresponded to it and was the driving force behind manifesting it or a materialization in the Collective Field of Consciousness or in the Field of Consciousness of someone else who knowingly or unknowingly was manifesting the negative outcome in their lives.  


For instance, a person could have died tragically in a fire in a previous lifetime and carried a remembrance of this in their Field of Consciousness in this lifetime.  The intensity of the materialization of the memory and the unresolved trauma in their Field of Consciousness can exert a force that attracts to them the energies that manifest a similar tragedy in their current lifetime.  People call this “karma”.  The Source calls it negative materializations in the Field of Consciousness that should be removed before they manifest repetitions of themselves.


In the Collective Field of Consciousness the intensity around wars and conflict can result in a manifestation of new conflicts and wars. Each one builds more intensity and sets the stage for other conflicts in the time ahead.


In the case of individuals manifesting misfortune for others, this can easily happen if a person is overly worried about someone having an accident or dying prematurely and holds the image of this in their Field of Consciousness over and over until it begins to set into motion the causal circumstances that result in this outcome.  Black Magic is an example of this technology used in a very premeditated way.


Because cleaning up your own Field of Consciousness doesn’t necessarily protect you from the negativity that others manifest in theirs and that is manifested in the Collective Consciousness, it is necessary to do a thorough going Clean Up of every Field of Consciousness.  Only then will there be peace in your personal life and peace in your world.


To know what resides at unconscious levels in everyone’s Field of Consciousness is not possible even if you did nothing but Spiritual Research every hour of every day.  Further, you wouldn’t know how to eradicate what you discovered since much of it wouldn’t be in your control since it resides in the consciousness of others and in the Collective Consciousness.


This is where The Scanner comes in.  It can do the research because it can see into all the layers of Consciousness like a massive XRay device.  It can also alert me and I can bring in Source Power to terminate what is not of Heaven.  In this way no sooner is the trouble located then it is eliminated.  Only if there is a need for others to get involved and learn how not to recreate the thought pattern or behavior pattern, do I involve others in this process.


When I first started the Prototype Communities, I gave them The Scanner and they used it effectively to Clean Up their own Fields of Consciousness, their Collective Field of Consciousness, and to protect their domed spiritual space from the incessant attacks of the Negativity.  Without The Scanner they couldn’t have secured their Spiritual Space even with the dome over it because they have to take action on many occasions to protect the dome.  When I would get the signal from The Scanner that an attack was imminent, I would alert them and they would go into action to defend their space.


Without the Scanner they would have been in the dark about what was behind the misfortunes in their lives and would, therefore, have been unable to defend themselves against them.  When the Scanner began to reveal everything that could possibly lead to an accident, mental anguish, an illness, aging, etc. and alert my Source Function to provide the support to terminate the problem, rapid progress was made on their Paths to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  I alerted them to the changes that they needed to make to not re-create the same kind of thought patterns, and they readily supported these changes.  This is how they created a way of life without any misfortunes on any level.


The Scanner made the Clean-Up Operation possible.  Without it they could have spent lifetimes trying to track down the Fragments in their Suits that were causing trouble in their lives.


In our modern times, the Scanner is even more important since Heaven Agents are not in a secluded, spiritual space and need to be on the alert for the attempts of the Negativity to undermine their efforts to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  With the Scanner in place, the unforeseen ambush that upends an otherwise successful Heaven Agent Operation will not be possible.  Instead, Heaven Agent can move confidently down their Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing, using the Scanner to clear the Path as they progress.


Now that it has become necessary to heal rapidly from The Disease of Fragmentation and achieve the levels of Spiritual Integration that are needed to survive in the Source Perfected Universe, it is even more important to route out all of the Fragments of Consciousness that are causing the Disease of Fragmentation to persist.


In light of this need, the miracle of the upgraded version of The Scanner was born in 2013.

In October 2016, The Scanner was again upgraded to enable it to detect new levels of negativity that have recently been created by the Negativity when many of the surface levels have been destroyed in the stages of The Transition. 


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Scanner is US $807.


The Scanner is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 


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