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Liberating Your True Intelligence and Your True Self



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to find out how to embark on Source-Guided Explorations that will expand your Spiritual Space to liberate your True Intelligence to assume its rightful place in your life.  As your True Intelligence takes over the stage of your life, the real "you" – your True Self – will be liberated as well. You will then regain your right to live the life that the Source has created for you and to fulfill the Mission that you chose to fulfill before you incarnated into this lifetime.



Liberating Your True Intelligence and
Centering in Your True Self


The first step is to Liberate your True Intelligence, which is the only aspect of your Spiritual Intelligence that is capable of bringing through your True Self, which is your Perfected Spiritual Identity.  Your True Intelligence has been suppressed by the Pseudo Intelligence that you were encouraged to develop to support the Pseudo Self that you were groomed to develop.  The Pseudo Self is the Socialized Self that is based on the social roles that you play in your society. The Pseudo/Socialized Self eclipses your True Self and the Pseudo/Socialized Intelligence pushes your True Intelligence into the background while it dominates the stage of your life.


Until you liberate your True Intelligence and reclaim your True Self, you can not develop a strong Source Connection. The Source can only form a relationship with your True Self. The Pseudo Self is a kind of Thought Form generated Entity.  It dies at your physical death along with your physical Suit. What lives on is the Real You which is your True Self. The Source has an eternal connection to your True Self, not to a social fabrication that reflects the fads and fashions of the social order into which you are born.


There are several steps to the initial Liberation of your True Intelligence that set the stage for a return of your True Self to the stage of your life.



The Gifted Introductory Training

The first level of Liberation occurs when you spend thoughtful time studying the audios, videos, and articles structured into The Gifted Introductory Training at: Join The Total Abundance Movement. These materials give you an overview of the focus and methodologies as well as the history of the Creation and The Source Perspective on where the Creation has been and where it is going.  


The information is organized into Four Steps that help you to understand how to make a decision to become a Source-Directed Activist, get started with getting Training & Equipped, and then start tracking the action in the ongoing Source-Directed Projects that you will be working on in The Source Connection Coaching Program.


This Training is important because it is only when you create a space in your life to recover the birthright of your True Intelligence and your True Self that you can begin evolving toward the Total Abundance that is created by the Source for the Real You – your True Self – not for the Pseudo Self.  This space is created when you honor The Source Perspective on Reality even if it differs from the spiritual traditions with which you may be familiar.  When you make a space in your life to learn directly from the Source about who you are and about the world you live in, then you begin to reverse out the blockages put in your Suit by the Pseudo Self to prevent your True Self from becoming the "you" that you recognize as your True Identity.


Liberating True Intelligence is more a matter of legitimizing who you really are and what you already know, at the level of your True Intelligence, about the way that the world is, what life is about, and what it means to connect to the Source and attain the highest level of Total Abundance.  Your True Intelligence and your True Self already have the picture in focus. They have just been suppressed by Pseudo Intelligence and by the Pseudo Self so that their wisdom could not be heard.  


The more you study The Source Perspective and learn about the way the world really is, the more space you create for your True Self and your True Intelligence. Once they come out on the stage of your life and replace the imposters – the Pseudo Self and the Pseudo Intelligence – then you will be able to travel your Path to Total Abundance without getting thrown off course up by the sirens of the social world that would like you to believe that you are only the roles that you play in the Cultural Story and not a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence with an important Mission to fulfill in this lifetime.


Every moment that you spend exploring The Source Perspective is another opportunity to liberate your True Intelligence which will liberate your True Self.


To access The Gifted Introductory Training you can go to: 




Source-Guided Explorations

The second level of liberating your True Intelligence occurs in Explorations.  Explorations are Source-Guided Adventures into The Spiritual Level of Reality. Your Suit has to shift gears to allow your True Intelligence to accompany me on the Adventure since only your True Intelligence will know how to navigate in an Exploration. This not only strengthens your True Intelligence's ability to gain the stage in your life but creates a permanently expanded space in which it can continue to operate. As you continue to expand its range through a series of Explorations, you eventually regain the fully expanded space your True Intelligence needs if you are to be your True Self in this life.


A few of the aspects of True Intelligence that Explorations are designed to access are described below.


Full Range Direct Perception

Direct Perception is the ability to see what is happening on The Spiritual Level of Reality as the Source sees it. This means that you are not looking at it through a Cultural Filter that distorts the reality of what is seen in order to make it fit within The Box of the Cultural Story about the nature of physical and spiritual reality.

Full Range Direct Perception enables you to receive Source Guidance that provides you with relevant information about what is happening anywhere in the Creation if this information is important for you to have for some aspect of your Mission.  It is not like X-Ray Vision or a Universal Telescope that sees in a very literal way. It is a perception of fact as it is relevant to your Mission.  

