Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Communications


In these Communications, Heaven Agents share with you their experiences, their thoughts about the ongoing work, and offer help to you in understanding how you can have a life that is Heaven.  


As you read what they have posted you will have an opportunity to receive the Secondary Code that they have developed from their experiences as Heaven Agents.  This Secondary Code will help you to understand what it is like be a Heaven Agent using Source Guidance and Miracle Tools and Miracle-Based Technologies to respond to the challenges of building a life and a world that is Heaven.


As you ask questions and share your thoughts and experiences, you will have an opportunity to develop Secondary Code of your own which can then be passed on to others who learn from you.  In this way Heaven Agents can help to mentor others who are coming along the path toward the Heaven their lives were meant to be.


It is important to keep in mind that every person's spiritual experiences are unique.  Since every person is a unique Spiritual Intelligence with a unique Mission in life, there are no two Heaven Agents who will have the same type of experience.  There are, however, some common threads in the experiences of Heaven Agents that will help you to get an idea of what it is like to do the work of building Heaven in your life and in the world.


In order to preserve the privacy of the Heaven Agents  sending in Written Communications who are sharing with you very personal information, I will list only their first name and their country.  For Heaven Agents coming in through The Soul Talk Network, I will list only their location as from the Earth Plane or from outside of the Earth Plane.




Heaven Agent Communications from the Earth Plane

Written Communications

Gail – USA

Hilde – Belgium

Soul Talk Communications

These communications come in from Heaven Agents communicating in the Universal Language of Soul Talk via The Soul Talk Network. Soul Talk Communications enable all Heaven Agents working on the Earth to express their understandings even if, on the Outer Plane, they do not have access to the internet. 

Heaven Agent Communications from Outside of the Earth Plane

Soul Talk Communications

All communications coming in from outside of the Earth Plane come through The Soul Talk Network and are translated from the Universal Language of Soul Talk into English.



Participating in

Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Communications


In order to ask a question or make a comment in Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Communications you need to fill out the form below which includes the contact information that enables us to contact you should your post require a more personal and non-public response from a Heaven Agent or from the Source.


Not all entries will be addressed in an upcoming Communication.  You will, however, be providing valuable input that will inform us of content that Heaven Agents would like to see addressed in future Communications.


If your question or comment is addressed in an upcoming Communication, you will remain anonymous to protect your privacy.  The only identifying information that may be included is reference to your first name and your country. Those Heaven Agents coming in via The Soul Talk Network will be referenced by their location only.

By participating in this public forum you are agreeing that your questions and comments can be read and addressed in Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Communications as well as be written and included in any of the materials of The Miracle School.  For instance, your question or comment might also become part of a book or other publication that contains a compilation of Questions and Answers about this work.


If you wish to ask a question and do not wish for this question to be used in Heaven Agent Communications or in any materials, then it is best to enter your question in the Contact Us Form.  


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