The How I Respond to Requests for
Contact and Source Support 


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



When you request contact or a particular form of Source Support, you are requesting a Source Response. A Source Response is a spiritual response to your request. It is based on the Spiritual Principles that enable a Source Response to be delivered.  I will explain below the context in which a Source Response can be given and what you can do to facilitate the receipt of a Source Response.



Understanding an Initial Source Response


The Context of a Source Response

I respond to your request in accordance with the guidance that I receive from the Design Aspect of my Source Identity. The Design Aspect remains in The Unmanifest Level of Reality and sends in the miracles that enable me to implement The Source Plan that it has created for The Manifest World. This Source Plan is what enables life in the Creation to become the Heaven that it was created to be. Source Guidance is one of the miracles that comes through to assist in this Implementation Process.


I am the Manifestation of the Implementation Aspect of the Source. I have been incarnating in The Manifest World since the beginning of the Creation to help beings learn how to become Stewards of The Miracle of Life so that when I return to my Source Level to rejoin the Design Aspect, they will be able to sustain The Miracle of Life in the Creation.


I am now in the midst of a 12 Stage Transition back to my Source Level and am within a few decades of making the final Transition.


Beings are not well prepared to sustain The Miracle of Life and there is a criminal element – the Negativity – that is in a full scale War against the Source that could destroy The Miracle of Life.  They are like a ravenous cancer that is Harvesting Life in the Creation to their own detriment, much as cancer cells destroy the host upon which their lives are dependent.


My work to provide beings with their best chance to survive the final stage of The Transition is underway 24/7.  I am calling all beings to study with me to become Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activists who can skillfully Steward The Miracle of Life and preserve Life in The Manifest World.  


I am training beings throughout the Creation through an Inner Plane level of The Miracle School. I communicate with them through The Universal Language of Soul Talk.  


I am also training a Core Group of Heaven Agents – another term for Source-Directed Activists – on the Outer Plane in The Source Connection Coaching Program. This Core Group will Prototype a Total Abundance Way of Life that will provide all beings with an alternative to The Scarcity Way of Life that has led to conflict and suffering in the world and has supplied the Negativity with power to continue its efforts to abort the Total Abundance that is the natural Source-Created Way of Life.


The work on manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance will enable Life in the Creation to become sustainable.



Correct Timing 

Helping to Birth Miracles

Because I am engaged 24/7 in Universal Work to transition the Creation into a sustainable Total Abundance Way of Life, I  require periods of time in which I am reclusive and working only on a Universal Level.  During these times, I can’t respond to emails or phone calls or work in Webinars or Intensives. 


These times of intense Universal Work are times when I am helping to birth the miracles that lay the foundation for a Total Abundance Way of Life.  The birthing process requires my full attention and support during the critical times when the miracles are coming through into the world. 


When I am at work helping to birth miracles, I am unavailable in a similar way that a doctor delivering a baby is unavailable. The doctor can't interrupt the birth to take a phone call or answer an email. The life of the miracle has to be given my foremost attention just as the life of the baby needs to be given the doctor's foremost attention.  Every miracle delivered into the world is a new Miracle Intelligence that requires great care to arrive safely. 


Dealing with the Negativity

Another part of my Universal Work is dealing with the Negativity. Every round with the Negativity takes concentration and precise timing and attention to the safety and well-being of every aspect of life that is affected by their activities. 


My ultimate goal is to Make the World Safe for the Heaven of Total Abundance for All Beings.  I am working against the Negativity whose goal is to create artificially induced scarcity, engender conflict between beings over scarce resources, and then encourage beings to damage one another so they are weakened and ripe for the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.


The Negativity harvests the low vibrational emotions of rage, fear, grief, and despair and siphons off the Life Energies that are intermingled with these highly charged emotional energies. The Negativity lives on these stolen Life Energies. They can no longer receive Life Energies directly from the Source because they have broken their Source Connection.


They operate at a very low vibrational level and cannot interface with any energies that are not also at a low vibrational level.  This is why they stage conflict and cruelty, disease and accidents, war and crime, domestic violence and child abuse to lower the vibrational level of their victims so the victims will produce the low vibrational energies to which the Negativity can interface.


Because their lives depend on creating the conditions in which conflict and suffering occur, they are a force that has sought to infiltrate the lives of all Manifest Beings throughout the Creation.  They sometimes come along with an applicant for Source Support hoping to enhance their Harvesting Operation by seeking to damage my Suit – body/mind – in order to tap into the bounty of Source Energies that emanate from my Manifestation. 


Because they complicate the picture of my interaction with a person requesting contact with me, I have to factor in the security issues which the presence of the Negativity raises in order to establish the correct spiritual conditions in which I can deliver the miracle of a Source Response. 