The information is generally given in metaphorical images that translate information into terms that your human mind can comprehend.  For instance, beings in another part of the Creation might appear in an image in human forms when, in fact, their Suits may differ from the Suits of humans. What you notice about the way these beings are or what they are doing is the factual component that relays to you valid information that is relevant to your Mission.

Long Range Direct Perception could enable you to see what is happening in a distant galaxy or in The Second Creation, which is outside of the universe that we live in, which is in The First Creation.

In-Depth Direct Perception could enable you to observe how your own Suit or the Suits of others are functioning at physical and spiritual levels. This knowledge is important to maintaining your Suit and the Suit of others in good health as well as in doing your complex Heaven Agent Work.


Tracking the Inner Plane to See What Is Likely to Manifest on the Outer Plane

Because what manifests on the Outer Plane has been created first on the Inner Plane, it is important to track what is rooting itself on the Inner Plane to either help it to manifest on the Outer Plane or to prevent it from manifesting on the Outer Plane. 

For example, tracking the root of suffering has enabled members of the Prototype Communities to eliminate disease and aging and achieve Perfect Health. Tracking the root of conflict has enabled them to eliminate Inner Plane violence before it erupts in violence on the Outer Plane. This is what has made it possible for the Prototype Communities to live in peace and sustain Love-Based Communities.


Tracking miracles landing on the Inner Plane enables you to work with the Source to welcome them into your life and work with them to manifest the Heaven of Total Abundance.

Understanding the Past

Too often people develop erroneous stories about what has happened in the past.  These stories distort their sense of the future, which rests on their experiences of the past.


Your True Intelligence can enable you to look back at the past and understand what happened, from The Source Perspective, and to understand how the past is impacting your life in the present and is likely to impact it in the future.


Understanding the past can help you to put incidents into the correct perspective, learn from them, and not carry the burden of them into the future. It is a key to releasing from the distress that troubling events may have generated as well as liberating yourself from the fairy tale of Pseudo Happiness that might be deluding you into thinking that you are on the right course going forward when, in fact, you are building on events in the past that are not heading you in the right direction.


Tracking the Action in the Moment

Only True Intelligence is fast enough to track the action, from The Source Perspective, in the moment.  It is able to help you to navigate through complex life transitions at birth and death as well as through all of the myriad of lesser transitions in-between.  It can also help you to do complex Heaven Agent Missions where precise work has to occur at lightening speed without a chance to think through it in the more plodding ways in which your Left Brain has been socialized to function.



The Four Formats for an Exploration

I can send the Awakening Energies in Explorations that occur in four formats.  


Individual Explorations in Coaching Sessions

The most powerful kind of Exploration occurs in Individual Coaching Sessions when I can send very precise and powerful Awakening Energies to your Suit to liberate it from the limiting structures that constrain your True Intelligence and prevent it from ushering your True Self into the spotlight of your life.  


In the initial Coaching Sessions, after you complete The Gifted Introductory Training, I help you to create a space in your life for your True Self by helping you to get in touch with your unique Spiritual Function in the Creation. This Function is the part that you play in the Organism of Life in the Creation. This Function is translated in any particular lifetime into a Life Mission.  In your Mission there are certain of your array of Miracle-Based Abilities that you will call upon to fulfill your Mission. These Miracle-Based Abilities need to be understood and activated in order to enable you to begin drawing on them to do your Heaven Agent Work. This Activation can occur in an initial Exploration Session.


I generally recommend a series of Individual Session Explorations in order to ensure that the basic aspects of your True Intelligence and your True Self are coming through enough for you to proceed to more advanced levels of training.


To request a Coaching Session Exploration, you can access the form provided below for an Individual Coaching Session.


Group Explorations in Source Workflow Trainings by Webinar

Some Webinar Explorations take you on Source-Guided Adventures to explore the world as it is.  Others take you into The Place of Perfection which is a Source-Created Model of the world as it will be.


In both types of Explorations you learn about The Spiritual Level of Reality and how it affects The Physical Level of Reality.


Recorded Source Workflow Explorations

The essential structure of a Group Exploration by Webinar is that of a Source Workflow Training.  In these trainings only the Heaven Agents who have the Puzzle Pieces that are needed to complete the picture of that Training engage in the Webinar. In this way, all of the essential aspects of the Exploration that are needed to bring through True Intelligence are ensured of being activated and a complete set of Awakening Energies are sent through the Recording. 


Other Heaven Agents can listen to the Recorded Training and go on the Adventure prototyped by the Heaven Agents who went on it initially.  They will receive the individualized Source Support that I send At-a-Distance to them as they are listening to the Recorded Training. This Source Support will enable them to achieve the expansion of their Spiritual Space for their True Intelligence that was achieved by those attending the original Training.


