The Correct Exchange Meter


This is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that a Heaven Agent can learn to read to see if they are balancing the exchange with the Source. A Correct Exchange with the Source is the key to Sustainability. The Source will, at the end of Its Transition back to the Source Level only be able to sustain a Suit that is a 100% Correct Exchange 24/7.  Those dropping below this level lose their Source Connection and with it their life.

The Correct Exchange Meter has two settings on it.

  • One setting gives the Heaven Agent information on the quality of Material Energy that they are giving to the Source. Level 14 is the highest grade of Material Energy. This is the grade of Material Energy that should be produced by the Suit to ground the most powerful miracles.  
    • Some of the Material Energy generated by Heaven Agent Work on Build Heaven Projects goes into their Life that Works Fund.  
    • Some of it goes into The World that Works Fund to help ground miracles needed by The Universal Community.
  • The second setting gives them a percent of the amount of Material Energy that is needed that they are giving.  For instance, if they are only producing about 20% of what they need to ground the miracles that they need to survive and to build Heaven, then this is important information to have to correct course. They need to work with the Source to begin producing 100% of what they need to ground the miracles.  Only those producing 100% will be able to sustain their Source Connection at the 100% Mark.  A Source Connection below 100% will not sustain life after the end of The Transition. 


The Correct Exchange for The Correct Exchange Meter is US$95.



The Correct Exchange Meter is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool. 

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