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The Standard of Heaven Agreement is designed to help us establish the kind of Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship that will enable us to work together as a team to achieve the goal of helping you manifest Heaven in your life and in the world. Such a relationship begins with a clear understanding of the aspects of the work that are addressed below.


In signing this Agreement, you are initiating a Source-Directed Project. This project is to help you manifest Heaven in your life and world through accessing the spiritual assistance that I and others at The Miracle School/The Heaven Project can give you.


Our part of the project is to provide you with the Miracle-Based Source Support necessary to help you enter into The Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing. Part of this support is informing you of the part that you need to play to make the project a success. While miracles can heal and transform your life, they can do so only if you are receptive to them and follow through with the practical actions that support the work that they are doing to manifest the Heaven your life can be. Part of this assistance begins with the miracle that is within this contract. When you sign this Agreement, the miracle that transforms your project into a Source-Directed Project manifests. It gives you the energy that you will need to do your part of the project and it begins to manifest the miracles that the project needs to get under way. You might experience this as a surge of energy that occurs when the project begins.


Since our project is all about manifesting the miracles that bring through Heaven in your life and world, we need to work within the Principles of Life that enable us to create the conditions under which the miracles can come through and Heaven can manifest. If these conditions are right, then Heaven will manifest. If the conditions are not right, then Heaven won’t manifest.


The Standard of Heaven is my term for the essence of those aspects of the Principles of Life that apply most directly to our work together.  These Principles must be upheld as you work on your Life that Works Project, on the World that Works Project, as an affiliate in The Truth Campaign, and in a Joint Venture with the Source through Heaven Economy Miracles or through other kinds of Source-Directed Business Joint Ventures that may arise out of your participation in The Heaven Economy that the Source is establishing.


To uphold the Standard of Heaven, we must:



If the Standard of Heaven is upheld, then our work has integrity and it can manifest Heaven.



I’d like to clarify a few aspects of the work that you should bring into focus before we begin:


  1. Let me clarify what I mean by Correct Exchange, since it is Correct Exchange that opens the gates of Heaven. Correct Exchange occurs when two beings working on a project together give to one another what is needed to get the job done.

    As we begin the project together I will explain what this looks like with your particular project.

    It is important to note that our part of the exchange includes our 24 hour Miracle-Based Support which backs up the in-person sessions and classes that we offer you. This support occurs at the Spiritual Level of reality through the Extended Range of our Spiritual Functions.

  2. It is important for you to be clear that what we are offering you is stemming from a spiritual perspective that is best understood as a part of the religious traditions instead of as a part of the secular traditions. This means that while we may work with you on every aspect of your life, we at no point in the process will provide you with secular services, such as those offered by a psychotherapist, a financial or legal advisor, or a medical professional. All of our work is religious in nature and all of our interventions, treatments, etc. operate solely at the Spiritual Level of reality. This means that if you come to us with a medical complaint, we will not offer you services of a medical nature that address your physical condition. We will offer you spiritual services that will correct the Spiritual Energy Body which we believe affects the condition of the physical body. We engage in what we call Spiritual Medicine which is designed to heal the Spiritual Body while Secular Medicine is designed to heal the Physical Body.

  3. We make available to you Miracle Tools, which are miracles that are either linked to physical objects, such as blankets and crystals, or remain as unlinked spiritual energies. These tools also are designed to work solely at the Spiritual Level of reality. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent physical or mental diseases. They, like all of our work, are derived from the religious traditions where receptivity to healing at a level of faith and willingness to cooperate is central to the effectiveness of the spiritual intervention. They are not FDA approved or derived from any secular scientific tradition. They result from what I call Spiritual Science, which is derived from the knowledge that comes from my Source Function, which is knowledge that would be categorized in our culture as spiritual knowledge. It is knowledge about the spiritual nature of reality and how the Spiritual Level of reality impacts the Physical Level of reality.

  4. Because our work with you individually and in the context of the Community is based on your observance of the Standard of Heaven, it is important for you to see your work in adhering to the Standard as an integral part of your learning process. Any trouble you might have in maintaining the Standard is important information to you because it is the trouble you will have in manifesting Heaven in your life. The Standard arises out of the Spiritual Science that underlies the physics of what it takes to manifest Heaven. If you work with us to correct any difficulties you might have along the way, then this will keep you in good standing in your work with us and in your relationship to the help that the Community will offer you as well.

  5. Manifesting Heaven requires team effort. The Spiritual Consultants of The Miracle School often work as a team to provide you with the widest range of assistance in achieving your goals. They also may call upon members of the Miracle-Based Community should someone in the larger Community have a Miracle-Based Ability that you need. This means that information about your situation is shared amongst those working to help you.

    Confidentiality in the context of this team effort is maintained within the Community defined by The Universal Heaven Project. It is important for you to agree to observe this confidentiality by not sharing outside of this Community the personal information of others who you might work with within the Community of Heaven Agents supporting The Work of the Source on The Universal Heaven Project.

    You are an essential part of this team. It is important that you make a clear decision to Choose Heaven in your life and to remain at the helm of your project of building a life that is Heaven at all times. Spiritual Consultants can assist you in achieving your goals, but are not able to “fix” your life while you wait for the job to be accomplished. Manifesting Heaven takes dedication and diligence on your part. Only when you are sincerely wanting to be free from whatever suffering has occurred in your life and to manifest Heaven instead, and are willing to work with Source Guidance to do so, can you make progress in realizing the potential of a Life that is Heaven.