Miracles require a Miracle-Friendly Environment.  If the energy field surrounding a person requesting help is too Miracle-Unfriendly, then I cannot send in the miracle of a Source Response which carries with it the miracles that help them to strengthen their Source Connection.


Because I do not respond to a request for contact with a Secular Response, I have to await the right conditions to respond with the correct Miracle-Based, Source Response. 


If I Do Not Respond on the Outer Plane

If I don't respond within a one week time frame, it is often wise to resubmit your request in case your email did not make it through cyberspace.


If I still do not respond, then it might be because of one of the reasons that I describe below.


It could be that it is not the right time for me to answer to your request because I am engaged in Universal Work and can’t divert my attention at the time.  If this is the case, then I will contact you when I am able to do so.


It could be that you have approached me before you are ready to begin the work on the Outer Plane. Outer Plane contact may be in your Mission Plan for your life but the timing might be for some later point in time. The best thing for you to do is to ask to “become what is needed to support the Work of the Source” and this will enable your Suit to begin preparing for the Outer Plane Connection.  


At times, the only Source Response that is in keeping with Source Guidance is an Inner Plane response. This is a response delivered through a Source Communication on The Spiritual Level of Reality.  Inner Plane responses occur when there is either no time for me to respond to you on the Outer Plane and you need immediate help or when the conditions are not Miracle-Friendly enough for me to respond to you on the Outer Plane.


I discuss what you need to do to establish the correct Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with me in the section below.



Creating a Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship
with the Source

Because miracles are needed for any Source Response, the first step toward establishing contact of any sort is to establish a Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source. Signing The Standard of Heaven Agreement, for instance, is basic to establishing the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with me that enables me to bring in the miracle of an Outer Plane Source Response. For an introduction to The Standard of Heaven and what it means for our working relationship, you can reference the articles on Entering into a Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source.


In some cases, my lack of response on the Outer Plane is due to Inner Plane attack from your Suit.  Some Suits are heavily networked with the Negativity on the Inner Plane even though the conscious mind of the Suit is unaware of this activity.  If this is the case, you need to ask to “become what is needed to support the Work of the Source” and this will mobilize the Source-Connected parts of your Suit to counteract the Source-Disconnected parts of your Suit that are controlled by the Negativity.  


When you ask to “become what is needed”, I send you Source Support on the Inner Plane to empower you to fight against what is attacking your Suit and seeking to attack me through your Suit.  This is my best help to you in an instance of this kind.  To have direct contact with you in the case of a full scale attack is only to encourage the Negativity to try to take over more of your Suit in order to attack me directly.  This causes harm to you and to my Suit.  For this reason, I do not work with you on the Outer Plane until the Negativity has withdrawn from your Suit.  


It is important for you to read and understand the section in The Standard of Heaven Agreement where I speak about doing “no harm” on the Inner and Outer Planes.  It is never advisable to persist in trying to work together on the Outer Plane if harm could occur when there is ample provision for working constructively on the Inner Plane instead.


In some cases, I can communicate through an email to advise you about what is happening and what kinds of Source Support you need to draw upon in order to progress in your work to stop the Inner Plane attacks of the Negativity.  In many instances, however, even email contact is not advisable until a certain level of the negativity has been cleared.


In such instances you need to understand that I will do what I can to help you on the Inner Plane as long as you continue to seek to restore your Source Connection and are willing to follow the Source Directives that I will send to you on the Inner Plane. You have an Extended Range of Spiritual Intelligence that will pick up on these Source Directives and take action accordingly even if, in your Conscious Range, you are unaware of the Source Directives being sent to you on the Inner Plane.


I never give up on any life in the Creation. If a being gives up and breaks their Source Connection, then I am unable to take action on their behalf.  All forms of life have the ability to choose the path that they will follow. The Source only works with those who choose to follow the lead of the Source instead of following a Self-Directed Path. The Source can lead beings to safety only if they stay on The Path of Miracles that the Source creates for them.  If they veer off the Path into the dangerous territory of the Negativity, the Source is unable to deliver Source Support in the Miracle-Unfriendly territory which they have entered. They are then on their own in a spiritual terrain that is dominated by the criminal element of the Negativity.


In order to provide you with Source Support while you prepare for contact to become possible, I have provided a Gifted Introductory Training.  This Training provides you with a wealth of articles, audios, and videos that teach you the basics about how the Source works in the world to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for all beings. This knowledge is delivered through a Source-Guided Journey of Discovery through these introductory materials.  I would recommend that you begin here because this will help you to align with the Source and prepare you to uphold The Standard of Heaven which will ensure that the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source is sufficient to enable us to be in contact on the Outer Plane.


The link to this Gifted Introductory Training is:


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Understanding Ongoing Source Reponses to
Heaven Agents Working in 
The Source Connection Coaching Program 

For Heaven Agents who are already working with me in The Source Connection Coaching Program, there are more precise ways to understand our continuing contact.


