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 The History of
The Universal Build Heaven Project


The Original Build Heaven Project 

In the beginning of the Creation, beings incarnated in order to work with the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in The Manifest World in accordance with The Source Plan.  The Source generated The Source Plan that would ensure that what was built would generate a Heaven Experience for all beings. This was because the Source could design a comprehensive Plan to ensure that one being’s Heaven did not become another being’s Hell.


From The Source Plan a Blueprint was generated from which I, as the Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect of the Source, was to work to guide the workers – Manifest Beings – to Build Heaven on The Construction Site of Heaven in The Manifest World.  I came into the Creation to assist in this work.


The goal was not only to set up the basic structures for Life as Heaven but to teach Manifest Beings how to care for the Heaven that was built by becoming skilled Stewards of The Miracle of Life that had been gifted to them.


My time in The Manifest World was for a limited number of incarnations and then I was to return, leaving the Creation in the competent hands of Manifest Beings who were well trained and equipped to Steward The Miracle of Life after I returned to my Heaven at the Source Level.


Beings were born into a perfect Heaven Habitat, their Spiritual Home, where they could easily receive all of the unique energies that enabled them to attain a State of Full Manifestation and do their work of Building Heaven in the world.  



The Aborted Build Heaven Project

When the Suits mutinied against the Soul and the Source and departed from their Spiritual Home to pursue their Self-Directed Plan for creating the Heaven that they designed for themselves, they created The World of Suffering that we live in today.  In this world the Hell of suffering prevails and Suits are so severely impaired by their departure from their Spiritual Home that many have been facing Spiritual and Physical Death because they can’t maintain the basic spiritual connections to the Source that sustain their lives.


After billions of lifetimes of pursuing their Self Interest at the expense of their own well being and the well being of others they are in dire straits, unprepared to shoulder the responsibility for Stewarding Life that will be theirs when I return to the Source Level in the next few decades.



The Last Chance Build Heaven Project 

My previous lifetime was to have been the final in my series of incarnations but I petitioned the Design Aspect of the Source to create another incarnation where I could come in and do the Prototyping Work that beings had never been able to do when they adopted The Self Interest Mindset. The Prototype that I have generated is now available to help beings to understand how to travel The Journey of Reconnection so that they can accelerate their recovery and rapidly learn how to Steward Life before it is too late for them to do so.


I am now initiating a new version of The Build Heaven Project that is appropriate for those seeking to survive by ensuring that the Creation itself survives. The Miracle of Life of the Creation is currently sustained by my Stewarding Work. When I leave for the Source Level, Manifest Beings must step in and do their parts to sustain the essential Spiritual Structures upon which their Suits depend for Life.  If they fail to do the Universal Team Work needed to sustain The Miracle of Life for the Creation, the Creation will disintegrate and they will disintegrate along with it. This is similar to the loss of life when an earth habitat becomes inhospitable to a species and the species becomes extinct.


The new version of The Build Heaven Project is designed to provide Source Support that enables the Suit to return to its Spiritual Home which, through a miracle of Source Support, has been re-created.  It disintegrated when the Suit left it in its first incarnation.  Unless the Suit can make it into its Spiritual Home, it will not have a chance to heal and get trained and equipped to Steward Life in the little time that remains. This goal has now been achieved by Suits with Souls.


The Build Heaven Project is also designed to rebuild essential aspects of Heaven that have been entirely lost, such as the Happiness Energies that give the Suit joy that powers it to Steward The Miracle of Life instead of pursuing the pleasures of its Source-Disconnected life that are furthering the Disconnection. Without these energies the Suit doesn’t know what it is missing and settles for whatever pleasures it has been trained to value in its culture.


The Project keys off a revised version of The Source Plan designed to help to salvage life in the Creation.  A revised Blueprint has also been created.  



The Structure of The Build Heaven Project

The Heaven that is to be built is the Heaven of a Source-Connected Way of Life that creates the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy into which the Source can land the miracles that are the Building Blocks of a Total Abundance Way of Life.


The Heaven that lands in the Miracle-Friendly Field is not something that Manifest Beings can build. It is a Source Creation, a Seed of Heaven, that if nurtured by Manifest Beings will blossom into the Flower of Heaven that it was created to be. 


