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 Build Heaven Training Projects


The Purpose for Build Heaven Training Projects 

Currently there are countless Build Heaven Projects being worked on throughout the Creation to rapidly build the Heaven of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is needed if individual beings and the Creation itself are to achieve Sustainability by the final stage of The Transition.  


Most Manifest Beings are contributing to this work through their Extended Range, which is generally outside of their conscious awareness. While this is enabling the foundation for a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life to be built on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality, it is not building this Way of Life on the Outer Plane, The Physical Level of Reality rapidly enough to for Sustainability to be achieved. Because Ultimate Sustainability is dependent on building a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life on the Outer Plane as well as on the Inner Plane, it is vitally important that Manifest Beings learn how to work with the Source on a Source-Directed Project for Building Heaven on the Outer Plane.


Over the years The Miracle School has provided students with Source-Directed Training Projects to help them learn the basics for Building Heaven. These students have Prototyped what it is like to work on a Source-Directed Project in their Conscious Range. Many of these Projects have focused on bringing about personal change on the Inner and Outer Planes.


Now it is time for more Manifest Beings to learn this skill so that they can advance the work and form a Core Group of Source-Directed Activists who are building a Total Abundance Way of Life on the Outer Plane as well as on the Inner Plane.  There is a need for Source-Directed Social Change which will result from a combination of Spiritual and Social Activism that is Source-Directed. Training in this phase of the work is at another level from the more private inner work and personal life changes that have been Prototyped by Heaven Agents to date.



The Two Types of Build Heaven Training Projects

The Projects that you will find in this directory are listed under the structure of The Five Heaven Projects that make up The Universal Heaven Project.  You can see these depicted pictorially in the graphic below.  The Five Heaven Projects are the Primary Projects that sponsor the Building Block Projects and the Implementation Projects.


Building Block Projects 

In each of the five Heaven Projects there are Building Block Projects that help to build essential structures of understanding about how to Build Heaven in the world.


Implementation Projects 

There are also Implementation Projects which provide a Source-Directed context in which Source-Directed Activists can begin to apply what they learn in the Project to making the personal and social changes that Build Heaven in their lives and world.


About Implementation Projects 

The Historical Context of the Projects 

The Implementation Projects contain a wide array of Projects initiated often decades ago which are still important parts of Building Heaven in the world.  They contain, in some instances, references to the issues of the historical time in which they were created.  I have not omitted these references but direct you to follow the news of what is happening in The Transition which is changing the context in which all work on the Training Projects is occurring.  


The Need to Keep Abreast of What Is Changing

The best way to keep abreast of the news is to read The Source News Reports on the stages of The Transition. Members of Connecting can access these Reports in The Source Connection Station. A less extensive coverage of what is happening in the Creation and in the Projects will be provided in The Source News Hub.


Keeping abreast of what is happening in The Work of the Source is essential to working with the Source on any Source-Directed Project whether it is one of the Training Projects listed in this Hub or one of the countless Source-Directed Projects that are being worked on throughout the Creation.


The more your Suit is able to register the work in its Conscious Range and provide the more skilled Source-Directed Activist Work that is learned in the Training Projects, the better chance it will have to attain the Ultimate Sustainability that is needed to retain its Source Connection at the end of The Transition. Since the end of The Transition is within a little over two decades, time is of the essence in providing your Suit with the training that it needs to learn how to work with the Source on a Source-Directed Project.


Understanding the Methodology Behind an Implementation Project 

Implementation Projects are designed to provide enough information and Source Support for individual students to get started working on implementing what they have learned in the Project in their personal life and world.


After the Implementation Process is underway in a Project, it is up to the students of The Miracle School, who are in the Coaching Program, to work with the Project and implement what they have learned. On the Outer Plane, I work with students in online coaching and in group sessions by webinar. On the Inner Plane I work with students who are interfacing only with the Inner Plane level of The Miracle School that reaches beings throughout the Creation. The work with Inner Plane students can at times be reflected in Source Workflow Trainings that describe my Inner Plane Individual and Group Sessions with them.


In the Projects prior to this phase of my work, I generally shifted to working with individuals during the Implementation Stage and did not continue to post online in the Project since the Project materials had done their work in helping students prepare for the Implementation Stage of the work.


As we move more into Outer Plane social change, I will be posting more about what is happening in the behind the scenes Implementation Work in The Source News Hub and in The Source Connection Station and The Dream Heaven Campaign Workstation so that others new to the work can start working on Implementing what they are learning about in the Projects. [Note that The Source Connection Station and The Dream Heaven Campaign Workstation are available only to members of Connecting since they contain Basic Spiritual Code which is gifted to members of Connecting by The Universal Heaven Agent Network.]


The Dream Heaven Campaign covers work on both the Listed Build Heaven Projects in the Hub and the Unlisted Build Heaven Projects that make up the majority of the Build Heaven Projects that are being worked on by the Source to manifest The Dream of Heaven, which is how Heaven is built.  


The Dream Heaven Campaign supports The Ultimate Spiritual Healing and Ultimate Sustainability Project which spans the full range of the five Build Heaven Projects. The work is organized by Source Call to Action Projects that are initiated when Heaven Agents use Dream Heaven Technology to manifest a Correct Exchange Mission from The Dream of Heaven.  Once this Correct Exchange Mission is manifested, the Heaven Agent receives Dream Heaven Source Support to manifest a Build Heaven Aspect of The Dream of Heaven by working on the Mission.


Through the online Heaven Agent Report Form it is possible to get general feedback from me about how your Implementation Work is progressing.  In my Source Response to these Reports I do not address individual issues but talk about general understandings that will help with the issues raised in the Report. Individualized feedback is provided for those enrolled in The Miracle-Based Coaching Program.



Now that upgraded Dream Heaven Technology is available along with the essential Dream Heaven Miracles that enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to build the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life, we have moved into a new era in the work of Building Heaven in the world.


Through using Dream Heaven Technology it is possible to manifest Correct Exchange Missions that guide the work of Heaven Agents to manifest a Build Heaven Aspect of The Dream of Heaven that builds the Heaven that is needed for the work toward Ultimate Spiritual Healing and Ultimate Sustainability to progress at the rate that will meet the ever rising Standard for Sustainability of The Sustainability Timeline. In this way, Heaven Agents working to achieve Ultimate Sustainability can contribute effectively to getting themselves and the Creation prepared to survive the end of The Transition



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