Explorations in the Seattle Source Connection Center

Taking an Exploration to the Outer Plane through entering into The Place of Heaven that has manifested in the Seattle Source Connection Center, is one of the most powerful ways to immerse your Suit in a complete learning environment that will enable it to bring through all of the facets of your True Intelligence.


Through working with the Stations of the Center and with the Miracle Tools, music, movement, Source Drawings, and programmed furnishings of the Center, your True Intelligence emerges more rapidly and more completely. The work at the Center often includes some Session time with me, which takes the power of the Exploration to the highest level. 


Working in the Center is an important part of your training in The Source Connection Coaching Program. Individual Heaven Agents come for Personal Intensives there where they may stay a week or more to benefit from the cumulative effect of the work. Local Heaven Agents can come more frequently to the Center. Group Intensives also bring in Heaven Agents to work on particular kinds of Explorations that enable Heaven Agents to discover how to use their True Intelligence in their Team Work with other Heaven Agents.


Maui Intensive Explorations

Intensives in Maui, Hawaii link the Retreat Center where we work and stay to The Place of Perfection. This enables Heaven Agents to live on the Inner Plane in The Place of Perfection while also enjoying the beauty of Hawaii on the Outer Plane.  


This provides a very intense kind of ongoing Exploration that expands your Spiritual Space for the highest levels of your True Intelligence.  


Packet Explorations

Packet Explorations are Guided Adventures that unfold as you work with objects, music, drawing, movement, etc. on your own following a Packet of Instructions.  You provide the props, the objects, music, etc. and I send the Miracle Links that transform them into Miracle Tools.  You work with me At-a-Distance and email me your experiences and I track your progress to ensure that you are gaining the full benefit of the Exploration. 


You have to have a certain level of expansion of your True Intelligence to work with Packet Explorations on your own. They generally are given once you have worked with Explorations in other formats and have a more developed set of skills in working with your True Intelligence.



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How to Embark on a Source-Guided Exploration 

Coaching Session Explorations


You can request an Exploration in a Source Connection Coaching Session by phone, online conference, or in-person in The Source Connection Center in Seattle, WA USA.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracles that are brought through for you in an Individual Coaching Session is based on the amount of time spent in the Session.  In the form below, you will be able to choose the length of time you wish to set for your Session. The Correct Exchange for one hour is US $385. 


If you schedule for one hour and the Session needs to extend beyond that period of time, I will give you an option to continue and provide a Correct Exchange after the completion of the work.


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Explorations in Source Workflow Trainings by Webinar

All Explorations by webinar occur in the context of a Source Workflow Training.  These Trainings are open to Heaven Agents coming in on through The Source Connection Coaching Program.  Since the Source Connection Coaching Program is universal, some Heaven Agents attending will be coming in on the Outer Plane via Webinar and others will be coming in on the Inner Plane via The Soul Talk Network.  


Only those Heaven Agents who have the Puzzle Pieces that complete The Picture of the Exploration that is the focus of the Exploration attend these webinars.  This is to preserve the quality of the work so that each recording of an Exploration can successfully liberate others seeking to expand their Spiritual Space for their True Intelligence and make space for their True Self to come back onto the stage of their life.


Other Heaven Agents who need the help of the energies coded into the Training, can request a Recording of the Training.  This Recording will have all of the essential energies and insights that are needed to enable them to achieve the level of liberation of their True Intelligence and their True Self that were made available to the Heaven Agents working in the live Source-Guided Exploration.


If you are in The Source Connection Coaching Program, I will alert you through a Source Guidance Email if there is an upcoming Exploration by webinar in which you have an important part.  I will alert you at the time of the Correct Exchange for that particular Exploration.  The Correct Exchange depends on the amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracles in that Source Workflow Training.



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Recorded Source Workflow Explorations

Exploration Technology has just recently become available in February 2017.  I am just beginning the work on setting up the first Explorations by Webinar and will post here when Recorded Explorations become available.

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Explorations in the Seattle Source Connection Center

To request Explorations in the Seattle Source Connection Center, you can fill out The Gifted Assessment Form with any information about yourself and where you are on your spiritual path that you feel is helpful.  I will respond by email to recommend the kind of Explorations that will work best for you and provide you with information on the amount of Material Energy that will be needed to ground the miracles that will be needed for these Explorations.

You can access the Gifted Exploration Assessment Form through the link provided below. 


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Explorations in a Maui Intensive

No Maui Intensives are scheduled for 2017. If you would like to attend a Maui Intensive, you can request a Gifted Maui Intensive Assessment and I will notify you when the next Intensive is scheduled.


To access the Gifted Maui Exploration Assessment, you can fill out the form provided below.


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Packet Explorations

I am currently working on Packet Explorations for those who are advanced enough to work with this kind of Exploration.  Since my support for this kind of Exploration is through Email Coaching rather than my presence at the time of the Exploration, more skill is required for a Heaven Agent to work successfully with this type of Exploration.


I will post here when Packet Explorations become available.



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