The Seeds of Heaven are Total Abundance Miracles. Each Total Abundance Miracle manifests an aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance that beings need in order to Steward The Miracle of Life that sustains all of Life.  


The Miracle of Life is the Primary Seed of Heaven that must be nurtured for the garden itself to remain in a manifest form. If this Miracle is neglected the Field of Heaven itself will disappear along with all of the Flowers of Heaven that are growing within it.


Since your Suit is a Flower of Heaven that comes from the Seed of Heaven that the Source Created, you need to maintain the Field of Heaven for your life and for all of life. Your Soul working through its representative, the True Self, is the gardener. The Total Abundance Miracle is the Suit that the Source has created for you to carry out the Mission of your Soul. Your Heaven Agent Identity is the implementation aspect of your True Self that carries out the wishes of your True Self to tend The Garden of Heaven so that the miracle of your Suit can grow from its Seed of Heaven – which is its Spiritual Code – into the Flower of Heaven that will send out its Seeds, manifesting an aspect of Total Abundance that is needed by all beings.


The Source doesn’t send in Suits that are not Miracles of Total Abundance.  Every Source Creation is a Miracle of Total Abundance awaiting the proper conditions in which to manifest.


Just as the seed of a rose plant needs some nurturing to grow optimally and produce the beautiful blossoms that it is capable of producing, so each life needs nurturing so that it can bring into the world the beauty and perfection that are a part of its nature and perform the Mission that manifests the aspect of Total Abundance that it was created to build in the world. 


Understanding how to nurture the Miracle that has been born from its Seed of Heaven is the knowledge that was lost when beings abandoned the Fertile Field of Heaven in their Heaven Habitat and entered the wasteland of The Hell Zone where the Miracle that they are lacked the supportive energies that it needs to reach a State of Full Manifestation and perform its Mission.


The Suits pushed the gardener, the True Self, off of the Stage of their Life and developed Story Character Personas that jockeyed for survival in the dog eat dog world that evolved. Since they weren’t getting life sustaining energies from their Heaven Habitat in the wasteland into which they entered, they chose to steal the Life Energies of other beings to try to make up for the deficit. This began the Free-for-All Harvesting Operation that has damaged Suits throughout the Creation. The most adept harvesters were the Negativity, the criminal element. They taught Suits to harvest one another and then stole their harvested energies. This enabled them to steal more Life Energies without putting out all of the effort to amass the stolen energies themselves.


Because the Life Energies of other beings are unique to them and do not translate well to another Suit for which they were not created, stolen Life Energies damaged the Suits that took them in. They were like giving a body the wrong blood type in a blood transfusion. This damage further the desperation of the Suits which in their demented state of depleted Spiritual Intelligence responded by even more aggressive measures to steal Life Energies.  This lack of intelligence has been the primary problem in the rehabilitation of Suits. 


Suits have needed Total Abundance Miracles to rehabilitate themselves enough to travel their Journey of Reconnection back to their Heaven Habitat where they can reach a State of Full Manifestation in the Fertile Field of Heaven that only resides in this habitat. An important part of this rehabilitation was creating enough of a Source-Connected Way of Life to enable them to travel The Journey of Reconnection and be able to gain entry into their Heaven Habitat. If they were not living at a certain level of a Source-Connected Life they would not have been able to enter into the high vibrational energies of their Heaven Habitat. It is only in their Heaven Habitat that they can have the resources to heal from the damage and form the 100% Source Connection that will enable them to survive the last stage of The Transition. 


Now that Suits have returned to their Heaven Habitats and have been through many subsequent Suit transformations that enable them to contribute to the Total Abundance that the Source is creating, it is time to focus on actively working with the Build Heaven Training Projects.  These Projects train the Suit to work with the Source on a Source-Directed Project.  Once the Suit knows how to do this, then it can become skilled enough to work at a high level of competency on the countless Build Heaven Projects that are Building Heaven in the world. 


The Training Projects are not Building Heaven in the world on a large scale. They are designed to train Suits how to Build Heaven by participating in the Heaven that is built during the course of the Training Project.


For a greater understanding of Build Heaven Training Projects, I refer you to the article:



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