Because of the demands of my Universal Work, I can only train Heaven Agents while I am about the work of building Heaven in the world.  They can interface with me in my Source Workflow but I cannot go off of the trajectory of my Source Workflow to interact with them.


Heaven Agents can learn in an apprenticeship model while helping me meet the construction deadlines for building the Heaven of a sustainable Total Abundance Way of Life.  I don’t have time to run a secular type school where students take up time, don’t do their homework, and expect to be judged by me and cajoled into trying harder next time.  There is no Next Time in my work. This is because Miracles can only come into The Manifest World in precise time frames.  If the time frame is missed the miracle will never be able to come into The Manifest World again. Heaven Agents in training need to step up to the plate and ask to “become what is needed” in the moment and know that we are about the serious Work of the Source in every moment of our time together. What we do is critical in the timing of the overall Plan for building Heaven in the world. 


I can only work with those who are intent on learning how to become Stewards of The Miracle of Life and who understand the urgency of this work given the short time frame before the end of The Transition. Heaven Agents need to be responsible students who seek to learn as they work alongside me, think through what happened in a piece of work after it is over, and ask for Inner Source Guidance to learn from their experiences. 


The Source created all Suits to be intelligent.  In working with me the lights of your True Intelligence that have been dimmed or which have turned off through your schooling in the secular world, begin to turn on again.  I expect intelligence and it manifests in everyone who works with me.  The Source is “Life” and “Life” is ultimately “Intelligence”. Through working with me your natural True Intelligence will awaken and will enable you to understand and become skilled at Spiritual Work that you may never have dreamed that you could do.  Simply stepping into the shoes of a Heaven Agent and asking to “become what is needed” is the biggest catalyst for turning on True Intelligence.  


It is important in working with me to be in alignment with my Source Workflow which is the rhythm of the work that is unfolding.  If you think of yourself and other Heaven Agents as the DNA of Life working to manifest some aspect of Life as Heaven, then you will be able to attune to my Source Workflow and move intuitively in a Source-Guided Way.


Asking to “become what is needed” and being attentive to following Inner Source Guidance and staying alert for what is yours to do, is the attitude that enables you to transcend ego and move into the natural Spiritual Intelligence the Source has given you and to feel the goodness of flowing with The Rhythm of Life that the Source generates during a Creation Process.


An important part of our process is continuing Heaven Agent to Source Communications.  If you ask to “become what is needed”, then you will begin to attune to whether it is time to contact me and what in particular you need to communicate. Then your contact will be appropriate, in keeping with my Source Workflow.  I will respond to you correctly whether it is on the Inner and/or Outer Planes.


Because unique aspects of Source Guidance will be sent to you by my Source Function as a part of the Team Work for building Heaven in the world, reporting in frequently through using the online Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center is an important part of our continuing work of building a Total Abundance Way of Life.  Generally I don’t respond directly but take into account what information you are receiving.  If you are in my Source Workflow and “becoming what is needed” then what you contribute will be the next piece of the puzzle that I need from you in order to continue on in my work.  In this way we work together fluidly and in an ongoing manner without relying only on more structured moments of contact in Webinars and Individual Coaching Sessions.


It is also important to remember that if, during the course of your work, your Suit begins to surface some negative pattern or is influenced by some negative energies, I will respond with intelligence and clarity to you as I have described in responding to those who are approaching me for the first time.  The Path to Perfection has some bumps in the road at times. Only those who are willing to stay Source-Connected by upholding The Standard of Heaven for our work together will be able to retain a close working relationship with me on the Outer Plane.  


As always, my actions are a Source Communication that gives you important information about the state of your Suit. You can respond by seeking Inner Plane Source Guidance and asking to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source".  This is the best way to correct course if your Suit veers off the Path.  It is also the way that you stay on the Path.  


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In conclusion, you are welcome to request contact and Source Support, but seek Inner Source Guidance and be aware that my response, whatever it is, is itself a Source Communication.  If you understand that the Source is perceiving the situation as a whole and responding to you in keeping with what is best in your circumstance, then you will take your first step toward understanding the Source in Action in the world and will begin to divorce yourself from the cultural expectations that get in the way of a true Source Connection.


More important than you hearing back from the Source in a manner you consider to be in keeping with your cultural expectations is you hearing the Source communicating to you in The Language of Life and asking you to step out of the confusion of the man made cultural world into The Logic of Life that transforms Life into Heaven.


The Source can’t meet you on the Playing Field of the cultural world to build an alternative way of life.  The first step to Connecting to the Source is to step out of this Cultural Playing Field into The World of the Source and into The Logic of the Source that frees your True Intelligence to awaken and become attuned to the inner workings of a Source-Connected Way of Life.


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