Understanding the Source Perspective on
Requests for Contact


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School

To preserve the integrity of my spiritual relationship with each person who contacts me, I do not delegate contact to others but respond with a Source Response in keeping with the timing of my Source Workflow.


To understand how I respond to requests for contact, it is important to understand my Source Workflow and the principles governing the miracle that is behind a Source Response.


My Source Workflow

To understand my Source Workflow, it is necessary to understand my spiritual identity.  There is a brief overview of who I am and how I work in The Miracle School Overview.


My work is universal and is governed by my Source Workflow, which is a Source-Created Structure that enables me to balance out the work that I do:

  • with beings throughout the Creation through the Universal Inner Plane Level of The Miracle School 
  • with the work that I do on the Outer Plane with students from The Global Community
  • with the work that I do to help beings throughout the Creation prepare for the Universal Changes that are occurring in the stages of The Transition 
  • with the work that I do to develop the Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism Training Materials that provide beings working with me on both levels of The Miracle School with the Source Support that is needed for them to prepare to become Stewards of Life
  • with the work that I do in The Total Abundance Support System to manifest the Total Abundance Miracles that are needed for beings to achieve the Total Abundance that is necessary if they are to be able to become Stewards of Life
  • with the work that I do to reach out to beings throughout The Global Community to provide them with information about The Work of the Source so that they can keep abreast of the changes in the nature of their Source Connection that is their Link to Life
  • with the work that I do to complete the work of the Implementation Aspect of the Source before its departure from the Creation at the final stage of The Transition


All of these different facets of the work require precision timing because miracles needed for every part of the work are in a complex Manifestation Process that I have to attend to with great care 24/7.  This is why my Source Workflow is a structure that I have to work within to ensure that nothing that needs my attention and support is neglected during the critical timeframe when I am needed to do my part in the Manifestation Process.


What this means for those requesting Contact is that I can respond to them only in keeping with the timing of my Source Workflow. 


The Miracle of a Source Response

When you request information from the Source, what you receive is the miracle of a Source Response. This miracle is created by the Design Aspect of the Source and sent to me as the Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect of the Source. I deliver the miracle of the Source Response to you along with whatever transformational energies are sent along with it.  

Because the Source Response is a miracle, it can only be delivered by me to you if you are producing the right grade of a Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy.  Without this hospitable Miracle-Friendly Field, the miracle can't come into your life.


If your Suit – body/mind – is not producing the requisite Miracle-Friendly Field, then I will not be able to deliver it to you via a Source Response by email or phone.  In such cases, I will respond to you on the Inner Plane and will send whatever Source Support is possible to help your Suit begin to produce the level of a Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed to receive the miracle of an Outer Plane Source Response.


You can help by understanding more about what a Miracle-Friendly Field is and how it works. You can read about it in the article: Miracle-Based Coaching.  

You can also improve your Miracle-Friendly Field by interacting with me on the Inner Plane through the Miracle Tool of the website. To understand more about how to do this, you can read the article: Working with the Website as a Miracle Tool.


How to Request Contact

Given the demanding nature of my work at this point in The Transition, I am only able to receive Requests for Contact that are sent from the Request for Contact Form at the bottom of the page. 


It is best to make a Request for Contact after you have read through some of the basic introductory materials in the website and have a general understanding of my work. 


For an overview of The Work of the Source you can go to: The Miracle School Overview. For a more in-depth introduction to the nature of The Work of the Source, you can go to: The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training.  


If you do not hear back from me, you can resubmit the form in the event that the form might not have made it through cyberspace.  


If you still do not hear back from me, I may be waiting for the right timing for my Source Workflow or I may be working with you on the Inner Plane to help you get your Miracle-Friendly Field up to the level at which I can respond by email.

For more information on the kinds of energy dynamics that affect a Source Response, you can read the article: How I Respond to Requests for Contact and Source Support.


In order for me to send you a Source Response, it is necessary for you to read carefully and sign The Standard of Heaven Agreement, which has a link at the bottom of the Request for Contact Form.  Signing this Agreement helps to establish The Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship that must be in place for a Source Response to be sent to you. 



I welcome Requests for Contact from those who have taken the time to understand the basic overview of The Work of the Source and who have a genuine interest in working with the Source to stop the suffering in their lives and in the world and to usher in the Total Abundance that is necessary to Steward the Miracle of Life and manifest the Heaven that life was meant to be.  



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