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How to Work with The Material Energy Graphic


Step One

The Material Energy Graphic enables you to see how much Material Energy has been generated to build the Landing Zone for an incoming miracle.  The Inner Plane Container will fill up completely when all of the Material Energy that is needed has been generated and is ready for me to work with to build the Landing Zone for the miracle to land in when I send it out from the Source Station. 


The Graphic measures all of the energy that I am able to draw on for the miracle. This Material Energy might be coming from the Life that Works Funds of individuals who are in need of the miracle or from The World that Works Fund, which is contributed to by Heaven Agents throughout the Creation.  


If you see that the miracle lacks the Material Energy that it needs for the Landing Zone, then you can meditate on the Graphic and ask for Source Guidance with regard to what is needed to reach the 100% Mark. You might get information on someone who needs to help or on a particular project that you and others might need to work on to generate the additional Material Energy that is needed. 


It is important to persist in working with this Graphic until all of the Material Energy is provided. Without 100% of the Material Energy I will not be able to build the Landing Zone for the miracle and it will not be able to leave the Source Station to begin its work in The Manifest World.  I do not send miracles out to inadequate Landing Zones because this is harmful to the Miracle Intelligence that has yet to be given The Gift of Life and requires a safe and well powered Landing Zone to come to life and begin its journey to a State of Full Manifestation.


While generating the correct amount of Material Energy through Heaven Agent Work, which produces it in the Material Energy Factory of the Suit, is the natural way to provide Material Energy, it is also possible to contribute through a Financial Exchange to ground the miracles that are needed. A Financial Exchange provides the Material Energy generated by the Work Power of the person producing the work that generated the funds. It is not high quality Material Energy but, by a miracle that the Design Aspect has created, it is a possible substitute for providing Material Energy the natural way through an Energy Exchange.


Those wishing to provide Material Energy through a Financial Exchange can contribute through The Miracle Watch Campaign that is described below.


Step Two

Send in a Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report telling me about what you experienced working with the Graphic.  This will help me to track your work and provide more Inner Plane Coaching support.  I may be able to respond to your Report in an upcoming Source News Report or I will incorporate your insights into my ongoing work on this and other Projects.


I do not post the report or identify the name of the Heaven Agent delivering the Report.  Instead, I may take the essence of the Report and speak to it in ways that preserve the anonymity of the Heaven Agent and deliver the content that was reported in a paraphrased format that enables it to become embued with Source Energies. 


If you would like individualized feedback on your Report, you can request Miracle-Based Coaching by going to: Miracle-Based Coaching and filling out the form for a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment. If your Suit is ready to begin Miracle-Based Coaching, then I will be able to respond to your Report with a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Session by providing you with a link to the online Communication Center where we can communicate in a password protected page. 


You will need to be a member of Connecting and use your username and password to gain access to this Communication Center. If you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can read about it and sign up at: Connecting Signup.  It is a free membership that gives you access to Source-Directed Activism Training Materials that enable you to keep abreast of The Work of the Source.


The Universal Heaven Agent Network provides the Material Energy needed for the Miracle-Based Training Materials of Connecting and also for one Gifted Coaching Session. The amount of Material Energy provided for the Gifted Coaching Session is the equivalent of US $285. It is their gift to incoming Heaven Agents to support their effort to join in the work of Stewarding The Miracle of Life.


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