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This Communication Center has been created to give you, as a Heaven Agent, an opportunity to keep me abreast of what you are working on, receiving Source Guidance about, and experiencing as you travel your Journey of Reconnection and work with me on building Heaven in your life and in the world.


It is best if you attune to Inner Source Guidance and share with me what is Next for you as a Heaven Agent to communicate to me.  In this way, you practice attunement and following Inner Source Guidance and present to me what is most important for me to address.


I respond through my continuing Inner Plane Work with you.  I may also comment on your entry in a Source to Heaven Agent Communication in the future.  In any reference to your communication, your identity will be confidential.  I will use at most your first name and Country.  


If there is an urgent need to respond to your communication in person, I will contact you by email or phone.


Through maintaining frequent contact through the Source to Heaven Agent and Heaven Agent to Source Communications online, we can build the kind of working relationship that enables us to build Heaven together and to enjoy the Connection that is possible through these kinds of interactions.


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