    This is equally true in engaging in the work of The Heaven Economy.  The greatest care must be exerted to maintain the integrity of the work of building a Prototype of an economic exchange system that is Love-Based, and Source-Guided.  Only in this way can beings learn how to transition out of the dog-eat-dog economy of the Story World.



Agreement to Receive Our Assistance


You acknowledge that you have read the foregoing disclosure of the nature of the work and understand the nature of the assistance we can offer and the terms under which it can be provided. In signing this Agreement you acknowledge that you understand that The Miracle School/The Heaven Project is a religious/spiritual organization. Its Spiritual Consultants are prepared to help you through the stages of learning how to manifest Heaven in your life but do not provide any kind of secular services which fall under the jurisdiction of state-regulated secular professions.


In order for us to provide you with spiritual assistance, it is necessary that you and your representative(s) agree to fully release and hold harmless Sherry Daniel, her staff in The Heaven Project, and The Heaven Project/Miracle School, from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with your session(s), for the spiritual information that we share with you, for the transformational changes that we help you to achieve, for the miracles of Heaven that we help you to receive, for the spiritually guided methodology that we draw upon to assist you, and for the decisions we make with regard to our work in carrying out our spiritual mission to assist you in your spiritual growth.


This Agreement applies to all work in the Internship Program of The Miracle School for The Heaven Economy which involves training in how to operate a Source-Directed Business. This includes training in running a Source-Directed Joint Venture, Heaven Economy Miracle Business, a Truth Campaign Business, or any other kind of Source-Directed Business.  Training in working in The Heaven Economy is a central part of the training for building a Source-Connected Life and is governed by the same principles as any other form of spiritual training that is given through The Miracle School. 


We agree to offer you the best that we have to offer of our spiritual assistance, and you agree to hold us harmless for making these services available to you. You agree that if you find that our assistance is not what you wish to continue to receive, that your only recourse is to leave the work with us and seek to fulfill your spiritual needs through following whatever path you choose to take. 


You also acknowledge that we make no claims that our work – through training, consulting, or through the miracles of Heaven, is a medical intervention of any sort or a substitute for medical treatment that might be appropriate for your physical well-being. We do not make any claims that we diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Because we do not offer any assistance that is designed to heal at the physical level, we encourage you to seek the help of qualified medical professionals if you believe that you have a medical condition that needs professional assistance. We also make no claim that Miracle Tools are derived from any secular scientific theory or methodology or are designed to function as secular scientific devices.


You agree to work within the Source Laws that define The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange. According to the Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange, the financial exchange for work that has been received in a Consultation, a Webinar, a Recorded Training, through a Miracle Tool, a Source Intervention, the Source Connection Center or any other vehicle through which our work is done, is not refundable. A refund would violate the Source Laws that govern The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange.


You agree to release and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with any cyber crime or related crime like phone tapping that might compromise your personal information relating to your work with us in The Miracle School. 


All those participating in The Miracle School need to engage in internet and phone related interactions with The Miracle School with the understanding that 100% internet/phone security is not possible in this time of high tech cyber crimes, phone tapping, and the like. In order to establish the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed for Miracle-Based Work in The Miracle School, it is necessary for students toagree to hold The Miracle School and its staff legally harmless if internet security is compromised in any password protected pages such as a Source Reality Station which hosts the online Coaching Programs, through emails sent to The Miracle School from forms filled out on the web site, through emails sent by The Miracle School, or emails sent to The Miracle School, in the shopping cart, webinars, or any other kind of internet related interaction. This includes phone/teleconferencing and voice and video conferencing which involves the use of services outside of the web site of The Miracle School. Working together in the instance of a cyber attack or other kind of criminal attack is how students of The Miracle School can support the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source that is necessary if the miracles of Source Support are to be made available to them through internet and phone/teleconferencing interactions.  


You agree to release and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with any depiction of our work that has been publicized by an affiliate or by any other person spreading the word about The Work of the Source or for any business practices engaged in by affiliates or any others who are attempting to implement the teachings of the Source regarding a Source-Directed Business. We can be responsible only for the quality of the materials that we ourselves prepare and for the business practices that we ourselves employ in our direct work with you.


If you violate any aspect of this agreement, you agree to pay any legal costs that The Miracle School/The Heaven Project or any of its staff incur as a result of your breach of your agreement to hold us harmless. You also agree to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within King County in the state of Washington in the United States. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us and supersedes and replaces other understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding the terms under which we can offer you assistance.  


Through signing this Agreement, you are agreeing to create the Miracle-Friendly Conditions that are necessary if the miracles that can transform your life and your world are to manifest. Since the miracles of the Source only manifest when The Standards of Heaven are observed, the utmost care must be taken to uphold these Standards and prevent the Miracle-Unfriendly Conditions of the world from impinging on the work and disrupting the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship that underlies any successful work to Build Heaven in your personal life, in any Heaven Economy Business you might have, and in the world.


To sign this Agreement, you can check the box.  In signing this Agreement electronically through checking the box, you agree that this electronic signature will be as spiritually and legally valid as your signature on an original printed Agreement Form.





Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project

Founder of The Miracle School




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