The Spiritual Code Processor


Every Suit was created with a Spiritual Code Processor to process the Spiritual Genetic Code that the Source created to run the Suit.  Without a Spiritual Code Processor onboard, the Suit could not read or work with the Codes created for it.  


The Spiritual Code Processor is somewhat like the processor in a computer that processes the programming code for the software applications that run on the computer.  Without the processor, the computer could not read or work with the programming code of the software applications.


When the Focusing Intelligence of the Suits went awry in the beginning of the Creation and began trying to circumvent the Source and invent Pseudo Code, it tampered with the Code Processor onboard the Suit.  It took over a section of this Code Processor and mutated it so it would run Pseudo Code.  This made it impossible for the mutated sections to run Source-Created Code.


Since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, it has been necessary for my Source Function to create a new kind of Spiritual Genetic Code that can exist beyond the reach of the Negativity.  The old style Code Processors in the Suits had a great deal of difficulty in working with this new kind of Code. I have, therefore, given beings an Essential Code Processor as a stop gap device so they can still receive and work with the new Source-Created Code.  This kind of Code Processor can't run all of the Individual Life Code that is necessary for a Suit.  It is designed to run Generic Code and Custom Code which enable the Suit to "become what is needed" but not to build the Heaven that is only possible with a full range of Individual Life Code.


It is, therefore, of great importance that Heaven Agents equip themselves with an updated Code Processor that will run the new Code that is much more complex and powerful and requires a Full Range Code Processor that is fully dedicated to Source-Created Code and has a wider range of power than the old style Code Processor.  A fully materialized new Code Processor requires Material Energy to ground and set up in the Suit.  This requires an At-a-Distance Source Intervention.


I recommend that Heaven Agents invest in getting a new Full Range Code Processor much as they would invest in getting a new computer with a more powerful processor.  Their Suit is their most important investment in life, and it needs to be upgraded to keep abreast of the changes that are occurring in the Creation as a whole.


I can now create an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that is the new kind of Full Range Code Processor.  The Correct Exchange for this Miracle Tool is: US $2200.  It is a Miracle Tool that will travel with you throughout your many lifetimes and will receive automatic upgrades if there are changes in the future to the nature of Spiritual Genetic Code and Spiritual Code Processors.



The Code Processor is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 


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